The Nice Thingies We Used to Come Up With

Last semister as myself and Yanal were hanging out around the college we discovered a nice mathematcial thingy about multiplication of numbers that have their digits in switched places. No time to explain it entirely here (check the time I posted this) but I’ll be talking more about it later. It’s not that wonderful and we decided that it was silly. The whole idea is: If you came up with anything like this please share it with us. Long time since we’ve last discussed/found interesting scientific/mathematic stuff.

And yea, I’m obviously bored enough to post this, Malik.

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32 thoughts on “The Nice Thingies We Used to Come Up With

  1. cause math is beautiful, cant u see, its really jameel , when u find an equation that is fun, forget abut the bullshit math that we took in jam3 a

  2. well, mansoor…this time the topic is good…it is just the comments show how much creative people are

  3. Lame bastard! If I was around you when you posted that bs , Elixir, I would’ve twisted your neck like a fucking chicken. If you suck at maths, pc games, orgasms and eating pancakes that doesn’t make them sucky. It just means that you feel in life. The pancakes part is quite controversial so never mind it.

  4. but you’re still our favourite little bitch. When you get here, you better be ready to show us some new in-bed techniques or we’ll flood you like in the old days.

    “Flood of the deeps.. Take you!”

    who says that?

  5. u r in luck summoner, several days ago i was sent a brain teaser, but damn it is hard. i will copy paste it, then i will give ya the hint that i was given

    ——————————–first, here is the problem again ——————————

    Two positive integers are chosen. The sum is told to Alice, and the sum of the squares is told to Bob. Both Alice and Bob are given this information and the information contained in this sentence. Alice and Bob have the following conversation:

    Bob: “I can’t determine the two numbers.”
    Alice: “I can’t determine the two numbers.”
    Bob: “I still can’t determine the two numbers.”
    Alice: “I still can’t determine the two numbers.”
    Bob: “I still can’t determine the two numbers.”
    Alice: “I still can’t determine the two numbers.”
    Bob: “Now I know the two numbers.”
    What are the two numbers?


    ok i will say the hint here, this hint is really hard to discover by urself, and i still didn’t find the asnwer, but i know the path and it ain’t short.

    first it isn’t some trick, it is a simple logic math question

    second, the i don’t know means that with the above information he wasn’t able to conclude the answer. knowing that gave the other guy another information, but still was not enough to determine the answer…etc.
    for e.g: if the sum of squares were 20 then the two numbers is 4 and 2 since there is no other solution, but if the sum of squares is 50, it could be 7,1 or 5,5.

    that’s the hint i got, i was able to get a little bit through this puzzle, i was sent the solution, but i didn’t see it yet, not planning to. if you need more clarification, tell me

  6. dude , a very nice one
    so lets talk a little ,
    1- we have two numbers x and y
    the sum (M) of x and y , can be found by just 3 more pairs like
    when alice said that she didnt know 3 times , Bob figured it out , that mean that he had lots of numbers , but when he knew that aso alice have more than 3 choices he knew what is the numbers
    it need some thinking man 😛

  7. Elixir is me ? dunno but it kinda sounds like xzeer, anyway screw u math hippie and yeah if i hate pancakes then that means they are sucky, and u are an uglyduckling so ….HA 😀

  8. it is really hard question, the main problem is with bob, since it is not easy to find numbers that can be of sume of squars of more than one pair

  9. ****eb, remember the IQ thingy u told me at the Burgerking? I got to talk to Yanal about it and he confirmed it in a yet more scientific way. Your reasoning sucks major ass. There are more than just 3 propablities. You just didn’t count the other ones! that’s why you came up with the 2/3.

  10. You have to choose between 3 cups. 1 of them has a ball hidden under it. After you chose one another cup is raised and there’s no ball under it. Now there are 2 cups left: The one you chose and the other one. Would it increase your chance to win if you change your answer to the other cup?

    I answered: No. Najeeb insisted it’s a 67% to win if you change your answer to the other cup.

    Pretty stupid?

  11. i agree it doesn’t change, since choosing the first cup and the ball position is independant variables, one doesn’t affect the other, removing one of the empty cups, doesn’taffect mcuh

    oooh, i stopped writing becuase i remmebreed something easy but important, my brother told me this was question in a JOB INTERVIEW:
    russian rollete player, if 2 bullets were put in the gun right next to each other and then it was rolled, the first shot was blank, is it better to roll again then shoot, or shoot without rolling again?

  12. My answer would be roll again.

    4/6 is better than 3/5 chance of survival. Been sometime since I last solved any mathematical thingy (3.5 years to be exact ;)) so this can be invalid

  13. and oh my crap, it is true what ****eb said, there is more chance to get the right one if you took the one u didn’t choos

  14. k, that was a little bit rushy.. The right one is not to roll again because if you don’t roll the chance of survival is actually 3/4 compared to 2/3 if you roll again.

