"It’s not there any more."

From The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein

I do recommend that you read that novel

“Man, I think we should stop hitting Cheyenne Mountain.”


“It’s not there any more.”

Cheyenne Mountain receives heavy bombardment from the lunar rebels to the point where the above dialogue took place.

ironic enough, same dialogue  took place regarding “malik’s balls”

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4 thoughts on “"It’s not there any more."

  1. Seems like a nice book. Anyways:
    One weird thing that happened to me was one time I was in a plane that was landing and I suddenly stood up and yelled, ‘The plane’s going to crash! The plane’s going to crash!’ The stewardess told me to sit down and be quiet, so I did. The plane landed okay, but as we were all going to get our bags, I started yelling, ‘Our bags aren’t going to be there! They’re not gonna be there!’ But they were, even Strappy. So I rented one of those metal carts to put your bags on, and guess that happened? I crashed into another guy’s cart. So that’s pretty weird, isn’t it?
    – Jack Handy”

    Severus, why do I have to read this Bullshit?

  2. Under popular demands, the deep thoughts widget was removed

    Anything else you dont like, and you want me to change it?
    shape of My as* for example :@

  3. I want the deep fucking thought back too, just not that one.
    Which reminds me of something my raid leader once said on TeamSpeak:
    “Buff the fuck me up!” it was kinda scary to imagine what he wanted. was it “Buff me the fuck up?” or ..

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