ANOTHER joke, and they will keep coming whenever i like one

hello guys, i know my joke credibilty is down, but i will keep posting hopeing that one of them are actually funny by jordanian standards, since mine been changed so i can adapt here. here it goes:

Clem pulled over the car by the side of the road and showed Jed where he’d first had sex.

“It was right down there by that tree. I remember the day plainly. It was a warm summer day. She and I were so much in love. We walked down to the tree and made love for hours,” Clem recalled.

“That sounds wonderful,” said Jed.

“Yes. It was okay until I looked up and noticed her mother was standing right there watching us.”

“Oh my God! What did her mother say when she saw you making love to her daughter?”


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11 thoughts on “ANOTHER joke, and they will keep coming whenever i like one

  1. omg! man it was abvious that it was 5rof! and besides it is kind of boring to say the truth! btw I remember that one of jokes made me laugh! it was that guy in the car at the mid of the night and u know the rest!

  2. supreme ki, how that was obvious? i couldn’t see it coming at all, and we don’t have many animal sex jokes so we can anticipate such a thing, tell me, did ya read a similar joke to it or something, and the joke with the ghost car is great, i loved that one

  3. no I never read or heard such a joke! bs I do not know it was clear for some reason! a tree and here mother was there so it has to be some kind of animal! the conditions were not good at all for humans to have sex! but was gr8 for a goat and a human goat! 😉

  4. I couldn’t anticipate the end but it was sucky anyways. I’m well-known for being easily amused (I laughed when Deya2 showed me his balls) but I can honestly report not even smiling when I read this one.

    Post something else.. Your standards are getting screwed by these Yankee mofos 🙁

  5. some stuff happened that made me revise my posts at jordanmafia and guess what, i forgot this joke, i read it completely befor ei remembered and it is still funny.

  6. Saad, its still funny 🙂
    i just read it, and i didnt remember it, and when i reached the end am like “hehehehehehehe”
    nice one !
    keep’em coming

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