Come and sit on my knee little girl

this is another DuGG

I wonder if the little girl still gets flashbacks from this event!!!

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5 thoughts on “Come and sit on my knee little girl

  1. damn thats evil :|, this type of thing is the only kind of horror that i;m afraid of , including clowns and evil dolls..

    btw severus u’ve added alot of new things to mafia and i dont get most of them :
    like the / stumbleupon / digg , and all that
    so u might want to explain any new thing u add plz ?

  2. damn man, i love the picture, it made my day, and by the way, i got 800 math and 350 verbal, but 800 math guys, weeheee

  3. Saad , congrats .. thats a goood news indeed
    and ill explain soon, am writing a post that will explain how to use those things
    and for the little “bunny” yefda7 3ardo ya zalameh” soo fucking evil

  4. mbrook man really gr8 news! 😉 I think we should celebrate hehe! anyways the bunny is not scary! it remind me of some one! btw I remember that I once kicked a guy wearing like a big chicken in mojma3 bank el2skan! I hate them bs never feared them!

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