I remember his photo being one of my first posts on these forums. I think I saw him once or twice eversince. Anybody still talks to him or knows how he’s doing these times around?

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  1. Site with new there ! tell me if you have any errors? or u wanted smth to be added !
    and try to click on one of the image in the post of this page , and see the lightbox effect?

  2. no way! I was with 7na6i the whole day! he said nothing and he is not of the kind that do not say abt such a thing!

  3. thanks what tamimi said
    he said it happened a while ago.. and btw keef el new theme?
    and have you clicked on a pic? yet ??
    did u have any errors?
    or did a popup appear ??

  4. Users Online back, and the stats on the way.. am doing a testing phase for both , if they take much of the server CPU usage .. ill have to take the script down ! , did u like the new theme?
    and BTW
    tamimi is viewing the site, i just gave him the URL

  5. good theme! no errors on both internet explorer and Firefox! am looking for any problems! if i find any i will report it immediately!

  6. really? he is? tamimi yl3n abu shklak ya 5ra! waen hl ‘3aeba? lsa 2day ana wo 7na6y kna bsertak wo 27na bnksh doban 3n elakeel fe m63m hashm!;)

  7. what light effect? i click on pics, they just get larger 😀 that’s it. but do u mean the shadow of the pic? but that shadow only exist when it is thumbnail

  8. About that sentence in the side bar: “The Chronicles of the survivors”

    Change “Few shattered souls who ARE still out there” to “Few shattered souls who ARE still out there”

    I still want a quote button. I’ve visited 9746 forums and there’s always a quote button. We need to start building Quotes Pyramids. Oh, and a PM system for users should prove useful.

    And at some point in time we had these “Quotation of the day” thingy going on. I think it’s nice if we can get that back.

  9. [Comment ID #17980 Will Be Quoted Here]

    1 – Qoute button , DONE , fixed as u can see
    2- The change request ??
    Whats the different between
    “Few shattered souls who ARE still out there” to “Few shattered souls who ARE still out there” ?? cant find a difference !

    3-“Quotation of the day” am building a system with all of this in it

    * George W. Bush
    * Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey (contributed by Phil Scoville)
    * Family Guy
    * Friends
    * Futurama
    * Mark Twain
    * My Name is Earl
    * Seinfeld
    * Simpsons
    * Star Trek

    i hope this helps

  10. Quotation of the day” is ready, you can see it above About Jordan Mafia
    , i really worked hard to get the images .. soo go get me some kisses and cupcakes :@

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