    Is it better this time? 😛

  15. You seem to be away so I’ll explain my logic:
    Let’s do what Najeeb told me and name the cups 1,2,3.

    Since this is not a random thingy we’ll assume that the ball is always under the cup 3. Here are the possibilities:
    1. You choose 1, they reveal 2 and you win if you switch.
    2. You choose 2, they reveal 1 and you win if you switch.
    3. You choose 3, they reveal 1 and you loose if you switch.
    4. You choose 3, they reveal 2 and you loose if you swtich.

    That’s a 50/50 chance to win.
    What other possibilities are there?

    Please keep in mind that when Najeeb narrated this it was:
    “You’re in a TV show. 3 doors, behind one is a car. You chose a door and then they opened another one. The one they opened didn’t have a car behind it. Is it better to stick to your answer or to switch to the other door?”

    I am well aware that another version of this question can bear more than these 4 possibilities. (The car is always behind the same door for instance)

  16. Damn it, this thingy deleted my last post 🙁

    Here’s my logic about Severus’s thingy:
    3 cups labeled 1,2,3. The ball is always under cup3. Possibilities are:

    1. You choose 1, they reveal 2, you win if you switch.
    2. You choose 2, they reveal 1, you win if you switch.
    3. You choose 3, they reveal 1, you loose if you switch.
    4. You choose 3, they reveal 2, you loose if you switch.

    50/50 chance to win, what other possibilities did I miss?

    Please keep in mind that when Severus narrated this it was like:
    “You’re in a TV show. there are 3 doors. Behind one of them there’s a car. You chose a door. The host opens some other door and there are no cars behind it. Is it better to stick to the door you chose or to switch to the other one?”

    I am well aware that altering this question a little bit will be reflected on the possibilities and the anwer. You already chose a door and they will always open the wrong one and the car is always behind the same door.

  17. Elune and Saad
    are you High??
    the Paradox that i talked about is called
    Monty Hall problem
    which is one of the famous Paradoxes known , Just google it
    here is a link with the math solution and the graphical solution for you
    its just the ability that you wouldn’t accept its 2/3 , just amaze me

    check out the page.. and you tell me !
    bs dont say eno i told it wrong, or you understood it different .. cause then you are like G.W Bush
    you are either high or incredibly stupid ! Elune

  18. google stuff like this??? are we stupid or retarded? these stuff is to think about, reading them is the nerdy way to fake smartness.

    anyway here is my explanain for the thing
    of course we consider that the ball didn’t change places during any of the stages

    think about it this way, the choice u took first is 1/3 to be right and 2/3 to be wrong. well, in both cases there is one or two wrong cups. so after taking the wrong cup out, if your first choice is wrong (2/3 of the time) then the other cup is the right one, but if your choice is right(1/3 of the time) then if you change the cups it will be wrong, so now 2/3 it is right and 1/3 of the time is wrong. u got the idea? if you want i can do the math thing, in fact i will do it anyway

    here is the tree
    let’s consider it is under cup 1 and i will consider that you always change the cup

    u choose 1, they remove 2, and u choose 3 : fail
    u choose 1, they remove 3, and u choose 2 : fail
    u choose 2, they remove 3, u choose 1 :success
    u choose 3, they remove 2, u choose 1 :success

    this may look like 50% but it aint
    because think about it, what is ur chance to choose 2 or 3 from the beginning? it is 2/3 while choosing cup one is only 1/3. we can’t simply add the number of fails and success, because not each choice has equal possibility, the first two choices are 1/6 each, while the other two is 1/3 each.

    i hope this clear things up

  19. again its not googling it up, i was asked the question
    and then i was told about the name of the famous puzzle , and still its a very nice advice if you have 1 multiple chocie question , abd u didnt know the answer, u chose one in random, then look at the two other choices , elimnate one , and then switch to the other
    then there is a 66.6 chance that u got the right one
    i guess this is a7san mn the old “7aja bagara 3ed la el 3ashara” to get an answer !!

  20. damn, my head….gonna…explode :(…
    i told severus why i think i have such a problem with maths, u see my left body side is starting to shrink -the muscles are smaller and are getting smaller – so that made me think that my right brain side is dying hopefully 😀 , and as i recall thats the part where math and logic stuff goes to , so ….:D

  21. It’s still true that your solution best fits this thingy. I missed the 1/3 possibility for each door. Must be a little rusty inside my brain.

    Throw in more puzzles!

    P.S Severus , now that we have a better understanding of this, it won’t work on MCQs in exams. Why?

    The question supposedly has 3 answers: A,B,C
    Let’s consider A the right answer and that you will eliminate B because you know it’s wrong. Here are the possibilities:
    U choose A, u remove B, Answer is C = Wrong
    U choose C, u remove B, Answer is A= Right

    There are not other possibilities that I can think of (again). And since you start from different answers each time then both has the same propality value (if u can say). The difference here is you never start with B because you know it’s wrong already and you will never eliminate the other wrong answer because you simply don’t know if it’s right or wrong.
    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  22. The first part of my last comment should be deleted. Doesn’t make any sense 🙁 and for some reason just stayed there after I deleted it.

    The comment should start from the “It’s true…”
    The 2 ways of thinking are exactly the same. It’s just stupid to type that..

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