2 New Members to the Mafia Family !

Me being the consiglieri for the Sobanitshi Family , I would like to announce The Two new members that joined us today

1- Tamimi  –  He lost soo much blood in too much little time , that the oonly safe place for him to escape the revenge of victims was he going to Karak

2-  O.MeG.A  – Our Sergeant in Arms  – currently doing some studies on how to orginize the The bloody English football hooligans

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6 thoughts on “2 New Members to the Mafia Family !

  1. he is captain kirk , captain of the Enterprise in the original 1966 Startrek series , and no matter what you say.. He stays !
    another thing
    in the recent comment , i listed the latest 30 comments, do you think its enough ?

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