How to Become a Vampire

Vampirism, or the practice of drinking human blood, dates all the way back to ancient Greece (even earlier, by some accounts). If you wish to become a bloodsucker, here’s some advice you can sink your teeth into.




  • STEP 1:Find another vampire and let him or her bite you. Employ the swiftest, easiest and most painful method.
  • STEP 2: Become an evildoer and die in a state of sin. Note, however, that this technique (which comes from France and Greece) is not very plausible; there would be millions of beasts roaming the streets as we speak.
  • STEP 3: Have an undead person gaze at your pregnant wife or yourself, if you happen to be expecting. Employing this method will not help you change into a vampire, but it may change your unborn into one.
  • STEP 4: Chronically lie to your parents or die without being baptized. (Note that these ways can’t be very credible either.)
  • STEP 5: Instruct your father to scream this at you in anger: “May the ground reject thee!” Having yourself cursed in this or another way by your parents could turn you into a fanged one after death.
  • STEP 6: Gobble up a sheep that was killed by a wolf and eventually, you’ll become a bloodsucker.
  • STEP 7: Travel back in time to the Greece of several centuries ago, where people who were excommunicated from the church were considered good vampire candidates.
  • STEP 8: Come down with chorea (a disease associated with uncontrolled twitching).
  • STEP 9: Ask your descendants to make a cat leap over your body when you’ve reached the hereafter.

    Tips & Warnings


  • Remember not to smile too much once you’ve undergone your transformation. Be certain the unwitting aren’t forewarned by your fangs.
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    552 thoughts on “How to Become a Vampire

    1. man dont know why but vamp aren’t cool anymore…they are intelligent and prefer clean cuts…now a werewolf will bash ur head to the wall and make a spaghetti out of u …thats the stuff!…we should know more about werewolves! …

    2. Hi. That other person that replyed if you want to read about some lousy mutts then you might have to go to another site. As he was saying i get his point but also “us” vampires have the upper hand at speed. while werewolves have the upper hand at hearing which is also great too. But as i was saying to be a werewolve would be a messy and painful job. Trust me i know! My sister is one you really don’t wanna go through what she has.

    3. “u” vampires cant even get into a house without being invited! how lame is that ? the only thing that makes u powerfull is the fear in the heart of the ppl, while werewolves doesnt need fear,because THEY are the fear! they break ur bones and have ur bowels as a keychain before u blink ur eye! so go sit in ur basement hoping for a stupid human to come by so u can ” scare ” him !
      and for the painful transformation i quote “take the pain it will focus and strengthen u, take the pain or ur life is fucking through, taste the pain let it become part of u , take the pain!”
      six feet under-war is coming…

    4. Forget Lycans. Vampires have speed and the terror of blood in our undead heart. If you try to mess with us we will slaughter you!!!! Now turn around and run away with your tail between your lefs mut!

    5. severus go suck on a rat u pathetic wretched rodent, and the rest of u vamps u agility freaks. strength has always will ever remain with werewolves.
      and i wont argue because it has no point in it, u are the “lords” as u say, i say u are the wimps of the night, the shy girlie that to ask for permision before she gets ” naughty ” .

    6. okay i dont wanna be rude but u need to stop arguing about who’s better ..theres no point to it me i love all yu vampyres out there with my compassionate love ..and as fer u lycans i have nothing against you just leave us vampires alone and stop fighting..

    7. werewolves is nothin but a pack of dogs with more strength than normal but strength is nothin without the speed so u muts can sit there and lick on u balls while “us” vamps take over

    8. hey all of u werewolves out there you mangy little puppys better start showing some respect to us vamps or we will hunt you down one by one and put u out of ur missory and dont think we cant cause u may have strength but that doesnt mean anything if u cant get a hold of us keep that in mind.

    9. hahahahaha, u freaking pathetic bloodsucking mosquitoes! when i said ur fast that doesnt mean we’re slow! werewolves have an awsome agility with strength combined! its like an archer vs a warrior ! the archer surely will piss out the warrior and can make the fight real hard, but the STRENGTH will conquer all! if a werewolf gets his hands on a vamp the fight is over and YOU KNOW IT!, while a vamp can never kill a werewolf and that also YOU KNOW!

      Elune we need ur saying in this

    10. Hey ppl if any 1 of you know of sum 1 in cape town in south africa that will bite me 2 becum a vamp plz let me know

    11. wtf?!
      Don’t downtread Lycans!
      It’s unfair, we get enough bad press as it is ffs, we shouldn’t be creating more bad feeling amongst ourselves (because we do not all think the same things) or our kin! (the lycans)
      Just leave them be!
      I am in support that they are not servents and they are no lower than ourselves, this is not scandelous or treason to our kind, it is merely the evolution of correct and foreward moving thought.
      Serenity War Tepes
      Where did you get that from?
      ‘Cause as you can see. My name is actually War Tepes. Well War Ariiannnai Serinae Tepes (My parents have inventive middle names) and your username looks a hell of a lot similar to my birthname.

