Soubani is singing, Can you belive that!!!

Hey brothersAs you read in ALRAMTH TIMES, Soubani is releasing his first single privetly on Jordan Mafia, so here it is, you know i recorded it in ALBAG3A Studio`s Center with the champers band (Apocoliptica), inshallah it will distroy the top 10(and ofcourse the 1*10^23 ones).

ps: Anyone say`s anything but WooooooW, gr8 or walla eshy WILL BE EATEN

Download from nothing-else-matters_-soubani.mp3

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16 thoughts on “Soubani is singing, Can you belive that!!!

  1. its a “Walla Eshi” alright !

    i think this is the reason why Jason went to sanctuary

    in those times we remember that

    If it tastes like chicken, looks like chicken, and feels like chicken, but Soubani says its beef. Then it’s fucking beef.

  2. Ba3dain salamat ya m3allem.. we7yat elli 5alagni ma kan gasdi akserlak asab3ak!! ya3ni next time u see me 5ef 3alay law same7et

  3. I like the song, it took me a while to believe it is soubani who is singing. i liked his singing. and guys there is a chance i am going to jordan soon, and wierd enough, i am annoyed by this fact, i really whished for an internship in the US, i was disappointed, c ya soon guys, hopefully it will be better than last year, even though last year was nice, but it was less than anticipated

  4. sweet singing dude….reminded me of the lost art of metallica..they killed themselves when they released st.anger,and i’ve heard they are working on another album…they will fuck it up as well..james with no booze is freaking gay

  5. very nice man! it is really good and i can’t believe it is ur voice! btw now the (mo5aeam al7osain studios) will try their best to recored one of ur coming albums 😉

  6. Guys… yo guys!! that was really Soubani? :O
    WTF MAN!! You got ze talents. Seriously, I wasn’t kidding last few comments. I didn’t think it was you. Way to go man! It’s fantastic!

  7. cOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOol
    really nice one , you should do it in public or sothing, any way man ,good job.

  8. I really dont want to be rude,
    am a soubani too^^, what can i say about the siging, i hate arabic music, and arabic movies and arabic dancing, so obviously my opinion shouldnt matter, but that wasnt original, and the tune is already taken, if its about your voice!! i´ve heard better, but since youwere brave enough to put it out there on the net i give you a 10/10 and i say go for it man.

    I´ll be going to jordan hopefully next year, i havent seen the Petra damn it , 🙂

    its wierd talking to family members ,


  9. lol! venom dude u are from sweden! lsn we know that the song is not soubani’s original song! but he is the don! and we should respect him! =)

    actually Soubani told me a couple of times ago that he has relatives in sweden! when u r into Jordan tell us! we will be waiting for u =)

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