Quote of the Day – Avril Lavigne



“I’m so girly, it’s not even funny!”

Avril Lavigne in the new issue of Seventeen magazine


* perfect quote, i would just replace “Girly” to “Stupid”, in avril case

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51 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Avril Lavigne

  1. i don’t know what is their problem , nowadays all what we hear about girls singers is drugs and deprecation !!!

  2. What’s deprecation? What’s the post talking about? I’m confused :S And XzeeR, don’t u have something to chew on mate? Go buy urself a cracker or something. Just keep your mouth bussy.

    I think I’ll post a pic of Severus with a “looser” tag on his head.
    Severus: “I’m so dumb.. It’s so funny”

  3. The post is talking about quotes from celebrities as u can see from the title “quote of the Day” , and XZeeR have a twinkie in his mouth which keep him busy, and sadly he stopped having things up his A$$ lately, and NO it wouldn’t be funny then at all !

  4. e7em..excuse me mr.feedback sir..i’m going to stick my thumb up ur ass if i want to…i’ll oink anytime if i want to…i’ll even give u some feedback on sticking fingers up ur ass if u want to!..and for the twinkies too much sugar man :S..still shivering from last time!

  5. you fkn moron severus, avril lavigne is SOO not a loser, she is totally awesome!!! you fkn chicken wut da hell is fkn wrong with you? why dont you flush yourself and fuck da hell off!

  6. Comparatively, Avril Lavigne has succeeded in her life to a level that you might not be able to get to in the next 30-40 years, Severus and Elixir. I’m not talking about the songs quality nor the fame, I’m refering to $. So basically, if we dicsover that Mr. Gates is gay and was in some band at 18 that played jaz and still sucked at it, would that make him a loser?

    ElÃÂșne has spoken

  7. ya da guys here r right,Elune n XZeeR n feedback r so damn right! i mean is their any celebrity these days dat does looks hot without makeup!!?? and everybody has bad looks in his picz!! so WTF is wrong wid dat!!?? n da quote SUX!!

  8. Elune, that was a very lame reply !, talking about money ? really ?
    so pornstars make more money than u and me combined, does that make them human ? and hell ya i’m a loser and i “fkn” like it ! not a care in the world except for lvling at the MMORPG i’m playing now, so go study or whatever that u do and love thy avril!

    P.S: i really do like the ” Elixir” thing 😀 , can i have the copyright to that ?

  9. Pornstars are less “looser” than both of you and me, Elixir.

    You can use it as long as you behave like a big boy.

  10. Why there is still discussion on super old post? it is just weird to do so, but the truth be said, i like avril

  11. well she is only without makeup thats why she looks like that …. so stop your fuckin jokes about evrybody cuz after all there are people like us NOT DIFFERENT ….. get a life…..

  12. a hot midget is useful man….think of doing it in an airplane bathroom, would you prefer a midget or a full size?! ha?!

    or even a he?! Saad?!

  13. I like Avril too. Can’t see how that would contradict with a pocket-girl project. And ofc you don’t remember me saying that because I never told you about it 🙂 Who was it that I actually told?

  14. Josef J. Thanks , we like you too
    Saad we know that ur soft .. bs Elune going soft … thats new
    avril sucks Major time kaman
    she really really sucks
    not even looks , nor lyrics, nor voice..

  15. This comment should be in some other language:

    yemken “they suck” 3ashan heik fee shaghlet el sabaya ma sabay lamma noghzoohom. That way we can revert the whole “sucking” thingy.

  16. since this is public site after all, i will stop talking about my feelings to avril due to incrimnating ideas may surface

  17. hahahahahahahah bebo ur so funny! i like u ! i really do like simple minded ppl who write the way u do , i cant even make 2 words out of ur comment but i’m sure its funny as hell! , and its a late reply but here it goes :
    i hate avril coz when she started she acted like a punk goth which is cool , and i used to like her and everyone knows that ,
    but with time everything cleared and showed that she is another poser faker wanabee , and u can see that by watching the video clip of her song that goes sth like ” i want to be ur GF ” , she looks like a skinny brittney spears ,and that is just sick .
    so screw u all ppl who disagree with me coz the powers to be speaks to me and tells me i’m right !

  18. OMG, She’s The Ugliest Bitch I’ve Ever Seen In My Whole Whole Whole Life!!!GEEZ look at her face:

    ” i can be your girlfriend.in a second i’ll be sucking your penis coz i can coz i can do it better ”

    u wanna be his girlfriend?who wants you ugly bitch?i just wanna puke in the moment!ewwww

  19. [Comment ID #22340 Will Be Quoted Here]

    If this is the “ugliest bitch” you’ve ever seen in your whole-worm-hole life then you really didn’t get to see much. Send me your email, I’ll hook you up with something that you can be proud to call the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen

  20. Gee! you all sucks, avril’s tha best ever! it’s allright if you don’t like her music, but you schouldn’t do so stupid as now, Gee!
    She’s not stupid, I think you’re jalours! stupid frog!

  21. u know im starting to regret saying all these mean stuff about avril.i should atone for that.
    so BK tonight ? we’re doing major atoning tonight! msg severus for details 😀

  22. omg, that was “screw you all” in Turkish. Just to be on the safe side “Right back at you, you mot!@#$ %^&* #$@!$ @#!$!”

    Ye, I felt that bad. No one can defile this sacred blogsite and get away from ElÃÂșne. Not even Turks, and especially not Israelis.

  23. wow first time to be in this site and to be honest am enjoyin see this ur talkin and talkin bout avirl and how she looks…i dont even she wud care if some1 like u liked her or not …after all if every1 liked same things it wud be a dull world…am just a listener and i admit there is a few songs that is good 4 her…cheers every1

  24. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! U GUYS R SOOOOOO STUPID!!! Avril’s the best, how could u even think that she sucks???!!!!
    Whoever calls avril a loser is just a fkn LOSER themselves!!!

  25. angelgirl101 , it seems that u need to take music 101, and Not loser 101
    please refer to the subject before u come here and talk about that

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