    12. Duno how i came across this site, but XZeer, let the psyco’s hurt themself and drink sheep blood or there friends, later in life, they won’t have friends, they also will end up killing them self because they’re ashamed of how they ‘were’ psyco’s or how they have become psyco’s or they’ll just live as psycoz, but yh u ‘vampires’ out der, i got fresh blood trust me, cum suck on ma clit bitchz.

    13. yes shaz .. XZeeR needs some friends , We Vampsdont need any, and we love to drink our friends dry , and yes we will “cum” and suck ur clit
      we dont mind 🙂

      bs XZeeR ,, need some frnds ??

    14. no i need brethren to bash some skulls with , gonna be good company.
      bas friends are buggers , and actually vamps are so pathetic they cant live without a servant to protect them while they are vulnrable in the morning!

      and welcome War Tepes 🙂 ,

    15. this post is turning into a vamp adds, guys vampires are just old school. today i had a dream about a ” bloodgolem ” , now THATS what u should look for! i wont get into detailed description of a bloodgolem coz u mosquitos doesnt deserve it .

    16. U had a bloodgoelm dream? As in a really big entity that inserted its wee-wee in a certain defect in your body and caused blood to splash out?

      Vampires are old school idd. They’ve been there for quite sometime now. I wonder if that Bloogoelm will take likes to you and someday your grandchildren will refer to it as “The-old-school-entity-that-has-sweet bloody-butt-sex-with-our-grandfather”

    17. really? is that the best u can do ? isnt it just too low for Elune the wise to use the stuck-in-ass theme? and my bloodgolem can kick ur lametotem’s ass anytime.
      btw have u killed kael yet ? i doubt it

    18. I think this guy that likes bashing on vampires or girl whoever the fuck it is needs to go chew on a cord fuckin’ rat fuck!!! Nothing is wrong with vampires there’s something wrong with you with your lame ass opinions!!! This prude bitch sounds more of a fag than any fag that was thrown out of a fag bar!!! I think you reall just have seriously critical queer prblems so you take it out on vampires…don’t blame vamp’s for your Broke Back Mountain issues you sado-masochist muthafucker!!!!!!! Go suck a dick!!!!

    19. ok….
      I want to becom a vam
      I m greek and im living in sweden.If anyone kan do this to me so just komm to me…
      finde me…

    20. I agree witj ya Itiz. These guys’re so viral man. But vampire’s are so totally reeking with awesomeness!!!! So frikin’ epic. So rad’, hey, do you guy’s know anyone who even say’s radicle anymore… that word is so righteous.”righteous” commonly used with surfers… I just wanna be heard… I’m a dreamer…because my dog died… AND THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!

    21. This Joradn Mafia guys is so cool like doobee’s man. I get high off of his web page. But he could(personally) I think he should’ve added some forums and concert events on great metal and rock bands. There’s nothin’ like some thrash/heavy/doom/death metal with some blood soaked darkness and vampire’s. LIkw on the top of the headline of the webpage should be events on Gothminister, Napalm Death, Daylight Dies, Lacuna Coil, Gorroted, Danzig, Children of Bodom, The Haunted, The Black Dahlia Murder. Band’s that are similar to Daylight Dies like Opeth, Katatonia, The Cure. And thrash metal bands like Cannibal Corpse, Meshuggah…wait Meshuggah wasn’t thrash was it, I think it was death??”……………………………….” And the best metal band ever that was one the loudest in the land of the u.S.of A, a band that called their band Mayhem, and actually lived up to the name! And last but not least, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir,Prong,Arch Enemy,Cephelic carnage and Behemoth. bands like these will definately set this page off. I’m not saying Jordan has to do it. I’m just fantasizing

    22. No, My real name IS Kurt Loner, not “Loader”, like the T.V. host on MTV who is the oldest person on that network. But anyway, I really do think vamps’re awesome, but that’s not what I’m mainly posting what I’m posting this for, you see, I hate it when people tell me, and make fun of me because I like metal. I’m just gettin’ into it. So people ask me,”Why do you like that BULLSHIT, you barely can understand it”,and”It sounds like static”. And you know, I don’t like it when people are harshly critisizing the things that I love, I then feel ashamed. Just like when people bashed on my ex-gf, i had to dump her, and made up a lie,”I don’t want you ’cause your eye’s aren’t brown”. But anyway, when people bash on my metal, the weaskest shit I couls shoot back with is,”So whadda you care?” I thought that this webpage would be a great place to unload my drama and get some instant advice considering this page’s main topic is vampire,so, I thought people that like vampires have to like metal and are surer to reply, please reply, I don’t like to stop enjoying what I love because of what someone else says. It makes me feel dull. and what people are telling me is making me wanna trash all my favorite Judas Preist and Demon Hunter CD’s.

