Advertisment is invading us


This post is so question the suspicious advertisment that is invading our family (jordan mafia) if it is not paid, why it is here, and if it is paid, where is the money going to ? I WANT, u know cross that, I DEMAND AN EXPLAINATION

and have fun guys, c ya soon probably

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4 thoughts on “Advertisment is invading us

  1. invading is hardly the word, its just one lil box , with two ads
    and yes they are paid
    each click is 0.03 USD, bs i dont get paid unless some ppl click, which no one do , so click more ,, and lets have some money more
    and where the money will go , its soubani’s calls , since he is the don

    SO click Damn IT :@

  2. its not never paid back, its simply out of reach
    and i did tell mansor to give him the money, and he told me 5alehom ma3ak
    and ba3deen enta ejetni o 7aketli give me the money o ana 7aketlak la3?

    ba3deen i didnt “damn” you, why “damn”me?

    Alla Ysam7ak 🙁

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