Game of The Week : Rage !

Here is a great game from id software, its not released yet, so here is more info

The creator of classic computer game “Doom,” id Software, unveiled on Friday its eagerly anticipated next game, “Rage,” in which players fight an oppressive government in a post-apocalyptic world.

The new game will be released for computers running either Microsoft Corp’s Windows or Apple Inc’s Macintosh operating system, as well as Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony Corp’s PlayStation 3 video game consoles.

“It’s a bit of a classic story and you are the outsider who comes in and tries to turn the tide in favor of good,” id Chief Executive Todd Hollenshead said in an interview.

“Rage” is being built with all-new graphics technology designed by id co-founder John Carmack, who showed off the game at id’s annual “QuakeCon” event in Dallas, Texas.

Privately held id did not give a release date for “Rage” or the name of the publisher. Activision Inc, the second-biggest U.S. video game publisher, handles other id games such as “Doom 3” and the upcoming “Enemy Territories: Quake Wars.”

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Click here to Download the HD Rage trailer from FileShack to get the full visuals.

here for the pics;images 

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13 thoughts on “Game of The Week : Rage !

  1. i know XZeeR will love this
    its in a post-apocalyptic world, with a Mad-Max look alike cars, and with great story and graphics
    sho ra2yak saggy XZeeR ??

  2. can anyone find a worthy game that we can play online togather? i am sick of not finding people who appreciate good game. i still wann aplay civ 4 with somebody as a hotseat, i downloaded but didn’t try the beyond sowrd thing, the nice thing, i choose salladin, and they speak nice arabic, i was surprised. of course u can choose islam as a religion, it is really impressive how islam is so much more known than before, i recall it was super seldom and rare to see a game where islam is mentioned or they speak arabic, but now it is getting more and more frequent

  3. Malik this game is malicious! for God sake! every time I run it I see the rooms start a game but it is just tooooo slow! nad reported as malicious software!

  4. it is fine dude…i played it without any problems…it malicious software becuase it connects you to a private server..

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