    23. hey kurt, i feel ya man. love what you want. i am not that big of a fan of metal, but i love some gay songs, that doesn’t mean i am gay nor i should care about other people bashing the cool backstreet boys. anyway if you like metal then like it freely, most songs we don’t know their lyrics, and besides, most metal songs has better lyrics than normal songs.

      i am not sure what kind of metal you like, but if people compare it to static, i guess that is xzeer specialty, i like songs like the great evanescence which i doubt any can bash them without the fear of being hit or haunted by the summoner.

      have fun kurt, and try to care less about people. everyone likes what he likes, don;t let anyone limit you

    24. damn kurt! u remind me of myself back when i first started lsning to metal, ive totally changed and everyone around me found it odd and hard to get.
      first static is one of the major beauties of metal! u can actually feel the electric charges manipulating ur brain, and the lyrics are truely the best lyrics i’ve read so far – death metal lyrics that is – .
      and about the ppl who trash ur metal , why give a shit ? they are most likely pop/ hip hop fans , so never give a shit about a person who likes to ” shake dat azz” , get my point?

      and for evanescenes they are a disgrace to the metal scene just like metallica has shamed us after their latest album. they ar NU metal which is more like crap than music.

      enjoy ur metal dude, specially its winter ! that means its opeth feasta here! and for some reason i cant stop lsning to ” cradle of filth – suicide and other comforts ” during this season. something about ” i journey now on jewelled sands, beneath a moon to summerland ” that mesmerises me! .

    25. Thanks guys, I love the advice, I’m gunna use it. Especially you Xzeer, I consider you be a pyschiatrist, just that little brief advice has lifted my spirit. Now, but the rest of you that replied, I give you the best of thanks guy’s. Now I’m gunna print out your comments so I could savor ’em. P.S.: Xzeer, don’t worry about that Vlad dude, that was my ignoramus ass of a brother, yeah he’s a real fag. He’s taking psychiatric classes in Rehab’, all I can tell you, don’t worry about him. He bother’s you again, tell me so i can put him in time out.

    26. Fuck that, I’m not a fag, Iwas just simply defending the well being of a true vampire. Of coarse, Xzeer, the vampires you speak of are the ones the media flips around. Meanong the media mkes the vampire something to be feared and hated. Of coarse they have people who has digestive sysytems that can store and digest blood, but those people are mentors and mere wanna-be’swho want to just impersonate what the media has put into their heads and including your’s Xzeer you retarded buttfuck. You wanna be mutan mutt. A true vampire is a person who can manipulte, channel, and absorb pranic energy. A pranic energy connected to vampires. Blood contains a pranic energy. And a real vampires emotions and thoughts are 100 times deeper and much more srtonger than the emotion you humans call love. That’s why we prefer to be alone so we can stay to out thoughts and erotic emotions. Sure we are loners but it sure beats being a hairy musty mutt that sits around licking his balls all day. We are beyond the infinity of volumptous, provocative and sexy. We can be like charming snakes that make you feel special. Nothing beats seducing someone with serene obscurity of lustful attraction. We get more ass than a toilet seat. We have eye’s that’re like,”I know what’s in your soul”. We are powerful walking graves of a thousnad corpses blood that runs through our mephistophelean veins, We do not need you lycans for servants, don’t tell me that servant bullshit you saw on universal studios Van Helsing. “flying Vampires”—BULLSHIT! A true vampire sometimes can bring a combination of death and sexuality. Sexual death, Fear and lust, the two rarest of all emotions clashing together. Xzeer you constantly feed on the stereotypes vampires you oversized fuckin’ mutt wannabe. We don’t only come out at night, the sun is just midly unpleasant to us. And a media vampire can whoop a media werewolve’s ass, because it’s not the size of the person in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the person. I consider myself a true vampire,I’ve been alone for 16 years and fuckin’ proud of it. Sometimes alone is best off alone. I was differnt from everyone else ever since as a young child. I turned from every living thing, from person to animal to plant, and I fled to the mystery of the night, the comforting calming shadows of the darkness. watching the onreasonable world fuction like helpless ants. And all of you that post up these hotmail websites that ignoranly inscript,”Bite me, I wanna be turned”. I advise you give up. You cannot be turned into a vampire, you must be born with the very powerful dark strong eligibility to control psychic forces and energies. And I have some of that power, but I must train to make it stronger. You should give up, unless you wanna be murded by a mentor. You cannot need to be vampire!!! Nonsense! You can call me a poser if you want to but I am what I am and I do what I can. I am not of which America has brainwashed you with. I do drink blood, not for nourishment, but for my own infuscational personal pleasure. I get my energy by energetically draining people. I can feel a presence from a person without having to here a sound from him/her. And that’ll work well in a fight with a buch of go-nad suckin’ mutts. My thoughts and emotions are deeply beyond curious questions. So Xzeer, don’t bitch about something you know nothing about. Tell master to buy you a bag of kibbles and bits you mangy mutt dingle berry licking poser!!!

