hello guys
ok, i didn’t want to go this far, but COM’N!!! study masters in USA, it is cool here man, i went SURFING!, SURFING!! can you imagine doing something like that if you stayed back home? and besides, seelawi, u said about living alone, well, if we made it work, like muneeb and his friend, then we can live togather, it will be cool man. besides the whole point of coming to usa or in general outside usa is to be more independant, the good way, not the stupid teenager way. com’n

Muneeb came here for masters, after a semster, he was able to convince his friend to apply to the same university, and it worked great, they spent a year togather till Muneeb graduated. so it might work in the best case, besides, u will live with someone, even if you came alone.

and believe me, it is a good experience. my main benefit was studying something that i truely love, but still, u will get better chances with projects and researches here. com’n guys, i am planning to do the gre this summer, haven’t started because i barely have time, but i have the cd back home, and inshallah inshallah, i will study to be ready at the end of the summer.

guys, it is not impossible to come here with full tuition paid. u work/study and u pay nothing extra. the only thing u pay is the flight ticket, and this probably cheaper than studying in jordan for a whole month, food and livin is usually given by the university. that’s how a TA job works

You work with a professor and help him correcting homeworks or helping his students if they have questions, and u pay nothing for tuition, and they even pay you a monthly wage and from that wage u can live in a small apartment and eat. so it is really feasible thing. Seelawi, Yanal and soubani are my main hopes, i still have faint hope for others, but com’n guys, seelawi, u r one of the best candidates, u DEFINITELY can make it here by urself, and hopefully you won’t be by yourself.

com’n guys, when i talk to muneeb and how much fun he had with his friend, i get jelous, YOU CAN DO IT GUYS, YOU CAN DO IT.

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2 thoughts on “STUDY IN USA

  1. ok man! let’s put it this way! first are you going to go for Master at your university! Hartford??? now the course i want to apply for is Engineering Management! if your university has this course then all right i will start studing the gre as soon as possible man! i think your university has smthing like that! and for a one year which is the best thing! 😉 but i need your confirmation! ok??? tell me about it! peace out!

  2. i don’t know where i will get the masters, i am hoping for a better university than the one i am in now. i am considering university of hartford as plan B. besides, u finish next year too? i thought u need like 4.5 years or 5?

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