aaah, do it now please

Hey guys

i believe this issue been addressed before, but it is time to do something about it, PUT A LINK FROM THE FIRST PAGE, it shouldn’t take much time, make any kind of buttons.

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3 thoughts on “aaah, do it now please

  1. 3ala rasi.. Basha

    If you mean a link to the admin interface, here you go, look at the right side bar, on top there is a link for the admin interface, the photo gallery, and the blackjack game also, i hope that this is what you wanted ?

    anything else i can do ? 😀

  2. good job , but i think he is talking about the first page , the one which come when you put without “blog” , another thing , can you put some new photos , from our last trip , cause i don’t have any photos here .
    thanks for all your work here , your doing great .

  3. actually he is doing ashitty maklar, no maklars on the main maklar, the maklars here are so damn ugly and not easily access by our fellow maklars, the maklar in which u write and post ur maklars are depressingly stupid ! just like the maklar i’m trying to install now :@…maklar ur a freaking human :@

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