3 thoughts on “Windows Vista WOW ad

  1. WOW! that ad actually sucked!! very very lame sorry dude….i guess alot of things are lame these days :S…even saw3 turned out a disaster!

  2. DISASTER!!! i have to disagree, even though it is not same cool idea of the first one and partially the second one, i liked it. i still recommend it to saw lovers, it is defnitley not as good as the previous ones, but worth watching without a question, the music alone is awesome, besides, girls here cry on these movies, THEY CRY, it is not a sad movie, but they cry.

  3. man .. i dont even know what to say..the movie is a total failure in many ways..first there is the human elemet, this movie is filled with cheap emotions and crying; like in the scene where that guy’s hands and legs are being twisted to the max,he cries-the other guy cries-that court judge guy cries…what the hell is that ? second the acting was ridiculous !!…except for amanda and the jigsaw those are perfect…third of all the movie didnt surprise me in anyway…that amanda was being played? i knew that not from the beginning ..but i predicted it halfways…that jeff is actually that doctor’s husband? didnt predicted it but its not important…last thing is that this movie had alot of gore in it which i like in other films..but in this one it was stupid and not needed ….
    i rated the movie on imdb 4….and now i’m thinking of making it 3 ! …hope saw 4 is better than this one…
    viva la revolu—!…[ dont know the spelling :S]

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