rope courses

[photopress:n19003353_30345882_4100.jpg,full,pp_image]i went with bunch of guys to rope courses yesterday, it was amazing….15 meters high…we had to climb a tree then walk on a rope from there to another tree…freaking scary but awesome…

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4 thoughts on “rope courses

  1. I can admit that this is can considered as “FUN”
    but i want to ask
    WHat is the point of learning to walk from one tree to another
    is it cause you are “De-evolving”?
    and is a part of “Monkey say -monkey do”?

  2. the reason that it is not everyone can do…and i wish i got the chance to see you up there…that will be FUN

  3. I’ve been wondering.. Do u guys carry a camera around all the time there or what? Whenever u Dodo u post a pic, whenever u bake a cake and the oven get busted and it gets burnt u post a pic. I mean.. what the hell?!

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