300 sequel?

Even though “300? couldn’t possibly get a sequel, Frank Miller has started work on a comic that takes us back to Sparta. This happened after the “300? film adaption made a huge hit at the box office in the US. I don’t think we’ll be seeing king Leonidas back, but some other great story from the Spartans may be used for his next comic. Let’s hope that if anyone is going to direct this, it’s Zack Snyder. But he seems very busy with Watchmen at the moment so I don’t know. Everything also depends on the quality of the new comic book. If Frank just made it so he could get more cash then the quality won’t be as good as “300?, you can bet your ass on that. Still, I hope it’s going to be just as bloody as “300? even if there is a chance that this will be thrown in the Hollywood sequel-making machine.

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  1. All i know is that they can deffiently make a sequel especially if you follow with leonidas son. in the 300 game toward the end of the war when the spartand defeat the pesians Leonidas son take the crown.I wonder if there going to get an intense actor and have another “this is sparta!” repeat? except for a twist theres decapitation instead of kicking

  2. Well, The historical myth that “300” was based upon doesn’t extend beyond the mass suicide done by the spartans. Some Sequel with settings that go far in time before or after 300 might be acceptable but other wise it’d be just lamo movie. and by far in time I mean hundreds of years.

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