Mrs.Jennifer letter about Asha

hey, for guys not joined the jubilee almuni group, here is a link in one of their emails.
Mrs.Jenniefer apaprently was teacher for first and second batch, and she sent a letter to some writer in england about this. what she talks is pretty accurate, she talked about the fact that the whole media and everything is creating a hologram which is not real nor it is based on facts, even the police DIDN’T ACCUSE him with anything, and she mentioned couople of thing and how they r pictured in the media but when u think about them, they r completely normal, like when the picture of 7 police cars stopping dr.asha’s car on the highway, well, couldn’t be that asha since he has his wife and KID with them, when he saw the sirens he stopped like everyone else when he sees siren behind him. but they pictured it like he was in a fast car chase with them.

i put this since seelawi asked about if i heard anything about asha, and i check the bbc frequently, the news is not on the first page anymore, they just wanted advertisment when it came, now nothing new about it apparently so nothing to broadcast

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