hello guys
ok, i didn’t want to go this far, but COM’N!!! study masters in USA, it is cool here man, i went SURFING!, SURFING!! can you imagine doing something like that if you stayed back home? and besides, seelawi, u said about living alone, well, if we made it work, like muneeb and his friend, then we can live togather, it will be cool man. besides the whole point of coming to usa or in general outside usa is to be more independant, the good way, not the stupid teenager way. com’n

Muneeb came here for masters, after a semster, he was able to convince his friend to apply to the same university, and it worked great, they spent a year togather till Muneeb graduated. so it might work in the best case, besides, u will live with someone, even if you came alone.

and believe me, it is a good experience. my main benefit was studying something that i truely love, but still, u will get better chances with projects and researches here. com’n guys, i am planning to do the gre this summer, haven’t started because i barely have time, but i have the cd back home, and inshallah inshallah, i will study to be ready at the end of the summer.

guys, it is not impossible to come here with full tuition paid. u work/study and u pay nothing extra. the only thing u pay is the flight ticket, and this probably cheaper than studying in jordan for a whole month, food and livin is usually given by the university. that’s how a TA job works

You work with a professor and help him correcting homeworks or helping his students if they have questions, and u pay nothing for tuition, and they even pay you a monthly wage and from that wage u can live in a small apartment and eat. so it is really feasible thing. Seelawi, Yanal and soubani are my main hopes, i still have faint hope for others, but com’n guys, seelawi, u r one of the best candidates, u DEFINITELY can make it here by urself, and hopefully you won’t be by yourself.

com’n guys, when i talk to muneeb and how much fun he had with his friend, i get jelous, YOU CAN DO IT GUYS, YOU CAN DO IT.

OMG 0.o

yeasterday i had to go out at about 4 pm! i was having fun! just as am having fun writing this post right now! yea! and guess what? just as i returned home i discovered that 3 of my family were having “tsmom” my mam, dad and my little bro! at 9 pm they where really suffering! so i took them to emergency at once! and it seemed like there was tons of people with the same problem! ah yea! s3d it is about 40 degree out side! and it is lasting for a week! this is just to get you understand what i’ll say! and btw am sleepy! way too sleepy! and am sending this from university! anyways at 12 we returned home and everybody is fine thank Alah! i went to sleep at 12:30 knowing that me next day we’ll be gr8! when i wake up at the morning and felt what is it like outside i decided to wear the lightest shirt i got! and omg! just as i went to my first lecture ( which i take with yanal, majd and huda) i felt like i was on sun its self! tough the airconditioning unit was working! and as yanal steped in he told me ” the weather is nice today”! never mind! and just as we went outside i remembered that i have to go directly from the university to the same place i went to yeasterday! so that made me more mad! and to make it worset i got 8 sms at one time! each was 2 to 3 sms! i tried to read the 1st! but i felt very dizzy! so i stoped and am getting msgs untill now but i don’t feel like reading them! so next was my other lecture! this doc is mad! from the very first day he explained nothing! and each day he give as 4-6 questions to solve! and he really did not said anything about the subject! godness! and at the end of it he gave us a quiz! and wondered why nobody was able to slove it! he reall have the right to!

i thing i should feel happier about today! because this is my 28th post! and that make rank 2nd with elune! i don’t think i can rank first! because servus has broke the records! soon 2nsha2 alah i’ll rank 2nd alone! πŸ˜‰ am just dizzy a bit people! ok ok! now s3d about the master thing i think i told you 4 days later about it! but a gr8 recommondation has been made to me to get a master degree in engineering managment! and that is gr8! fir it is an easy degree to get! and yet you can be a g.m(which is one of my dreams)! except for civil and industrial, any other engineer can maximum be an exuctive manager! which is the lowest rank in moderating! and that is if you were luck enough to be a one!and yet! an b.s degree in any kind of engineering is the best thing that can happen to you! anyways i think am going to stay home! for i told you i can’t live alone! and i’ll continue at my university 2nsha2 alah! i think 7na6y has got a quick nice project of marrige (zwag msh……….) πŸ˜‰ after university! that is the worest project ever i think! he’ll one day think that wtf i have done! but we ask Alah to help him! godness! i have to set near the moderater of the lab and she is saying mf jokes about 6faela! godness again! anyway people! i have to say am sry for whovever read this post! it sux! but i have to spend time untill my next lecture! for yanal lift! omg! this traitor! i had to rearrange my whole casual for him and he said that he would stay with me at this break! but he did not! πŸ˜‰ am just kidding man! i know that it sux to wait for 4 hours doing nothing! anyways! slam! πŸ˜‰ and yeeeebeeeeeeeeee! am the 2nd! and i’ll soon kick elunes mo25ra so hard! πŸ˜€

What after graduation?

hey guys

this is a post of more ” no new post so i will make up one now” kind of posts. i am thinking what you guys planning to do after u finish school? anyone of you planning to get married somehow fast afterwards? or maybe continue studying till u get the PHD?

my plan to apply for jobs and master school next year inshallah, and depending on what pops up i will take, but many many recommended masters since every smart man has masters at least, so without it, we r undistinguishable, i even noticed many r taking phd. but i hope i won’t have to do it, because it doesn’t sound fun.

ok, what are ur plans?

Devil may cry (Anime)

I still remember that pic that I saw for this story on alra’e newspaper 5 years ago! It was a nice picture and they wrote that it was a fan art for devil may cry. but it is the new capcom anime release just as death note is about to finish! this series will last only 12 episodes which is a good thing! if u want to see the trailer u can find it at you tube! the first episode is released so expect a release every week! let us hope it won’t be boring and it would be fun! to get your subed episods go visit and have fun! or you can wait till I finish it and then copy it on dvds and spread it around! πŸ˜‰