Deathly Hallows- Lots of Leaks Surface – *Real* Leak

***********************SPOILER WARNING********************

IF this is true , I JUST REALLY HATE IT

, a NO good ending  …THAT Harry potter ends a happy ending

that harry get married to ginny, and they both have a kid , and GUESS what they name it ” ALbus Severus”

which mean that Snape is working for albus after all


DAMN “Frick on a Stick with a Brick!”

I just hope its not true

***********************SPOILER WARNING********************

The Guardian has an article on JK Rowling’s agent. Towards the end of the article, there are a couple of lines from Chapter One, Book Seven, which might be real. I recognize Rowling’s writing style. Looks very real to me. We’ll need to wait until next Saturday to confirm it however.

***********************SPOILER WARNING********************

***********************SPOILER WARNING********************

The Deathly Hallows: a sneak preview In a trailer for the forthcoming ITV documentary, A Year in the Life… J K Rowling, the camera lingers long enough on a printed manuscript of the novel, dated 23 October 2006, to make the opening visible to the eagle eyed. It reads:

‘Chapter One. The Dark Lord Ascending. The two men appeared out of nowhere, a few yards apart in the narrow, moonlit lane. For a second they stood quite still, wands pointing at each other’s chests: then, recognising each other, they stowed their wands beneath their cloaks and set off, side by side, in the same direction.

“News?”, asked the taller of the two.

“The best,” replied Snape.’

UPDATE: I found lots of links that I have reason to believe are true. Most of these pictures are scans of the real book, which have appeared in many stores for distribution. PLEASE click on any link at your own discretion, because it might spoil your fun later.

Chapter Names: Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4

Epiloguep. 753 p. 754-55 p. 756-57 p. 758-59

Yeah, looks like the last word is not ’scar’.

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32 thoughts on “Deathly Hallows- Lots of Leaks Surface – *Real* Leak

  1. still , the scans and the pics look very original to me
    and it might be true, and if thats true, then the ending sucks cause its the usual
    “and they got married and lived happily ever after”
    we didnt expect such ending from J.K

  2. WOW! Do you know? I’ve been looking for those missing pages for HOURS to no avail! All the HP sites (but one) had it up when they came out, but I wasn’t online those few days. So! Now everything’s down from their sites now. THANKS for having this! And? Bloomsbury just set out an actual subpoena, in order to find out WHO leaked those pages. So? My bet, this is THE original thing. And Jo already said that the last chapter of the book, was about the survivors, and where they are now. Btw, HP4U now has the names of all the chapters, thanks to HPANA (who took their list-Given by Scholastic-down in minutes of being up). Just check it in their news! And there aren’t any spoilers in it either!
    Thanks again!

  3. Folks–you have to remember that this book was not written for YOU. It was written for 12 year old kids, in which case, this would be a great ending and my kids (ages 3-15) will be very happy with it. There is enough darkness in the world without adding to it . . .

  4. haha…sarah is correct…this book is written for kids…adding the fact that the whole thing is gay anyway…so this ending makes sense…

  5. Having read all the Harry Potter books numerous times, I can tell that this is not real……this is not JK Rowlings writing style….she is better than that!

  6. Bleh, The world has enogh darkness indeed. But still, a sucky ending is a sucky ending. Remember that part in LotR where Frodo and the 3 hobits where going through that old forest and how it was dim and dark. It used to give me the chills. But when you get to the part where they meet Tom Bombadil it all gets cheerful and it’s quite much a happy ending of that part of the story. Harry Potter can be ended in a nice way that comforts the children w/o disappoitning the older readers. It’s true that this book was written for children but it’s an obvious fact that there are more older people reading it than kids. It makes sense to accommodate the actual target rather than the intended target.

  7. Thanks for putting these pages could only find them on torrents – and I don’t do torrents…if children (or adult) readers have really stuck with the books throughout they’ll have already experienced sad times and I don’t think a less than blue skies ending would have thrown them. All that journey and growing for Harry to end up here? If genuine, this ending would be the saddest thing in the series – but, I can’t believe it is. Fingers crossed.

  8. I’ve read the whole book online. Some guy shot every page & posted it. Yes- Harry has a happy ending.

  9. Can you please look at the conversations and the sentences? It is nothing like JKR writing. Just wait people.. its only a couple days away. Look at the font even, the chapter titles look nothing like that in the other books.

  10. you know it didnt feel like jk rowling wrote tht her writing is different im sorry but i think its fake

  11. Nice try but the real edition of deathly hallows has 784 pages. You are total scum bags, trying to ruin this for so many people. you should be ashamed of yourselves! That is not even vaguely reminiscent of Rowlings writing.

    Check it on mugglenet, 784 pages, not 759.

    Total fake.

  12. it does sound too happy to be the real ending and for some reason I can’t see Harry getting married…I’d like to see him with someone but I dunno just sounds weird. I suppose it would make a lil sense, the poor guy has had a terribly rough life and not much of a family so a real family of his own in the end would be a comfort for some. I dunno. If it is the real ending then so be it but I’m not gonna count on it or think on it…I’m just gonna enjoy and read til the end and we’ll see. Isn’t that the main reason you read them is to discover the story on your own….is if some one just told you it wouldn’t even do it justice…reading it for yourself opens up so much more.

  13. this is not the real book… JK has had the ending of this book in her mind since she had the idea to start the whole series. And she specificly said that the last word would be scar. And that one person is right, she doesnt have big pictures at her chapter titles.

  14. on the cover harry is wearing the locket while dueling the dark lord
    in the book kreacher is wearing it , instead

    soooooo its a fake

  15. in reply to john, jk was on the johnathon ross show and she stated that the last word of the book was no longer scar so it could be! lol

  16. just to be clear…there are differences regarding both the UK published edition and the US one. Owning books from both countries I do know that illustrations accompany the beginning of very chapter here in the US, and that the difference in pages I believe is due to the typeset of each for each country.

  17. we’ll see…. my gosh there have been many people saying many different endings…so it could be all hoax’s made up by some crazy fans that like to cause drama and etc… honestly I try not to even give it thought because it doesn’t matter til you read the book. Just don’t think about it.

  18. i’ve heard some say hermione will die and hagrid and neville and harry….then I’ve heard others against those. So there really is no good in reading or thinking/ talking about all the possibilities because they all may very well be just people’s opinions. I can’t really see how jk would allow the real ending to be revealed before her last book…(the answer to all the questions throughout the series) to be slipped out. Granted I heard some stores broke their contract in regards to the release date. I just can’t see how cruel some one could be whomever got the books early to ruin it for every one else. Who knows.

  19. I read the whole thing online last night. It’s the real deal. There is no way ‘fan fiction’ would tie up a plot that has been brewing since book 1.
    I thought the ending was a bit of a cop out. I really expected one of the trio to die in the end.

  20. having compared the leak and my copy they are indeed real. Happy ending, Snapes a good guy(ish)

  21. Haha…I laugh at all the people that said it was fake. Cause guess what?! It turned out to be real. But I am still wondering why Scholastic said it would be 784 pages, when it is indeed 759 pages.

  22. Finally read it…and liked it. I guess it was the real deal oh well it didn’t spoil it for me though. I expected things to be different….specially with Neville. Didn’t think who he killed would be who he killed.

  23. lol, if you actually read it you’d realize it’s hardly a children’s book anymore. but oh.. it’s probably above your reading level. *better just wait for the movie, then you’ll understand it better* they cut out so much, your brain will better be able to process the basic story.

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