    27. metal like Cradle of Filth’s Nyphetamine song. Prong”I beg to differ” I don’t know if you guy’s disapprove of Vampire Mooose’s,”Monstersgotamuthafuckinbomb” song. My most favorite, Napalm Death”Morale”. That is my shit there. Matter of fact that Morale song was the first metal song ever that introduced me to dig deeper into the metal rabbit hole. After that i got into thrash,doom,death,experimental, power metal, grindcore,goregrind,industrial.Once I heard that, Judas priest are the metal legend number one before Mayhem. They said even though Rob Halford is a fag, you shouldn’t care if he plays with German Shepard’s, if you don’t respect Judas Priest then you don’t know metal. Then I’m all dumb founded like, I didn’t know Rob was queer? That has to be a rumor that like follows them in their celebriy lifestlye. he cannot be a sdao-masochist

    28. indeed, i dont lsn to metal in my car, and even if i do i lower the volume and close the windows, u know why ? because i HATE ppl who lsn to metal to show ” hey we bad we scary ” , so please lsn to urstuff and love it, just dont rub it in anyone’s face.

      on a totally different issue; elune go F*** urself . 🙂

    29. people who listen to metal to show off to people that “we bad, we scary” are just posers because metal is not about just metal metal metal, listen to it with your long hair as a trademark. Some metalheads listen to rock. Saying it’s all about metal all the time is over labeling and overclassifying things about the headbangers history. Metal isn’t just some kind of fashion statement dumbass. I hate bands like korn, Sysyem of A down, and Slipknot that meke 14yr olds and wanna be rocker mexicans think they know metal. Especially System and that band the lead singer’s in now, Surge Tankian. Those fuckin’ bands sound like Adam Sandler singing nursery rhymes. Bands like those are a mere disgrace to metal. You see I’m just gettin’ into “The art of noise” A.K A: “metal”, and I all ready know bands like these are just a bunch of bullshit. But on the other hand for System, they always talk about this economic system and how fucked up the U.S. of A is, so……I gotta give them their props.

    30. I agree Xzeer. But Xzeer, I agrre and don’t agree with your statement there at the same time becuae for one, It’s good to blast it, I blast mine, fuck if people think I’m blasting it over 85 decibals ’til my speakers bleed to just show off, you see, I like to experience my music, meaning the bass, roars and trebels of the distortion metal guitars make my skin crawl with a passion. It’s not rubbing it in no one’s face, it’s just enjoying your music. The only time someone is rubbing metal in someone’s face is when they over exploid famous metal icon posters, and albums, icons like Mayhem, Judas Priest. Someone says,”Oh, I know metal, In the band Mayhem one of the band members murdered their bass player, blah-bluh-BLAH” and”Slipknot’s mask’re sooo awesome, I got their shirt, did you see that giutar bend Corey Taylor did? Or that guitar slide Joey pulled off?” rah-rah-rah and all that crap. Trust me, this is true, ’cause it’s all my little sister does. Just becuse it’s some hard sounding band you’ve probably heard on K-ROQ with those taky surf bands. bands that degrade metal like Korn or Marilyn Manson, doesn’t mean it’s real metal. Don’t let radio stations like these or other media that incorrectly defines the word,”metal” stereotypically fuck you, okay????

    31. Elune, you said it’s a group that talks about knowing stuff, stuff like metal? Where’s the group? Let me know

    32. let’s turn this page into a metal chatroom. matter of fact, a metal room about drugs, sex, death, violence and some raw metal

    33. well, about sex, i prefer not to say the people’s point view of sex because u will think of them differently after they say it. drugs, we r drug free ( at least the last time i saw them they were) , violence we have it on frequent basis but for fun, so it is alright.

      now metal and death, i know metal, in fact i know th best metal singer ever, they call them selves avril lavigne , hehehehehhehehehehehehe aaaaaah, anyway i would like it if i saw ur reactions, anyway avril not metal, she is cooler than that :p ( starting a war here) anyway , backstreet boys are the best group ever, even though nsync is close second, justin is awesome and he is not a fag, michael jackson is cool.

      okok enough
      i just wanted to say something, and coudln’t figure out something better

    34. ***edited by Severus ****

      Respect The Rules
      Read the about page for that

      and Kurt Loser, one more bad language from your side, and you will be grounded , and No allowance for you , also ….
      So when i say Respect Slvador, you shut -up and bow, got it !!

    35. that’s what we call wtfpwnd. We never believed in democracy nor its stinky components like freedom of speech.

      If you’re still interested in joining that club call me at 00962788268895

    36. why kurt is trying to insult me? i didn’t get the chance to see the posts before the edit but still, i didn’t say something worth insulting, anyway, like i care. suite urself, and thanks Severus for observing the rules of the site, many sites disregard their own rules, not us though, we stand on the edge, we look at the gun barrel, we pee in the wind.

    37. hiya, i didnt read any comment since my last because there is like a hundred , and my eyes hurt so screw it.
      but from what i saw is that kurt is abusing his right as a visitor and trying to insult slvador,let us make it clear for u kurt :
      we all know each other in real life, this website is dedicated for us only , u are just a visitor that should leave a respectfull comment or get the fuck out, and dont try to start a fight, we got some really amazing “wtfpwn u ” kind of guys .

