14 thoughts on “family guy random shots!

  1. cause u post them in the interface
    if ur using windows live writer , go to view then click view HTML, and paste there
    and if ur using the editer in the site, go to the code and paste there

  2. its freaking sweet 😀 , i loved the game and the atmosphere , but i’m still on trial accounts 🙁 , so icant get much further in the game, i hope i’ll be getting an original copy soon

  3. Severus should’ve ordered the copies by now. Expect the CD-keys in 2-7 business days. Contact me once you get them. I’ll get you the Burning Legion CDs.

  4. acctully , am trying to find a friend in the UK to get them to, there is No shipping in the UK, and as far as i know there is no one that i can trust :S

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