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so here i am sitting at my desk…it is 11:20 in the morning, and i am fucking exhausted for no good reason or maybe because i slept much. So i figured out that i will put some music on and write something interesting, but i doubt it will happen. I am listening to RHCP as usual. This is not something interesting, it is just the beginning…for something outstanding…you think of as a trailer. Talking about trailers, Harry potter is kinda annoying. Why the hell would anyone like Harry Potter?! yes the actress is a little bit older and more attractive but that does not make the movie in any way better. Actually, Potter has a pattern worse than Ocean’s 11/12/13. talking about Ocean’s movie…a little of stealing is going on here in Germany. They do not have a high rate of violent crimes but it is not safe to leave your room open for an hour, so annoying, especially that in the US it is actually safe. However, i will prefer living in Germany, it is alot better. This brings back to my memory saad trying to get guys to go the US, which is nice. However, Guys you should come to Germany for masters for a lot of reasons:
1) it is cheaper here.
2) you can find a job alot faster
3) people are really nice
4) you can travel all europe really cheap

talking about travelling …i am gonna go to Amsterdam soon. I am really excited about it. I heard they have a lot of weird museums there, they have a sex history museum. although it is kinda awesome here and i made alot of friends, i miss being home. My original plan was to come in chirstmas but i do not know if i will. some stuff came up, and i am buying a car. so hopefully i will be able but not sure.
talking awesome stuff….does anyone Tenacious D ?! it is a funny band. If do not , download their album it is funny. They also have a movie, i think it is 2006. Their best song is called “Tribute.” it is outstanding.
i do not know why i keep using “outstanding” , i have not played mortal kombat for along time. The last ones were really bad. that is why i like Tekken. I am gonna get a Wii next year to play with Yanal 🙂 ….and i wanna play Bleach as well…
well, i have to write another post….but this is the beginning of something wonderful “Talking about”

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10 thoughts on “Talking about…

  1. yeah i know tenacious D , i saw the movie and i have the second album which is awsome!..
    btw if u wanna see a breath taking blonde like in the ” kkk ” joke, u should see their movie!, she is only on for 3 second but DAMN!

  2. no she is not
    she is a normal blond with stupid big boobs
    really stupid
    nothing special to see ya3niand XZeer is in a HNTH stage where any blond with boobs is a bliss

  3. malik, were u drunk while writing this post, u jump between subjects like drunkin man. anyway i wanna watch harry potter movie and not because of the girl, it is interesting, i like it. and usa is not safe, just because u live in nowhere that doesn’;t mean real cities are safe, my apartment got stolen and i live ON CAMPUS, i lost like 20 dollars in change, i just feel bad for my roomate who lost a freakin LAPTOP. and u r thinking of getting a car? wow, what price range in ur mind, because i am thinking of buying one when i go back to connecticut too, unfortunatley the insurance is stupidly high, almost 200 dollars a month, i need to look for better insurance.

  4. i love the Harry potter world , am gonna watch the movies, i own the DVDs, and the 4 games
    and i have the books, and i pre-ordered the new book from amazon, its really fascinating , and really nice

  5. some one voted foir saad please
    and malik sorry, but i have a prob with the Home ADSL , will be fixed in a day, sorry for that 😛
    i promise that will be fixed before thursday, and lame gay geek, is because u didnt do the categorizers ur self, do them when u write a post, 3ashan el grood, :PP

  6. and Malik
    nobody delete ur comments , but u keep commenting without logging in, and each time u write in a different name like malek malik , with a diff email address , so ur ranked as a spam and deleted automatically
    so please login and then comment 3ashan el grood

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