I Love Alia

I have read the books more than 4 times so far

watched the movies more than 9 times, played all 3 games, and downloading the forth

Still Dune The Novel , and Dune The universe is one of the best things i have ever read, and going to read ..

I Just Love Alia Atreides with her super fanatic blue eyes

PS: we should one day gather to watch the first movie , its 3 hours long , bs totally worth it

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3 thoughts on “I Love Alia

  1. true, dune universe is amazing.
    and the game dune2000 is STILL best strategy game every; the AI is aggressive and massive ! the graphics are awsome – remember its a 97 game or older dunno- and the best soundtrack to ever come with a game- untill warcraft III- .

    but sadly i didnt read the books but i’m gonna soon inshalla.

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