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Seemingly out of nowhere, the new film 300 managed to take in $70 million this Friday through Sunday in the U.S. And it wasn’t even a holiday weekend!

From the creators of Sin City, the Gladiator-like film manged to set a new record for the biggest opening ever for the month of March.

Made on the cheap and shot in just 60 days with no A-list stars, the movie is expected to be one of the most profitable of the year.


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13 thoughts on “Boffo Box Office – 300

  1. awesome movie, watch it and think about the companion 3layhem assalam, we need to get control of the media to produce movies like this. who knows, maybe in the future 😀

  2. yes Saad, that other day me and XZeeR talked about the same subject, how the companion conquered Persian empire and we talked in particular about the “Nahawand” Battle, where the Muslims killed all the persian army which was more than (150,000) , which resembled the 300 Story, where the leader of the Muslim army ” Al nouman bin muqren”, was killed when his horse slipped from the ground from all the blood of the soldiers of the persian army
    really if only we could do such a movie, instead of Al-waleed bin Talat spending a (30 Million USD ) for his daughters wedding, or Jordan spending 100 Million to build embassies and ambassadors houses in Europe , the 300 movie costed 65 Million in holoweed , i think it wont cost more than 40 In the middle east ! but still
    we spend millions of USDs on weddings and houses

    PS: More infor about “nahawand” Just google it

  3. yeah nahawand battle was amazing…i read the story 4 times or more! the best part was that muslim army was around 38,000 thousand and they slaughtered those persians like pigs!! threw them down a valley untill the valley became on with the ground!! imagine 100,000+ bodies !

  4. 1. Feedback = Elune
    2. Najeeb get this movie, I’m grabbing my HD and coming.
    3. Expect some Exaggaration when reading about such stuff in history books. We didn’t get the story as the other side describes it. I mean in the Andalus wars we got spanish historians admitting and providing confirmation to the arabic stories so we can be sure about them for instance. I don’t think 200,000 bodies would level any land with any valley. Blood gets coagulated when exposed to air.. I wonder how an elite knight would just slip on a bile of red rocks? 3 arrows or an axe slash won’t be dramatic enough thus they got the horsy slippy thingy probably 😛

    Which leads me to this thing I was thinking about lately:
    U know how they told us that people Like 3omar ben Al Khattab and Khaled ben Al Waleed were actually feared in battles? I mean they were like “Heroes” in world of warcraft or something. They didn’t die that easily and they could kill any opponent. What was special about them? Skills? Strength? I mean it’s not like a hidden sharp-eyed sniper who can kill everything w/o being noticed. Imagine this scene: Khaled ben Al Waleed in the midst of a fearsome battle, all chaotic and bloody. He kills the 1st, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th,….etc….165th,166th then ooops! some guy stab him from the back.. He’s dead. Why didn’t they use that against the real good guys like these? I’ll tell u this story about Khaled ben Al Waleed. In battles, he used to ride his horse unarmoured to improve his endurance and agility and used to carry a sword in each hand and just charge through the enemy ranks and then come back. He was getting seriously injured and refused to get his wounds cleaned/w.e. He’d cast his swords away because they we’re broken,blunty (due to the numbers he killed) and get 2 new ones. It’s heroic and everything but I think this kind of battle style can be so easily thwarted using a good archer or even some Spearman. Maybe it was divine protection or something..
    What do u think?

  5. well man i’ve thought of that alot…first there is no stabbing from behind,because at that time honour was more important than killing someone,so no one would do it,it has to be face to face combat, and stamina and charisma were VERY important in old battles and omar bin al khattab and khalid bin al waleed and ali bin abi taleb had those ,plus the boost jihad gives u ! ur not afraid of death so u charge the damn enemylines without fear! and for the archers once both armies clashes in the battle archers are worthless , they cant fire because they’ll hit their own soldiers…i dont arabs had spearmen but if they did charging will be a bad choice..thats what i think

    now about the movie…najeeb is waiting for the dvd rip, a crystal clear version so we can get a projector and watch it at my new house which i hope will be done by then :S …

  6. I had to go to the movies with some friend who got back from Germany. Not that I’d go to the cinema but he doesn’t have the same interests as most of us so I had to go. That was last tuesday at the 21:15 show at Century. Although the we had to sit on the first raw and separated the movie was worth it. Everything was great about it. It’s the best movie I’ve seen since LotR and by far the best melee combat movie I’ve ever seen in my life. The way they charged at their enemies really get u excited. I seriously was shivering at some scenes. And I kept shouting “SPARTANS” the next day long. U’re missing a lot if u don’t get really loud speakers when u watch it. Enjoy

  7. oh btw, after seeing the movie. It was all about the spartans being a population that is based on brutal power and military and fighting tactics. The idea that they are superior in their fights against others are already implied. When making a movie about the companions (3alayhom al salam) per say in Bader’s Battle.. do u know how it’s gonna look like? They’re supposedly couragous and all but are outnumbered in an open field battle. We can’t say that they are more skilled and we can’t use that in the movie. Let’s remember how they actually won the battle: It was (as we believe it as muslims) by miracles and angels fighting besides the companions. Taking that from books into a movie would look like enemy soldiers gettting slain by some unseen thingy. Heads falling down w/o any reason and people just getting frightened (dab fee qoloobehom al ro3b) again not because of anything. This would be the worst movie ever and not because of graphics or story but because people worldwide would think that islam is based upon myths and belief in magic.

    Let’s see what they did in the “Risala” movie. They concentrated on the story rather than battles and graphics and that’s what made it succeed. But again a movie based on the story like this won’t make such a hit as one that emphasizes the graphics and fighting skills. How many of u can honestly say they’d rather watch Al risala over watching Legolas pawning a couple of Orcs?

  8. ahhhhh! all of u watched it????!! i want to watch it at theater! watching it on tv won’t be fine like cinema!

    bs thats a hard thing to wish for !

  10. u’ll miss a big part of the movie if u don’t watch it at theater! when i watched lotr at home it lost half of its ability to excite! ya may be because i watched it be4 but still theaters are better for such a movie!

  11. What yuri said. Anyways, whenever u get hold of a good dvd copy we’ll watch it together again at my place. A datahow is better than a TV at least.

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