8 thoughts on “Geek Tatoos

  1. Number 19 and 20 rock major asses!

    I’ve always wanted a Quake Nightmare Logo tattooed on my forehead. Too bad we’re not allowed to get tattoos 🙁

    Btw, as a future doc I feel obliged to let you know that tattooing is a major risk factor for Hepatits, AIDS and many other fatal diseases.

  2. looooooooooooooool severus u killed me ! panzy hahaha..
    and for dave if we are allowed to tatto i’ll tatto my eyes if i want to , and who said i – or them- want to get a life!!!
    u just say what everyone say when they see strange stuff ” get a life”…go fudge ur self with a spoon!

    P.S: does fudging urself with a spoon gives u hepatites or aids ?

  3. Guys.. I’ll have to clear this huge misunderstanding about “protection”. It’s just the global government wanting us to have less children and thus less power and thus pose no actual threat to their authorities. And it will make your wives run away because they won’t feel the pleasure of actual ejaculation. It’s a fucking conspiracy against us. Don’t use freaking protection.

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