      P.S: i suggest we unlead elune, thats what the footers say 🙂

    38. ****edited By severus *****

      Kurt Loser , yes we have rules for comments , and you know whats the first one is
      1- crying babies are not allowed to comment
      and since you cant hold your self enough time, so you could understand , i’d take that little head of yours and tell you something
      Hey Kurt-o , Guess What !! am enjoying deleting your comments , one by one , keep them comming , and ill stay here laughing on how little crying baby Kurt-o is acting like “some one who had any” , its really funny , am not gonna block you .. your just the Joy of the Day , am even thinking of having a widget called “poke-little-kurt-o”

    39. hahahaha , damn u just gave severus sth to play with while tickling one of his cows, kurt boner u suck.
      never miss with the mafia dude, never

    40. *** editted for being hilarously stupid by Slvador Limonis ***

      Slvador Limonis say ” hey guys, this kid is talking about why we r arguing with him while to us he is just letters and we don’t know him personally and he still posts on this site to respond!!??! maaaan there is something missing”

    41. how cute
      Kurt-o got his older brother vlad-no-boner to stand up with him,
      Oh you guys… thats just tooo darn nice from you vlad-no-boner,

      so are you now brushing each others hair and waiting for your period together ?? just like a pair of nice sisters

    42. *** edited by Severus****
      i am not gonna edit much , ill leave some of what “kurt-o” says , he is soo cute guysss , soo cute that kurt-o
      !!!! Ha! I’m a dreanged psychopath and i admit it! Naw, i’m not pysocho, I’m just beautiful unique, and that’s why you hate me, I’m different,and that means I’m gunna be all right you social outcast!

      *** by severus*****

      see how cute he is , he says he is “beautiful ” and we hate him , and everything is gonna be alright, it cant be cuter than this
      OHH “beautiful ” Kurt-o , u different like a unicorn , “beautiful ” and “beautiful ”

      seriously, you’ve been drinking too much milk from your cousin , isnt that the case !!!

    43. ***edited by severus*****
      our “beautiful” Kurt-o is sending more messages this evening he says

      This page does NOT make you better than me


      My answer is , yes tis page do

    44. *** edited By severus ****

      now our “beautiful” Kurt-o wanna share some information about his childhood

      breeding with family members makes you mentally deranged, I looked it up,

      and we share “beautiful” Kurt-o feelings toward his family, and ask him to cut some of the milk he have been drinking

    45. ****edited by severus ******

      O beautiful Kurt-O , that comment just cranked me up, so am gonna leave it so others can enjoy it

      Slvador is the only dumb ass on here responding to me, I don’t see Xzeer, Elune, or anyone else, I gotta give you your props guys for that one, not responding, You’re all smart, now this Slvador . Why? Why must you torment of thou you can’t see? You said you all know each other on here in real life, then Slvador must be the only ignorant one, all rest of you smart, Slvador,…naw…not really… no. All the rest of you don’t waste your time.. Just by cyberly communicating with you folks I’m measuring the intelligience and stupidity of this world… And I can see the only dumb one on here is Slvador who is second handedly dumbing down your web page. Especially with those lame ass get backs Slvador has.

      your just a Unicorn

    46. ****edited by severus ******

      O beautiful Kurt-O ,you are excused , you may leave now, dont forget to have your mild,, and wear something heavy , its cold outside, you cry baby


      I should leave before it becomes the most lame ass web page in history. Because the more my ass responds, the more dumber you all seem. Well not seem. I think you all are actually are

      yet, you continue to come here !!!! that makes you lamer than the lamest webpage, you made it beautiful cry baby Kurt-O , some ppl are lamer than other ppl, other ppl are lamer than a chair or a wall, u made it to be lamer than the lamest website

    47. I seem to have forgotten how this all have started but here is how I think about it.

      We have been criticizing peeps on their music tastes since the beginning of this world. I have trashed Xzeer and many others for their music choices on these forums and other places. Just never make get to the personal level and start trashing the person you’re talking to. I’ll have to agree that Slvador’s musical taste and knowledge might not be classy nor acceptable by the likes of us but you should actually look at this from the other side. Slvador is insignificant, you should go for Severus! Start trashing him. I’ll assist you with that. Actually, if he keeps editing your comments just send them to me at:

      ****edited By severus***
      No emails in the comments , i dont want more SPAM Bots in the pages here, we got more than 400 spam a day,

      And I’ll make sure the community of these forums get to know them.

      We have serious bonds between us here. If you aim for Slvador, we’ll have to get ur ass. It’s as simple as that. Severus is just an exception ^^

    48. i dont comment because im busy wowing and dont have time for this, and u calling the person who played grim fandango stupid ? and why expect any “Smart” come backs? u getting high on being trashed boy ?

    49. i need help on becoming a vampire. maybe one of you guys can help me. just tell me how i can become one.i dont know any vampires to help me turn so thats out of the question

    50. or maybe one of you can find me i live with my mom in lodi and attend at Tokay High school there on vacations im with my dad in Redding hopefully you guys can find me ill try to leave a scent for you…..

    51. Megan / Alexis , How old are you, it seems that you are still in high school, we cant turn you before you are 18, and you must be virgin, if you’re still, keep it till your 18, then contact us again, not a day before, if you’re not , thats your bad luck no one will turn a non-virgin , non-virgins are weak, seriously weak, !!
      so whats gonna be ?

