LINKIN PARK – what i’ve done

hey guys ……its been a while….hope everyone doing fine…

i want to share this song with you, hope u like it 😉


Linkin Park What I’ve Done Lyrics

In this farewell,
There’s no blood,
There’s no alibi.
‘Cause I’ve drawn regret,
From the truth,
Of a thousand lies.

So let mercy come,
And wash away…

What I’ve Done.
I’ll face myself,
To cross out what I’ve become.
Erase myself,
And let go of what I’ve done.

Put to rest,
What you thought of me.
While I clean this slate,
With the hands,
Of uncertainty.

So let mercy come,
And wash away…

What I’ve Done.
I’ll face myself,
To cross out what I’ve become.
Erase myself,
And let go of what I’ve done.

For What I’ve Done

I’ll start again,
And whatever pain may come.
Today this ends,
I’m forgiving what I’ve done.

I’ll face myself,
To cross out what I’ve become.
Erase myself,
And let go of what I’ve done.
What I’ve done.

Forgiving What I’ve Done.

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11 thoughts on “LINKIN PARK – what i’ve done

  1. guys , i really don’t understand you ,how come all my life i was try to listen to something that no one say that is gay , linkin park , korn , system of a down . what the hell are you listen to , so someone must cures God and be completely Satanic or Gothic to be not gay. but now i don’t care because everyone else now is listing to Arabic shit like “Mohamed Ham2i” and “Tamer Hosni”, now this is gay.
    linkin park are great , and for the first time i feel that they are singing for something noble .

  2. we consider them gay because they actually crossed the line between metal and hip hop..and that freaking pisses me off :@…but ur free to listen to whatever u like ofcourse,,and remember metalheads are a bunch of pissed hardheaded get used to hear them trash soad,linkin park and other NU metallers

  3. you need good music…go back to the 60s, 70s..
    Jimi Hendrix, Scorpions, AC/DC..

    new ones,
    iron maiden…

    that is only metal/rock of course….

  4. good music is Opeth..and thats it, if u like the 70’s atmosphere u should try ” ghost reveries ” the new release by opeth, its progressive death metal with 70’s theme

  5. Hippi malik screw U “i-love-britny spears ” thingy
    and linkin are g@y
    thats not a song,real songs are about deals with the devil , and far off land where you find smoke and relation to water…

  6. and ripping someone’s tongues …slitting throats and everything..thats music man..thats art!

  7. Elune must speak:
    I’ve been in periods when I adored every single genre of music back from when we were 7 yrs old and listened to N’sync and Britney going through all the boy bands >> the country music>> hiphop>> Classics>> Rock>> Industrial>> Metal. I’ll have to say that each one of them (only after the classics ones ofc) are enjoyable. I mean I can listen to Opeth when I want to listen to nice guitar, I listen to LP when I feel depressed and want to get depressed more, I listen to Radiohead when I don’t feel anything. But honestly, the only music I can listen to nowadays just for the sake of listening to something is scorpions/Gregorians/and ofc the mighty Nirvana.

    I follow the Moskva
    Down to Gorky Park
    Listening to the wind…of change

    All of you should learn not to trash any kind of music (save pop and the other actual gay genres). Who here can honestly say they didn’t enjoy “I’m blue dabadee” for Eifle76 or w.e their name is? all music are good but they have their own times.

    XzeeR, I think it’s gay and lame enough to call yourself a metallgy. When you’re a satanic, a vampire, a supernatural power or anything else and you go around saying “Hey! I’m a satanic!” it’s just pure lame. True not-caring or any person who thinks he’s something doesn’t go around just blabbering about it. Keep it to yourself dumbass!

  8. i’m not friggin metalgy :@…i’m a manically depressed mutated lifeform who just happens to like metal…and u listen to opeth when u want nice guitars? go lose to a bunch of kids in dota u NOOB:@…and u cant like all sorts of music…i admittly say i love ” princess of egypt” by E-type which is techno i guess..because its powerfull and its creative..but LP ??? whats so depressing about a guy who looks like a chicken, screams like a chicken, who bands together with a guy who plays the guitar as a chicken!…nirvana are good for wacko’s and i am one of them…

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