KwonHO a pretty cool 3d fighting game ONLINE

Hello people, i found this while surfing some forums, i tried it, it is lots of fun, it is only three main buttons (punch,kick,gaurd) and one super hero ability which can be used every so often. anyway try it, it is pretty cool way to waste some time, it is like tekken but different characters. the rest of the post is taken from the site i found it on:

KwonHo is the most unique, online fighting game in the world today, and it can only be experienced at Using ultra detailed character models and high quality background stages, KwonHo delivers the 3D brawling experience hardcore fighting gamers know and love, but also revolutionizes the genre by taking customization to a whole new level.


Really nice game ill give 9/10 smile.gif



Client install (255 MB):

And its all

Aah … not really … u have to lauch game from web (homepage) after logging in AND u cant run this game on firefox, But its not a problem because u can download firefox fix … Whatever unsure.gif

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11 thoughts on “KwonHO a pretty cool 3d fighting game ONLINE

  1. that does not make sense….

    if you go to the website…they have a bunch of good games online…there is GunZ …Saad we should play that…download it !!! it looks really nice, watch the trailer …it has swords, guns, and super moves…

  2. I am still stunned by the fact there is games require that much fast reaction and response, still it is multiplier, there is not margin for lag like warcraft, i may download other games if i get to play with one of you guys, but me alone, i think i will stick with this one

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