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i have a question, several times i see that 2 user r currently online, when i click on it, it get me to the same page again, HOW to see who is online?? need help here, thanks in advance

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  1. Saad , most of those online are Search engine Bots , who keep crowing through the pages of the website , and we have lots of visitors via Google ,MSN ,YAHOO, cause i did a very good job when it comes to the SEO’s , so ppl come when they search for example , when u search for “Element TD warcraft” in Google u’ll get our website as the 4th result and many things are link that, also we have many sites linking to us which is bad it self, back to your question to be able to view them, Login to the admin interface , Then in the “Dashboard” Tab, find the “WP-UserOnline ” tab , click it, and ull see who is online , and in what page they are on
    i hope this cover your question

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