7 thoughts on “GTA IV TRAILER

  1. I second u 4 that! but i think gta 2 was something else! probably the best game i played on ps1!

  2. aaaah, gta2, i remember we used to play it network in ittihad too, that was funny. and i do agree with malik, gta 3 and the rest are only extra features on gta3, and they made it look too much like driving. it reminds me of driver, which was awesome game at that point.
    gta2 is really nice, it has some pretty good aspects, of course i played it on pc though, not ps1

  3. gta3 was stupid…vice city was ok, not compared to gta2 ofcourse but it entertains…san andreas was an amazing game! it had a cool radio tracks and good game engine…but ofcourse gta2 rocks hard!! i still play it network…and i’d like to challange u saad someday 😀 …its cool to runover someone and make ” donuts” in his blood! ..i cant see the trailer coz i’m using lame ass dialup :S

  4. id like to revive this post wth this comment, i’ll just paste what severO had to say in msn:
    “Najeeb says:
    Grand Theft Auto IV, Take-Two Interactive’s crown jewel of the sandbox game series, reportedly sold over 6 million copies for Xbox 360 and PS3, earning the publisher over $500 million dollars in the first week alone.”

    still think its crap malik and supremus ? 😛

  5. dude they can sell 5000 billion copies and earn 1000000 billion dollers! still it is the same for me! do u see anyone in Jordan that do not like rice??? I do not like rice! that doesn’t make me feel like loving rice because am the only guy who hate rice in jordan and the rest love it!

    Many people love LP! but u and severus hate them! if i told u that everyone on earth loves LP except for u and severus would u start loving them???

  6. i would commit suicide right there , and ofc im not saying u need to like it ,its just not crap :D.
    sadly i wont get a chance to enjoy it since its on Xbox and ps3 :(.

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