    52. u forgot another thing Severus! he should not also masturbate! he also should not piss while standing! forgot the rules of the sacred vampires book buddy? if u do so again u’ll have to report to the you know who! ;@

    53. megan is a chick name,and i like ” redding ” name for a town, brings back memoriez,u will be contacted once u’ve agreed with severus’s terms

    54. Dear Alexis, I think that you’re cute enough to not browse the web for dumb websites as this one. I hope it was just a casual look and you’re never gonna get to read this reply. Anyways, this is me being “soft”, I don’t get soft often so get this advice from the “soft” Elúne: “You’re already better than wanting to be a vampire”.

      “Soft” Elúne.. out

    55. I hope you are all kidding with this vampire stuff!!! Just in case your mom hasn’t told you yet vampires are not real… Actually most of these monsters you guys talk about are not real

    56. I am a hybrid if that helps anyone violence is never gonna make anything better. There are other supernatural beings beside you lycans, vampires and demons etc. I know a few hybrid Drens i am one myself. If you guys want to know more my email address is ….

      randomweirdo22 [at] hot-mail [dot] com – remove the – between the hot & mail

    57. hmm tempting , but i have a thing with demons who like attention, u see i once met an attention demon at 11 pm , lurking in the streets waiting for a victim, called whores -.-

    58. ok thats exactly what i mean by attention whores, whats the point of ur comment dude? that u like werewolves or hate em ? and who is the ahole ? u ?

    59. so vampires CAN get along with werewolves? i always wondered, in my city they won’t though. there is always some gang war between them, last weekend, two werewolves found sucked out and thrown on the street like normal wolves. such a shame. i bet soon i will hear about some bitten vampires soon.

    60. You vampires and werewolves have no respect for mortals. I guess I respect mortal so much is becasue I am part mortal as well as demon.

      What use is it, this elixir of immortality, to one who floats in tears because she cannot meet him again?

    61. Cassie .. sorry rules are rules, U need to be a virgin in order to ask to be one

      Sylvaky …. Mortals are the bad part of it all , being half mortal is being 3/4 lame !
      and the one who floats in tears met him again !!

    62. sometimes immortals disgust me you think you own the world so what if you have supernateral powers and you live forever. have some respect for each other

    63. Now thats slightly ignorant of you if were were all vampires that mean our food would die as well. think about it theres got to be a balance no to many vamps or not to many humans even if the are slowly destroying themselves. but if there were to many vampires they would all would want to feed. first it would be slow then it would be faster the more of there are of us the more food we need any then when there were no more humans we would have to feed off of animals and we all know their arn’t that many animals in the world (stupid humans killing off the secondary foodline).

      P.S. i am not a demon, i am a DRENA

    64. ok i was just wondering, is it freaking possible to become a shinigami??? my friend is obsessed with becomming one, but his parents say they arnt real and that u cant become one. the only way i know someone can becomes a shinigami is from commiting suicide but other than that …i dont know

    65. The problem with us vampyre lies in the fact that we cannot go outside because we seemingly glow in the sun. I for one wish that an elder vampyre would make a system so that we may be out in the sun. Werewolves also smell, well im sure we all smell differently due to our gustatory senses being stronger but I dont understand it exactly. I want to be able to get along with the Werewolves.

    66. you can’t become a shinigami that easy. you need to lead a specific way of life, then suicide in a ritual ceremony.

    67. if the above rule apply to u, please contact us, your death will be swift, and you will wake again to walk the land of the dead

    68. If we had an ignore list addon on these forums I’d have it filled to the max already. Why does everything has to be colored in some random shade of stupidity whenever you’re not looking?

      Read the freaking rules,
      If you don’t like them then buzz off
      If you do like them and they apply to you post here
      If you feel you’re too funny and want to post anyways I’ll be sure to find you and tea-bag your face

      And btw, werewolves are stupid and so are hybrids, only vampires last forever

    69. who are we to decide that? who gave us the right? vampires may live for eternity, but then wouldn’t you be doomed to a lonely forever.

      i heard one of your kin was kidnapped ny some wacko. I really hope he doesn’t dissect her. I tried to help but he has found some sorta way to repel me.

    70. Oh my gosh who like those sexy creatures of the night?! Vicious, hulking wherewolves are way better!!! Vampires are scared of GARLIC, CROSSES, MIRRORS, AND LITTLE WOODEN STICKS!!! You see a vampire, just blow the scent of that garlic bread you had for lunch in their arrogant face and they’re GONE!!! Where as the slobbering, flesh eating, mortal, flea infested WHEREWOLVES would just bash your head in, spending no time fussing over making two, tiny, PERFECT holes, and eat your stomache out, eating the half-digested garlic bread for DESSERT!!

    71. W”H”EREWOLVES are imaginary creatures I’m afraid. If you were refering to werewolves then I’d have to add that they are having serious schizophrenia issues to go through.

