Snape Dies :(

I just finished reading my scanned copy of the final Harry potter
and snape dies , the last chapter that i have published is true

Damn you JK, that was the lamest ending ever ! you have killed My inner small child

some more info

Harry is the final horcrux and needs to die before Voldemort can be killed

Harry and Ginny Weasley have three children named James, Albus Severus, and Lily

Ron and Hermione have two children named Rose and Hugo. Draco Malfoy has a child named Scorpius.

R.A.B. are the initials of Regulus Arcturus Black (brother of Sirius Black)

Voldemort kill Snape, believing this will transfer the Elder wand’s power to him. As he dies, Snape gives up memories to Harry, which reveal that Snape was on Dumbledore’s side ( super lame)

Voldemort with no remaining horcruxes killed by attempting to use the Elder Wand when his Death Curse against Harry is deflected back at him by the Elder Wand itself

the last thing in the book is “The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well.”

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27 thoughts on “Snape Dies :(

  1. servus it was obvious that snape is a good guy! the story after all is little kids story! and no need to spoil it! say that it is a spoiler! for God sake! not (Snape Dies :() at the title! and btw if Ron and Hermione died having sex! that would be better! yea and also Malfoy and Harry turns out to be gays after all! and the catch up aids and die! wooo! that is fun! i think i have to start writting my own stories!

  2. Servus you should have said it was a spoiler instead of {Snape Dies :(} at the title! and wtf did you thought the end would be, after all it is just a kids story! it would be more funnier though if Ron and Hermione died having sex, Malfoy and Harry turns out to be gays and die after they catch aids from each other! am a supreme writer! see! i should start writing my own stories! 😉

  3. yes i actually thought that it have a great ending, not this sucky one, am really disappointed from that
    and am gonna kick u in the balls if u said kids story one more time … really :@

  4. it is a kids’ story…JK said that…read the review for the first novel…it is just adults are stupid because of all the drinking and drugs they do …they actually enjoy it..which is not a good sign of the futur

  5. lol! it is a kids story man! she used to tell this story to here kids before she kiss them nighty!

  6. ENOUGHT WITH THE HARRY G@Y POTTER THING!! seriously i’m sick of that name and the damn ” it was disappointing “, just dont mention the faggy subject again u wanker :@

  7. I’m a loyal Harry Potter fan but I must admit that I agree with Elixir here. You don’t like the ending? Mkay, bad for you. Stop spamming us with this shit. God.. I wonder what you will be doing when the story is actually out.

  8. I was very sad to see Snape die, he has always been my favorite character. It seems after everything he went through he deserved a little peace. However, I do understand why he would have to die. What I don’t understand is why his portrait was not up in the headmaster’s office, thereby giving Harry a chance to thank him as he was also speaking with Dumbledore??? Seems that would have been a perfect thing to write in, especially since he ended up good.

  9. disappointed in the ending too. and ya, there are spoilers in this post so spare yourself the read if you don’t want to know.

    actually the whole book was rather dull until the very end.

    snape was my favorite character too but after book 6 i was 99% sure he was going to bite the bullet in the end anyways. good or bad, preplanned assassination of dumbledore or not, the fact remains that he killed someone. and albus dumbledore at that! of course he would meet the ultimate end. i just find it rather horrificly sad that he dies ignomiously and almost completely alone and we never find out if “the world” ever comes to know what snape sacrificed to save it (?only harry, hermione and ron know?). he is such a pivotal character and BAM he dies after a pitiful sum total of maybe 3 pages of “air time” in the last book. what a joke.

    and the whole harry/voldemort end was utter crap. when he learns that he must die, i thought “crappy”. when he “dies” i thought “even worse”. when he talks to AD from the beyond i thought “o my fricking god this is crap”. when he COMES BACK i thought “what the f#@$?!” when voldy’s wand backfires i hid my head in despair and wondered why on earth i bothered reading this book.

    and of all the deaths…i must say that fred’s was the worst. the others were tragic but fred’s was unnecessary and just plain twisted. tonks and lupin got to die together, why leave one twin behind and kill off the other? no one else got such a twisted ending! sheesh. there wasn’t even much mourning or mention of it in the after pages or the epilogue so that death was just for the shock effect and nothing else. what a poor use of jk’s writing talents.


    atleast they developed dumbledore’s character. he was my second favorite. and i suppose dracoy and the malfoys pseudo-redemption is somewhat touching.

    blahhhhhh. poor snape.

  10. why couldn’t he have found love again before dying-perhaps a new witch who’s landed a teaching position at Hogs-there should be a more adult version made available-I should consider blogging it-

  11. Lots of Snapes fans out there!

    Hereby I declare myself a Ron fan. Actually, Ron rocks, he’s poor (that’s cool), he’s in love with a red head (uber cool), he doesn’t have facial hair (ultimately cool), he has a blue moon tattoo on his right inner thigh (must be a family thingy).

    Beat that..

  12. yes he did , lilly was the first frnd he made when he first came to the school
    he met her on the train , and they sat together and talked , and when snape knew that vald is going to kill lilly and james , he left the death eaters , and joined dumbd .

  13. Snape does not meet Lilly on the Train first.

    He meets her when they are both like 8-10 years old and start hanging out long before they are to start at hogwarts, and Snape tells Lilly alot about the magic world. Thats just another reason for Snape to hate Harry, Harry’s father kind’a “Stole” lilly from Snape.

    I to love snape and would have loved to se him go out fighting instead og being passively bit by a snake with no chance to fight back.

  14. TBH i really loved this last book also.

    The only thing that could have ruined it for me was if Hagrid had been killed.
    I love him the most and cant help laugh whenever he uses his cachphrase “sorry should’nt have told you that”

  15. many thoughts but will keep this one short with just 3 ideas:

    1. interesting that potter didn’t notice that if he’s the great great great great grandson or whatever of the third brother and voldemort is the great great great great grandson of the second brother, that means they are cousins a billion times removed.

    2. if there was no way of making the horcrux search plausible except that voldemort MYSTERIOUSLY cannot tell when a piece of his freaking soul is being brutally destroyed then all i can say is BAHHHHHHHHH.

    3. it still sickens me that snape and dumbledore (in my opinion the only 2 characters worth reading about) are written off with such pathetic ends. snape dead without a thought. dumbledore back only for a weeping festival. sheesh. completely destroys the coolness of learning more about his past.

  16. i hope, at the very least, harry potter had the decency to recover snape’s body, bury it and visit the grave every so often. 🙁

  17. i have recently read all 7 books of harry potter in a row, and i must say i loved it! so i apologize to SeverO – the site admin not snape – about my previous comments .

    about the story, i loved deathly hallows even though the beginning was a bit dull for the lack of the things i liked in the previous 6 books like the great hall breakfasts,their visits to hagrid and all their classtime incidents. but the last book was suppose to be full of action and therefor lacked these things.

    but – as stated by previous comments – , i really wanted a headmaster picture of snape, that would have been so much fun to read. and fred death was really unnoted and was kind of skipped fast.
    and ofcourse lupin and tonks dying just pissed me off, i mean death eaters were fighting KIDS and none of the kids died, but a DADA teacher and an excellent auror dies? it was really annoying.

    last thing is ; snape sux, i like his character in the movie just coz the actor plays it the way i like it, but in the book i hate the guy , and even though he lived a miserable life that doesn’t necessarily make him eligable
    for a heroic death,since after all his information to voldemort lead to the death of james and lily.

  18. XZeer
    as you state
    you just need time to know what you like , so am not gonna smash your head now, am gonna wait 6 months
    you are now g@y for Cho stage
    have fun in that whle it lasts

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