Best Thing you will hear: Little Irish Girl Prank Calls

Here’s some great audio of an 8-year old girl from Dublin, Ireland making prank phone calls. Becky is featured on an Irish morning radio show. Get started with a clip (below) where she contacts a demolition company to blow up her school. Fill yer boots, man!

Becky’s Demolition Company Download


Becky’s Driving Test Download


Becky Rings the Zoo Download


Becky and the Spare Tyre Download


Becky Wants to Be a Hairdresser Download


Becky Calls Up An Annoying Advertiser From TV Download


Becky Wants To Be a Footballer’s Wife Download


Becky Hires a Crane (and starts to crack up!) Download


Becky Pretends to Be Mariah Carey Download


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4 thoughts on “Best Thing you will hear: Little Irish Girl Prank Calls

  1. cheers mate..
    Been tryin to find them to download & havnt until this thanks a lot man is becky still on the radio?

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