50 Films to See Before You Die

50 Films to See Before You Die was a programme shown on Channel 4 on Saturday 22 July 2006, to celebrate the relaunch of Film4 as a free-to-air channel available to digital terrestrial homes in the United Kingdom. It consisted of a countdown of, as the name suggests, a list of 50 films recommended to see before you die, as compiled by various film critics, experts and personalities. Each film was supposed to be “chosen as a paragon of a particular genre or style”. The list is as follows:


  1. Apocalypse Now
  2. The Apartment
  3. City of God
  4. Chinatown
  5. Sexy Beast
  6. 2001: A Space Odyssey
  7. North by Northwest
  8. ? bout de souffle
  9. Donnie Darko
  10. Back to the Future
  11. Alien
  12. Lost in Translation
  13. The Shawshank Redemption
  14. Lagaan
  15. Pulp Fiction
  16. Touch of Evil
  17. Walkabout
  18. Black Narcissus
  19. Boyz N the Hood
  20. The Player
  21. Come and See
  22. Heavenly Creatures
  23. A Night at the Opera
  24. Erin Brockovich
  25. Trainspotting
  26. Hero
  27. The Breakfast Club
  28. Fanny and Alexander
  29. Pink Flamingos
  30. All About Eve
  31. Scarface
  32. Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  33. Three Colors: Blue
  34. The Royal Tenenbaums
  35. The Ladykillers
  36. Fight Club
  37. The Searchers
  38. Mulholland Drive
  39. The IPCRESS File
  40. The King of Comedy
  41. Manhunter
  42. Dawn of the Dead
  43. Princess Mononoke
  44. Raising Arizona
  45. Cabaret
  46. This Sporting Life
  47. Brazil
  48. Aguirre, the Wrath of God
  49. Secrets & Lies
  50. Badlands
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6 thoughts on “50 Films to See Before You Die

  1. i dont claim i know all the movies here…but the only movies really worth seeing here are fightclub and dawn of the dead! i’ll die a happy man if i dont watch erin brokovich! and where the hell is max payne ? a man apart ? the green mile? and a bunch of other movies! the ppl who made the list are clearly putties…

  2. dawn of the dead?! it is a piece of shit ..
    actually “shawn of the dead” is better
    there a lot of good movies not here

  3. dotd is a piece of shit ??? what didnt u like!! zombies running like hell…lil zombie girls biting and killing,some spanking scene!,playing games like shooting dead ppl!, interesting characters, that movie was the best in its genre and that is what the list is all about…i wont disagree with u on shawn of the dead..that movie rocks !

  4. I have to agree with malik, Dawn of the dead, was a stupid nonsense bad directed movie , the story doesnt add up. story line is shitty, the ending is bad, screwed up acting with “acting” emotions
    I liked the blood part, but still very very very bad acting
    The Movie sucked .. i even remember one day we rent the DVD and went to watch it On maliks DVD player, and we didnt continue it,and i regret the time that i spent downloading it
    the movie doest kickass, it suck ass

    I think XZeeR u became a bad movies, jam3a and HWs and Life loving 128k ADSL “pu**y” thats why u didnt like this Movie

    So stop ur bit**ing and go and make me a Falafel

    and Where is the Old XZeeR , and what did u do to him U “PU**Y”

  5. the old xzeer got strap-on *ucked by yael 😀 …this badmovie-128 adsl-jam3a lover will break ur balls if u dont admit that dawn of the dead is an awsome movie!! dude bekaffi its in the middle of the day not at night like the rest of the crappy movies…and the zombies runs and u dont have a chance to stand to them!! not like resident-lameass- evil!! were an 8 year old girl can outrun them walking!…anyway i forgive u now because i’m so hard on the trailer of 300….!

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