tawjihi made me (she5)

tawjihi really sux…. every one tell me that i will miss this year ….( i don’t think so) its an annoying year that make your age less by 50%…..i realized now why prophets lived 4 ages…the answer cuse they did’t have this tawjihi…and the most imprtant thing that every one now (bsale o bsoom) and every one started @ tawjehi… so tawjehi is sabeel la el da3weh el 2salmeh ….. hehe

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19 thoughts on “tawjihi made me (she5)

  1. looool dunno who u are dude bas seems the tawjihi is screwing u over like it did with us…for me i embraced the opeth style of life and dont care for this wretched world anymore…u will change after it but trust me..u wont miss it..u’ll miss the school era thats it..then u;ll go to the freaking uni and wish everyone will die so u can relax…all that crap….and for using tawjihi as a way to convert ppl back to islam yeah its effective just because ppl keeps forgetting that the BIG tawjehe is ahead..they concentrate on the minor tawjehe ….good luck with ur exams dude

  2. well iam ala’s youngest brother and i know most of his friends and they keep saying things abut mafia jordan… and i think its a nice way to share thoughts 🙂

  3. it really scares me the idea of you not being 18
    who knows … its just me
    but i know how Elúne acts with minors … , and it aint pretty , so my advice
    keep your hands to your self
    and never accept an invitation to eat popsicles !!

    3ala kolen
    Welcome Home DUDE

  4. fuck all of you fake ass mother fuckers

    Approved by: Elúne
    *just wanted to show you all how popular we are :D*

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