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I got to play Winning Eleven for the second time in my life yesterday. It can be fun. I know many of you don’t like soccer games but the nice thing about it is the whole gang mood and comments on the game while we’re playing. I think you all understand what I’m trying to say.

I want us to give it a try and maybe it can be something we can do every now and then in the future as a change. I’ll try to arrange something tomorrow proly at my house. We’ll a need a PS though and I think Odin’s can do the job. If you know anyone who has a copy of the game or the splitter piece (the one that you plug into the console to allow more than 2 gamepads to be connected) plz let me know asap. All are invited!

Say here if you can/can’t come

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12 thoughts on “Winning 11

  1. i never understood whats so great about this game, even the comments during it is ” aaaaah kan gool! , yabay ma a7laaaa ” sth like that!, but when u play ” smackdown : here comes the pain ” u get to beat up ppl , and the comments and the whole atmosphere is more exciting and intense.
    maybe i dont like winning 11 coz i dont like football in the first place.

  2. i have to agree with XZeeR on this one
    i never understood whats soo great about football game (fifa and others) or car games (NFS, Nasscar …etc)

  3. man remember when i used to tell u guys about how much i used to enjoy winning elevn thingy! and i told u all once that this is one of the games u can’t tell if u’ll win it or not (when playing against the tough guys i mean) the control is not easy and that makes it perfect! i remember now what i used to do in summer breaks back at the school 😉 and if there is anything like this then i need to start training back again! we used to hold such a kind of tournments when i was living at jabal alhusain! so people! i think am busy this week till tuesday! i have ps and ps 2 so i think i can be very useful in this thing and about the game i’ll get it! and besides! did u people hear about the “shawee” thingy at arabeat house next week??? 😉

  4. I tried many wrestling games.. they’re not as random as winnng eleven. i.e it will get boring in no time. Rashed and ***eb, you can join us just to check it out.

    If I keep it vague like this no one will do anything so: Next Friday at 16:00 at my house (so we can abuse the datashow). Be sure to let me know in comments/sms/email/phone call or w.e if you’re coming or not. I hope that we get at least 6 people (me and nader are already there so 4 more) and I think more than 8 won’t be as fun. Let’s hope we get 6 to start with.

    I got a PS2 and everything but it doesn’t have the copy thingy installed so we’ll need at least your console Supreme. I think I can get a copy of the game if you can’t. Who’s Maher btw?

    So, Yuri let Yanal know plz. I’ll talk to Odin and his brother and there are Severus and Elixir if they want to come and that’s already full before even checking if TsoTso can make it.

    And no, no one told me about any shawee projects save the one Yanal was talking about and never got to fill me in on the details. Bas from the looks of it, if it’s done in Arabiats house we won’t be able to go as freely as we want with his family around. We’ll need a little bit more space plus we won’t be able to get people like Soubani. If you want to throw a BBQ party let’s do it somewhere where the environment is a little bit more prime like real humans do.

  5. i got what u mean! i’ll let 7na6y tell u about the project! bs in 3rbeat house they made a new place just for “shawee” and it is nice! just if u don’t believe go and see withyour eyes! but still i won’t mind anything else u suggest people!

  6. shit! no matter how i try to remember who is it, it just don’t work! i recall it is said by a manly voice! bs meen! btw try the crypt and spirit walker! they are the most 2 hilarious!

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