China Sentences Official to Death for Corruption – David Barboza

hey guys i found this today, it was really interesting that china excute officials for corruption, it seems a good message to send to the officials. they say it is not completely working in china, but i guess things could be worse, maybe in our countries if they used this law things may get better, hopefully

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From The New York Times:

For the second time in three months, a former high-ranking official at China’s top food and drug watchdog agency has been sentenced to death for corruption and approving bogus drugs, according to the state-run news media.
Cao Wenzhuang, who until 2005 was in charge of drug registration approvals at the State Food and Drug Administration, was accused of accepting over $300,000 in bribes from two pharmaceutical companies and helping undermine the public’s confidence in an agency that is supposed to be safeguarding the nation’s health.

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3 thoughts on “China Sentences Official to Death for Corruption – David Barboza

  1. Imagine if Jordan has the same approach to fighting corruption. There would be no government in Jordan and the executioner will have to hang himself at the end.

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