Want to hear sexy women moan your IP?

Text is boring! But sexy women moaning your IP is hot! A new twist on an old concept. It’s fun, but practical! You get your IP in a sexy way.

moan your IP

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5 thoughts on “Want to hear sexy women moan your IP?

  1. aha, so u a guy who is lame enough to use “borat” as a nickname coz he is to fucking stupid to make up his own, and leaves a comment fucking idiotic like ” losers losers” , and not to forget that u actually clicked the topic in the first place coz u found ” sexy women ” which u probably got from googeling it.
    so ..? u got it bitch ? ur a fucking moron!

  2. Elixir, Please do not be so rude with totally-retarded strangers. Through my medical study I got to know a few mental disorders that can cause such impairments to the recognition and communication processes. The most important thing is that such retarded people do not have the ability to revert it or get better. I mean, you Elixir were once dump and retarded but slowly you started to talk like us, eat like us and hopefully in near future to defecate like us. But this guy doesn’t have a chance of doing that. He has my honest sympathy 🙁

    “Nice Comment Borat! Way to go!” /golfclap

  3. well there u go borat! u had a professional diagonse by one of the best doctors – to be – in jordan, and for free!,
    and actually yes i totally agree with elune, i was a retarded dude but i think i’m cured now :).
    and elune get ur butt on wow damn it !! i keep getting owned by damn humans :@ ..

    add me i’m Xgatel at ur server

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