What after graduation?

hey guys

this is a post of more ” no new post so i will make up one now” kind of posts. i am thinking what you guys planning to do after u finish school? anyone of you planning to get married somehow fast afterwards? or maybe continue studying till u get the PHD?

my plan to apply for jobs and master school next year inshallah, and depending on what pops up i will take, but many many recommended masters since every smart man has masters at least, so without it, we r undistinguishable, i even noticed many r taking phd. but i hope i won’t have to do it, because it doesn’t sound fun.

ok, what are ur plans?

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17 thoughts on “What after graduation?

  1. servus you …. o is it you elune you …. why did you deleted my mf thread! &*^^%*%(%%^$) ;@ i’ll ^&%$ &!

  2. never mind man! bs it was deleted once or the server sharat! never mind! i was just kidding! 😉

  3. btw my very next project is 2nsha2 alah learning japanies (yanal will come atttend the japanies 1 course and i don’t know if he’ll join the 2nd) for me i’ll join anything to be influent it, 2nsha2 alah for sure.

  4. well yanal is french, he should take french courses, and for the after graduation project i dont have a clear vision of that, but according to my dad he has a plan to send me to canada to continue my masters there, so if that happens once i’m there i’ll wear black get every inch of my body peireced and be a lameass gothic kid :)…

  5. I graduated last week, and I’m practically doing nothing. I’m visiting Palestine soon to renew my citizenship, and then I’m going back to Kuwait to “look” for a career. To be honest, It’s a little depressing to stay at home after graduation 🙂

  6. i am not if ya have tried working before, i am doing an internship at the moment, working 8 hours a day is definitely not that fun, i say use the time u r free, join a sport or something

  7. whoever is studying engineering should give it a try at mastering in the US. Can’t really think of a better plan after graduation for ya.
    As for me, it seems out of reach at this time and probably I won’t be seeing the states again. I got to take a total view of what lies ahead of me and the options are anything but cool. I can just quit studying after 3 yrs and get to work as a general doc which no one is doing anymore. If I get to specialise that will be adding 4-6 years of more studying and I’ll be around 30 when I actually “establish” my career. I’ll have to ask around more but so far it’s all depressing. Nothing seems to be promising, not in my standards at least. The life-pause shall continue.

  8. elune, man. muneeb’s friends are medicince too, and i think bunch of them is here in the USA, so it is not out of reach, and apparenlty it is not as hard as we used to imagine it. if you want i can ask for more details

  9. ye man, I know it’s possible to specialize in the states.. It’s just that u don’t get to choose from the whole range of specializations if u’re not american. The most important thingy is you can’t specialize as a surgeon in the states 🙁 I don’t like medicine.. decided that about 9 months ago and I’m now embracing it as a money farming tool and a surgeon is the most adept doctor at farming $$ Elúne wants your freaking money!!11one!oneone!!1 I’ll appreciate it if you ask though

  10. I reckon we’ve established a base of profound understanding based on consensus (or what one of my teachers called Consensusas) and mutual lust for pain,blood and money.

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