Zengo & Ringo

zingo-wa-ringo.mp3i think that those two charecters bring memories back….
i don’t know where the hell are they now but they were nice funny and a little stupied. although that was my favourit tv show .and try to hear that u will like it………….

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7 thoughts on “Zengo & Ringo

  1. hommi kano ye7ko ” ya7ya althaka2 ? wella aldaka2 ? wella alzayyak ?? ” i forgot!!..and that show had the most effective way to communicate…hit the floor/ceiling with a broom…its brilliant!

  2. I remember being confused about how they could be so stupid when they approached their problems in a very logical way. I learned step-by-step thinking from this show :/

    “Al 3ebrah Al Mostafadeh”

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