13 thoughts on “FEMALE GAMERS

  1. hey guys who remember that old one at dungon? the one that used to work as t.k does right now? he had long hair with a cap always on his head, and he was always smoking hubbly bubbly? what was his name? he used to give us 5 hours for 1 jd or somthing like that! do u remember?

  2. btw may be 5 hours ago I was watching american pie with some of my friends at the job! gash! no matter how many times u watch it! it is just as hot as the 1st time!

  3. we need a new poll..i will suggest one…

    how many patients is mansour gonna kill in his first year as a doctor :

    you put the numbers …hahaha

  4. I watched it man! I watched all of those stupid movies! bs the new guy??? never heared of it! I’ll look for it! it seems fun!

  5. its easy : NONE . but how many will be admitted to sexual harrasement recovery groups ? how many will undergo anus stitching ? how many will be smacked to the head and called noob ? .

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