      As for vampires, where exactly did you get the idea that they’re scared of garlic, crosses, mirrors and little wooden sticks? I’m taking a wild guess and assuming it’s some Buffy the vampire slayer or the other similar crap. Well, there are stuff that Mr. Wiki can’t tell you about. I certainly would like to see you remember that you had garlic bread for breakfast and then actually remembering to blow the scent of it next time you encounter a vampire. Fear = adrenaline = the most delicious blood.

      As for the cross, I wonder what jews use as protection from vampires.. A star?

    72. Does anyone know anyone who could possibly “change” someone? This is vital information to me, as I have been wanting to become a Vampire ever since I was little. I always knew something wasn’t quite right with myself, and I’ve finally pinpointed the source of the discomfort in my early childhood and teenage years.

      If anyone can, or knows someone that can, please e-mail at

      Thank you.

    73. what i find so funny about humans is that for the past 2000 years humans have not changed at all. they are still primitive and violent and so indecisive. but then again it is their nature. don’t you agree?

    74. What the Fuck “us” vampires and werwolves are almost the same we both kill for blood (tecnically) I know one of my best freind is a werwolve once he tried to fucking well kill me he and she (he had his sister with him) well lets say the bloodie well kame off FUCKING second best the next day they were dizzy and lookin a bit pale most of u can guess what hapenned HAHAHAHA

    75. ok HAIL Zyly !! atleast someone has some brains around here! i’ll pay u 5g for each vamp asshole u willing to exorcise from our beloved mafia

    76. Please turn me any one in London, Kensington area (in UK).
      Please email at:
      By the way i think i am turning by myself cause blood is v. tasty and i dont like the sun so much … lucky i live in london !!!!!!!!!!

      Catch me if you can

    77. WTF. u people should be asking us where we live as well to make life easier. And never trust us

    78. lol if anyone here is actually a supernatural beastie, then why not do something interesting? spice up our mediocre world with a lycan on live TV or a vamp nibbling the neck of a live broadcaster! time to get some class lads, do something interesting, do something exciting, do something different. rofl i think there is a distinct lack of class and creativity amongst the supernatural community, surely one of you have the balls to live a little.

      no wonder humans are the dominant life form!

    79. oh and why not allow my comment through? spice up your notice board! allow some passion into this dullish convo =)

    80. well either way i agree that vampires deserve a multitude of respect and fear at the same time and i feel that the term vampire is as derogatory to an immortal as the word b**** is to a woman.

      and as for the invitation aspect, I invite you all into my home.

    81. all of you guys are just wanna be’s. think about the after affects of being a vampire. you have to have a good reason to want to be one. not just to look better or to be a creater of the night. me? I wouldn’t mind being one, but only for power and the courage that comes with it.or if i was on the verge of dying. Think alittle you idiots. You guys are probaly in your 20’s and 30’s talking about this shit. me? 16. gender? dosn’t matter. you guys would probaly invit any vampire ino your home just so they would cahnge you. guess what? most of them won’t. they will just drink you dry. all of you guys are idoits. I hope you sie by a vampire painfully because you were a idoit and let a vampire drink your blood.

    82. I would really appreciate a good mentor that could give me some insight on the life of a vampire and maybe, if i find appropriate, a chance to join the life of the vampire. Thanks. Please contact me at

    83. Wow, how depressing, no one in this supposedly supernatural community was even intelligent enough to completely shit upon me for my previous comment.

      its obvious why no supernatural beastie will ever be captured on TV or allow him/her/it’s self to be exposed to the world… Because it would result in a war in which they, the predator or their food (yes thats us, humans) will be eradicated. Lame reason not to entertain us really.

      Haha it seems there is actually someone with slight intelligence on this site now, XxXDeath_AwaitsXxX, besides the fact that you genuinely seem to believe that vampires exist even though you’re 16, which is kinda weird. i agree with you that its distressing how many people would want to become a vampire for such outrageously stupid reasons. personally i would become a vampire for two reasons, an educational experience, in that ill get to see how the whole earth saga plays out and simply put… for fun.

      As for getting killed by a vampire if they did exist, that would be one hell of an interesting death, so… why not, bring it on! what a laugh that would be.

    84. XxXDeath_AwaitsXxX Said in Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008 @8:29 am all of you guys are just wanna be’s. think about the after affects of being a vampire. you have to have a good reason to want to be one. not just to look better or to be a creater of the night. me? I wouldn’t mind being one, but only for power and the courage that comes with it.or if i was on the verge of dying. Think alittle you idiots. You guys are probaly in your 20’s and 30’s talking about this shit. me? 16. gender? dosn’t matter. you guys would probaly invit any vampire ino your home just so they would cahnge you. guess what? most of them won’t. they will just drink you dry. all of you guys are idoits. I hope you sie by a vampire painfully because you were a idoit and let a vampire drink your blood.

      I agree completely with the above statement, but i never said i wanted them in my house to turn me, I would rather not speak about my reason for the open invitation. Perhaps i simply wish for what all immortals wish for…a companion.

