Were we teenagers?


I have been wondering someday whether have we been actual teenagers?i mean teenagers like the movies, not in age. the closest one i can call who acted almost like a teenager was omar ghazal. like, have ya guys ever been in an independance issue with ur parents or in general? or have ya ever screamed to ur parents “you don’t understand me, i hate you” or something like that. i can’t recall any of these stuff happened to me, of course we all had some troubles with our parents at some points, but they weren’t teenager problems, they were normal younger people troubles, were we hormonal or something like that at one point?

I told that to my suitemate, and as he always like to do he refered that observation to the fact that we r a muslim country, and in islam we don’t have the stupid teenagers like in the movies type. i don’t mind for this to be true, but i am wondering what you think, and try when u answer think about urself and ur brothers and sisters, NOT what do u think all the guys in all-over jordan acted when they were teenagers, if i would guess, i would say we have teenagers in jordan,  but i don’t recall people i closely know that were teenagers.

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  1. I hope I understood ur concept about movie teenagers problems well enough. Here’s how I see it: (that’s me)

    -Home life: Was pretty dull. PC games,tv,homeworks..etc. Movie-like home drama was lacking.
    -School life: We had issues of guys taking likes to some girls and stuff and that’s the one really obvious characteristic of american teenagers life as seen in the movie that you too refered to in your post somehow.
    -Non-home/school life: I seriously don’t know if this counts as a part of what you are thinking of but we had our fair share of drama, comedy and adventure together. Think of the dorms nights, Aqaba trip, even our day to day school time (drama lecture..). We actually surpassed anything that can be introduced by any american movie (yup, IN YOUR ASS HOLYWOOD).

    Tell me if I have answered your post. Btw, me and your roommate need to have a foot to ass conversation so give him my MSN address or send me his.

  2. even so, from what am lsning to from ppl in my uni, like how they skipped school, or jumped over the fence to go and buy falafel, or go to he malls, or hang out near girls schools, having the fact that our school was in the middle of no where, our skipping school, was to skip tarbeeh or history lecture , and go and hide near mujama3 al ryadi, or to play some football.. , and closest thing to hanging near a girls school was hanging in Jabal Al husain with malik,or having some kind of an adventure , like the most outrageous thing we did, where we went after ma3had to have some airport road BBQ, or when we made all our class togo into a trip , and we stayed in school, empty school, playing football, yes Drama class was a blast, and we did something no one else did before, but still while Jordan 11 graders skipped school and bought some falafel, haitham and Omar were having a study about if they can communicate telepathically, Yanal was helping Sauron to find his lens for his one yellow eye, malik had enough legs up his a$$, till the matter inside collapsed and know known as the “Malik – (YNSHHO)” Black hole, and Tamimi had his “Blood -come -from -my ass problem”, saad and Yuri with the Worcraft or Generals dilemma, and my self wasting the whole year trying to find things that is Unreal, even when we wanted to Hip after our tawjihi graduation ceremony, we stayed till 4 AM playing Warcraft unreal generals and Worms, our fight with our parents was “i wanna go to ma3hhad so give me my space” so we can go out every Thursday and eat Shawerma and play.. really miss that old time, so in concusion , here @ my uni they talk about what they did back in 11 grade and tawjihi, mine was I love slythirin soo much… Give me my shawerma back .. and will Nader have his leg up hnities ass or not.
    I dont think that i missed anything at all, in fact i still have our Thursday nights all in naders car as the best Time ever … EVER

  3. feedback are u elune buddy??? anyways back at 11 th grade it was the most critical year in my life!!! no really and no matter what bad things i remember abt it it is still my fav or at least i’d like to go back in time to that year so that i can refix many things! to say the truth! we did not have too much contact in 11th grade! we were 2 sections! one with too many guys while the other with too many girls! i was in the last! now here it is! back at the 11th grade i was kicked 4 times out of home! in one of them i almost punched my dad! i also had a fight with 2 teachers in one i really drove mr sha’3noobi insane infront of his lover :)! i did too many troubles with my old little gang (s3d u know them the i.ms :)) i had to scape a gay guy who just came out of nowhere and said that he know me be4 (he is jarar btw) i had to be alone all 11th grade! too many things! not to 4get hatered from every single stupid teacher back at the skool except for nadeea (i love this women)! but it was the best 🙂

