Devil may cry (Anime)

I still remember that pic that I saw for this story on alra’e newspaper 5 years ago! It was a nice picture and they wrote that it was a fan art for devil may cry. but it is the new capcom anime release just as death note is about to finish! this series will last only 12 episodes which is a good thing! if u want to see the trailer u can find it at you tube! the first episode is released so expect a release every week! let us hope it won’t be boring and it would be fun! to get your subed episods go visit and have fun! or you can wait till I finish it and then copy it on dvds and spread it around! 😉

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4 thoughts on “Devil may cry (Anime)

  1. sweet! i havent played devil may cry and i’m still waiting for death note, but it looks cool!. plus sarli fatra mesh shayef eshe anime fa bedha eshe moshaje3 😀

  2. go watch death note, the first 20 or so episodes, are awesome, one more episode and it will finish, so u won’t have to wait week by week. it is 39 episodes overall, i may mistaken it by 1 or 2 episodes

  3. it is 37 episodes! and ya it is awesome till 25 or 26! now it sux! really! or may be because i know what will happen i said it sux!

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