الفار لإيلاف: لا بالطبع لن تشاهدوا هيفاء في جرش، فمع احترامي لها هي نجمة إغراء، ومكانها ليس في جرش بل على مسارح الإغراء وما أكثرها.

I love the jordanian officials hypocrisy, and how they “act” like they are whats protecting Jordan from sin and vice.. here is another one, the new appointed , and the reason why Jarash failed this year, talks about haifa, and she seems that she forgot , Najwa karam being @ jarash, i still can remember in an interview with Najwa karam some one called , and told her that we loved the red dress that u wore in jarash (i guess it was back in 1995 -1998 ) smth like that, and tab3an najwa’s Huge cleavage, are not “e’3raa2” abdan abdan, and also not to forget each year , bad sex -talk poetry competition in jeresh, when you hear “smth” that calls him self a poet describing the “athdaa2” of his beloved in a “2’3a2” way, and last and not least not to forget the Russian girls each year in jerash, or what happens each year in jarash from the sexual harassments and bad language .. 2aal mahrajan thaqafii 2aal.. ya maskeneeh ya hifa.. ma ra7at ela 3aleki .. hal2 sortii 2al ‘3raa2 that jarash … really maskeneeh ya hifa

To read the news source from Elaph its here


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16 thoughts on “الفار لإيلاف: لا بالطبع لن تشاهدوا هيفاء في جرش، فمع احترامي لها هي نجمة إغراء، ومكانها ليس في جرش بل على مسارح الإغراء وما أكثرها.

  1. To be honest, they stopped at some line, even though it is hypocrytuic line, but wno knows, maybe in the future the line will start to move to its right place. this way better than not drawing a line at all “late better than never”

  2. man , she didnt draw any lines here
    she said no haifa, but she allowed najwa karam , and nancy.. and the lame she3er to be there , its just nefaq to show that she is mothaqafeeh and sharefeh and actually care about el osra and el thooq el 3aam
    thats it.. ma elha da5al be el lines or anything
    and can u call nancy or najwa thaqafeeh, its called mahrajan jarash el thaqafi.. while its more of mahrajan jarash la el mash5ara o el el ebtethal o el shr*****

  3. el wade3 kharban kharban, and definitley it is not thaqafeh, but who knows, maybe this is how ti first begin, maybe later they will start removing najwa , even though najwa is not as much , or even close as haifa, nancy will be probably in the line next. com’n man, think about the positive side, i know it is nifaq, but the outcome could’ve been worse

  4. s3d what are u trying to say here? I’ll tell u what they started to think at eloma el3rabeea and I heard it in many programs! Nancy is a model for el’3naj wo eldala3 almo7bab! I recall in one of her songs that I do not watch bs I saw it by accident, in this song Nancy is wearing her sleep Skimpy clothes that was barley covering her body and yet they had to show her running in slow motion with her top bouncing like hell! yet she is said to be mo7trama! Haifa bad reputation is that she already was a PORN STAR be4 starting singing! and it is very well know in Lebanon that she is a porn star! So man do not think that nancy will be ever banned from entering Jarash! about that other stupid one named najwa, I think I second Severus for what he said! I mean I was abused when I was a child just by seeing here ENOURMAS cleavage! I feel sry for wasting a min of my life talking about any of these rubbish! ewoooooo this is disgusting!

  5. saad, u’ve been in the US for soo long … they converted ur brain to the bright side 😛
    we dont have a bright side in amman, we have only the “bride side ”
    Ha3 ha3
    bs seriously
    see whats nancy is saying
    وأضافت “أنا لا أتعدى حدودي.. وما المشكلة أيضا إن انكشف ظهري أو كتفي”ØŒ واصفة بعض الانتقادات التي تلاحقها للباسها القصير بـ”التفاهات”
    وتعليقا على هذه الأنباء، قالت نانسي عجرم لـ”العربية.نت”: لا علاقة للباسي بقرار النقيب أبدا. لقد تعبت من الاشاعات والكلام الفارغ. ثم أنا متى ظهرت غير محتشمة، أنا لا ألبس إلا مثل أي فتاة بعمري، وإذا بان الكتف أو الظهر ما المشكلة.. هل هذا ممنوع ØŸ أنا لا أتعدى حدودي. وأنا لم أقصد أن أظهر محتشمة أو غير محتشمة ولا علاقة لقرار النقيب بذل

    read more here

    and we have hifa that says
    هيفاء وهبي : للاسف يطلبون يدي من اجل جسدي
    as if i would care to marry hifa for her views on the relativity theory …. ya zalameh, u havnt been here in jordan this summer
    haifa, nancy.. najawa. and the rest of this shit really corrupted an entire generation of kids, just see how do they look @ JU, or in streets , and for malik shoof bs jabal el hussien .. ya zalameh