  4. it feels weird to write here coz u all talk about jubilee and i’m an outsider!! but i think u’ll appreciate another point of view! a -nokhbeh!- point of view! see we didnt have girls at our school..u had to pass the principle and a bunch of teacher and then the open lands untill u reach the girls school..so u’ll be in danger just to watch girls walking for a second…the cool thing i was the ” mo2adab ” guy and i could go inside the girls school without anyone complaining!! yet i didnt do that and all the guys there hated me for that..guys would jump off the fence to watch cars making DO’hNuts on the street while i sat back reading ref3at smael stories or sth!…guys would plan the khamees tal3a for a week and say how ” fun ” it is to go smoke and watch girls asses in rabiyeh or sth…i go to ***eb on thursday and take more ref3at smael’s stories then head back home and read some more :D…as u can see u were more teenagers than i was! i never had problems with my dad except 2 or 3 times when he didnt believe me about stuff…screams at him 3 times and it never got to the point of no return…and to be honest i loved the way i lived my teenage life and i wouldnt change a thing about it!! because i’m a misanthropic person and if i did sth silly like the rest of the assholes i see now i would’ve killed my self!!

  5. You guys almost answered me, it is funny how people started to remmeber their good and bad times, but i mean, if we are to ask, have we ever been a typical teenagers? what would the answer be? we all acted less mature than now, that’s a defnite thing because we grow up, but in america teenagers act “more immaturely” so it is a special phase in their life, in my life, i don’t recall being teenager was different phase than the years around it. so i don’t believe i was a teenager in american point of view, and i am happy for this fact. so what do u think?

  6. That’s what I was afraid of. Can we get a precise definition for the America typical teenagers life? Or even the Soumalina or the Indian? Nah we can’t. And btw, I can be 100% sure to say that no American dude has ever lived the life of a typical Jordanian teenager. I mean I really hate the fact that we have to assume that American fuckers teenage lives are the typical ones. Our teenage lives were our reign supreme in my opinion. I’d give everything to go back and do everything the same way I did it. I won’t “reflex” nothing, I won’t change anything. I will enjoy everything we did whether it was a fuck up or real nice thing.

    XzeeR, I lived your school life at my last school ISC. Everything the same except that I had to run in breaks from the big guys who were trying to pick on me. I got locked in a bathroom once by some guy called Shareef (as opposed to the time u stole my pantaloons while in the Jubilee bathrooms because of sa3ed >:(
    That’s what we call a lame life XzeeR.

    I know I didn’t have sex yet so that propably means I didn’t live an american “typical” teenage life.

    Quoting Saad:
    “we all acted less mature than now”

    Like 4 months from now me and you were holding hands and spinning like a merry-go-round in front of Iskan Bank Complex… yeah, I call that mature!

  7. lol… nice buddy! i second u for the american typical teens thing! the american cultutre is forced on others! and thats why many people just love the states and would be a pizza boy there rather than being anything in his country! so man it is not wise to compare a “typical” american teen with a “TYPICAL” jordanian teen! we rock and they suck!!! i love jordan no matter what people say! besides being a teen doesn’t mean u have to be mad and do stupid thing! but it is a revolutionary era in oue life!
    btw do american teenagers know 6l3t abu sharkas and snobar??? tell him malik 🙂

  8. again , that was my point, even , we dont pass for “TYPICAL” jordanian teen, as i told u, 3omrona ma shalfna from skool, 3omrna ma ro7na neshtari falfel, never been in a night club, nver smoked, we had a one time in a coffeshop after graduation and that sucked , never stayed near a girls skool, never whistle to a girl in street, never said “esh ya 5asseh”, which a topical jordanian teens do, and before XZeeR start his “I-didnt-had-any” i would remind u that u touched an a$$, while i still didnt , and am not expected to do so

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