Who the fuck voted for Cartman?!!!!

ok, i need to know who the snizzy piece of shit sees cartman gay….screw democracy….that bastard it is either a pure mass of stupidity which we should get rid of to end his misery….or ..actually it is only this ….
when i explained the poll…i told you Cartman is not gay..he was illustarted as such …

screw you guys..home..

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7 thoughts on “Who the fuck voted for Cartman?!!!!

  1. I do have to agree with malik
    and i can see from the admin interface that Elune is the one who voted for cartman
    but u have to excuse elune , he didnt see all of southpark , but ill make sure he gets a copy of it soon
    so any new idea for a new poll

  2. Scientifically talking, his mom is a professional whore. Modern studies have linked such extreme behaviours to the developement of homosexual attitudes in children raised by such parents. Being gay is not being totally dumb and not cool. Look at 7neiti for example.. He can both sing and get nailed at the same time

  3. Elúne, what studies are these? Social and societal factors do not affect sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is static.

  4. Dear SlightlyMoreEducatedPerson,

    -If your father used to Bang you from your crapper when you were 6 years old then that’s 40% more chance that you’ll become a homosexual.
    -If you saw your brother getting banged up his crapper when you were 6 years old then that’s 20% more chance that you’ll becone a homosexual.
    -If you were exposed to any violent sexual behaviours when you were 6 years old then that’s more chance to become a sexual.

    I hope you could notice some pattern here. Sexual orientation is not static, Sexuality is the static thingy and it’s defined as the gender with which you regard yourself to be from. i.e if you deep inside believe that you’re a male of a female. Homosexuality is not a disease and certainly is not born with you. It’s a way of relating your past experiences and emotions into your sexual subjects.

  5. ur numbers seems wierd elune, it need the source to check them out, and besides, even though i don’t know if there is a study ti support this, but i believe homosexuality is some pyhscological issue, gays convince themselves that they prefer men on women, same with lesbians, if i ever had time to check the internet for sources i will post them. i believe at one point, there will be some pills for gays

  6. Homosexuality was once included in some WHO index for psychiatric disorders but then was removed because it does not classify as a thinking abnormality. I believe in the same idea Slvador (that they make themselves think so) but all our talking was about being predisposed to become a homosexual when you’re old enough. And that same idea has some problems in it. Do all homosexuals have sexual interest in people of their same gendre after getting to know that homosexual people exist? The answer is no. Some of them is actually just gets “started” when dealing with the same sex due to some background issues or Mental disfunction. At my school we were instructed to never deal with homosexuality as a disorder and not even advice the patient to stop being that. You are just to deal with him like any other patient and advice him to use condoms when having intercourse! Relaying the idea that it’s wrong to the patient gives him /her the right to sue you

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