  6. dude, i am not saying edanya bekhair, i am saying, nancy alone better than nancy wo haifa. besides, haifa views on relativity theory is really interesting, hehehe, damn it was mal3oobe menak Severus this one.

    and the fact there are stupid people, that doesn’t negate what i am saying, i am saying, it is just a 1 step better, but we still need around 1000 1000 or so steps to reach utopia 😀 but really, and what nancy said is completely true, because girls do show their shoulder hehhehe. dude, she is from lebanon, what do u expect, with all due respect to lebanese people, it is just there normal for a girl to dress like that, it ain’t nancy’s fault 😀

  7. sa7ee7 its not nancy’s fault.. its the community fault , bs alla ma be7aseeb 3ala el community fault, be7aseeb each individual on his individual faults , if the community is coruppted does that mean that i am , like i.e
    we have a new moda here in amman, that boys show the underwear , should i be OK with that , or should i do it, cause everybody is doing it ??
    and every body here now wear white tight shorts (boys and girls) – i know malik would wear one – but even so does that makes me wanna wear one ?

  8. Man say like 1000000000 steps to reach a mzbalah rather than utopia! s3d u’r talking abt a different thing! what fucken bright side? I do not care about the step bs I care about what it means! now sure they did not prevent her from coming 3shan ala5la2 alrafee3a wo I do not know! bs if u want to look at the step then ok! do it! 😉

  9. ok guys …shut up all…before saying anything about haifa or any other slut…stop watching porn…

    and ya…please do not reply that you do not…lying is bad too

  10. Nice Post. Glad to know that there are still people who think of the positive side. But here’s how I think about it. If I’m arranging a party and I’m all like “Extasy pills will be banned and no one is gonna be dealing with them in the party” and then you come over and see that everyone is actually smoking weed. That would put me in an awkward position as a coordinator of that party. I mean having weed alone is ofc better than weed + extasy but if I, as someone responsible, declare that extasy is not allowed and then just look over the weed thingy then I would be either too stupid or just a hypocrit. Not getting Haifa to Jerash is a positive step, critisizing her like they actually care when there are still other w**res there is just mentally-insulting everyone that listens to that crap.

    I’m not proud of this but I’ll tell you something some guy in my college who always talks about Palestine says:
    “If we’re gonna look at the full half of the cup all the time then when are we gonna fill the empty half?”

    Too bad we live out of tourism in this country. We’re having a sharaf for money policy around lately. It’s all about the money. Working profesionally, I’d get Haifa in Jerash for the extra cash if I was in charge of the whole thing.

  11. i totally agree with summoner, in the three points, that’s why i still considered that lady a hypocrite, and Severus , the qutoeing people button, there should be a way to qutoe only a sentnce or so.

    i will give it a try now [Comment ID #18141 Will Be Quoted Here]

  12. الفار: يبدو ان ثمةّ انحدار في الذائقة الجماهيرية

    يا عيب عليك يا فار. تفشلوا ومن ثم تحملوا الشعب مسؤولية فشلكم وبطريقة مهينة. الذائقة لم تنحدر كما بين حضور كاظم الساهر ولكن الناس لاتستطيع دفع المبالغ الخيالية لذلك قرروا التقنين وحضور حفلة كاظم. إخس عليكي وعلى الحكومة اللى وظفتك. ليبراليون جدد دوما يعلقون فشلهم على شعوبهم

    Jarash festival’s Al-Far says: The public taste has degenerated.

    Dear Al-Far (in Arabic: the mouse) Shame on you and on those who hired you. You fail and you blame the people for your failures. Typical neo-liberal behavior. It’s never their fault. They are smart and brilliant, we are dumb and low-lives. The only reason Kazim Essaher concert was full because that’s as far as most Jordanians can afford during the dire economic situation. How many thousands of dollars have been wasted on cronies and nepotism to produce another colossal Jordanian fuck up using poor Jordanians’ tax money. And who will be held accountable? some lowly employee and the Jordanians whose “taste has degenerated.”

    Time to support independent festivals and get the government out of cultural affairs. to them it’s nothing but a loot to split amongst themselvs.

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