    85. PT Said in Monday, May 19th, 2008 @2:18 pm lol if anyone here is actually a supernatural beastie, then why not do something interesting? spice up our mediocre world with a lycan on live TV or a vamp nibbling the neck of a live broadcaster! time to get some class lads, do something interesting, do something exciting, do something different. rofl i think there is a distinct lack of class and creativity amongst the supernatural community, surely one of you have the balls to live a little.

      no wonder humans are the dominant life form!

      in response to what you said, humans are only a “dominant” as you say species in regards to the fact that they have free will. should a human decide not to follow a simple rule such as not going out in daylight you would still live to see a ripe old age but then you can do a lot of things that other species can do….die for one.
      enjoy your life and remember

      “we are always watching”

    86. oh i am enjoying my life, it truly fantastic to live in this day and age, the social game is phenomenally fun after all.

      but what you seem to be indicating is that humans are NOT the dominant life form… how can this be? when humans do not need vampires, but vampires require humans to survive.

      also, if humans did discover any supernatural animal (dont get angry humans are animals too, im not being derogatory) we would exterminate them… not for any rational reason but because most of the world is retarded and would kill them out of fear. its depressing really. no one and nothing could stop several billion humans, they would tear down everything and everyone in their path, gotta love that passion =)

      and ok if you are watching, (which is exactly what i would do if i was a vampire,because im infinitely curious about how humanity will proceed.) Are you capable watching and finding me? i strongly doubt it although i truly recommend it, it would be quite a laugh for you, probably slightly educational too =D

    87. Yes actually i could if i truly wanted to but as i dont very much like the taste of human i think ill stay away for now, but i could perhaps be persuaded to visit if you were to continue to be a fly on my nose

    88. haha wait wait, i wasnt offering my neck to be nibbled upon, i was simply curious as to whether a vampire could actually find someone using their abnormal talents, after all, finding one person amongst billions would be rather difficult, no?

      After all, im not sure whether i would want to become a vampire just now, im enjoying myself too much =)

      But by all means come have a peek at me, i mean, you have an eternity to fill up dont you? =) Say hello and prove the existence of the supernatural, im sure my reaction would be hilarious, educational and most likely very irrational. Also, perhaps if you look like an interesting enough character i’ll choose to convince you to turn me into one of you, one day, an unlikely event considering how much fun being human is though =)

    89. and how would i be sure that if i were to, as you say, drop in and say hello, that you would keep that existence a secret? and trust me i do not “nibble” humans. i have learned that most human blood has gotten weak in the last hundred or so years from genetic alterations. i have males whom i drink from but they are all vampires so your neck is quite safe mortal

    90. Why would i want to reveal the existence of a supernatural race? it would just mean a shit load of hysteria as the stupid of the world form angry murderous mobs and the religious preach sermons about how you are an abomination yet, again forming a mob of idiots carrying wooden stakes and eating garlic bread. i would gain no benefit from telling the world, just a shit load of frustration.
      and anyway even if i DID tell people, it would not matter, i would just join the line of loonies who claim to have seen jesus in their coffee mugs or have been abducted by aliens. no one will ever believe the existence of the supernatural
      (i dont even really, im simply humoring my childish desire for something slightly out of the ordinary) if there is even a minutely plausible explanation available.

      As to our blood becomming weak, haha it probably is isnt it? in the age of inoculation and preventative medicine its probably full of funny things. =)

    91. You are the first mortal who has made me laugh in a long time. Perhaps I should like to grant your wish one day. Mayhap I shall enter a dream of yours and introduce myself. That way you would not have to worry about being placed in a sanitorium.

      As for angry mobs with stakes and torches, if you ponder it for a moment, a stake or torch would kill even a mortal, so how would one know if it was truly the vamp they killed?

    92. dunno, you might burn up in a flash of ash, explode or shit knows what else, im not much of an expert after all, if i were to become a violent mobster my plan would be just leaving the corpse out until the sun comes up… if it doesn’t get burning then… well there would be a large influx of people needing psychiatric aide… haha i can imagine a VERY swift eradication of the goth fashion trends.

      As for getting put in a sanatorium… meh i’d take my chances in a physical meeting, im confident my sanity could handle it, if not well at least i wouldn’t have to worry about my chemistry exam on Monday =D and at least i would know whether or not the laws of physics can be bent or not. good fun.

      dreams are too… i dunno, random, its too easy to dismiss dreams as just that, a dream, and SHIT do i have some whackey dreams haha. do vampires dream?

    93. i have killed many vampires and will not stop i am here to let you all know that i am coming because the lycans have the upperhand the war is not coming it is here and iam happy to let anyone know that i will rip all vampires apart dhampir or other wise if you are a vampire in washington you will be hearing from me shortly because i have a necklace of fangs and i want more i would leave the state as fast as possible if i were you because im leading the war on undead in washington and i will find you

    94. dearest PT:
      i am not a he….and how can i get bored when i have nearly an eternity to play pranks on mortals?

    95. dearest the black and mighty:
      Why should a vamp be afraid of you? you say you lead lycans, well lead your mangy curs to my doorstep. it has been a long time since i feasted on fleabag.
      Secondly, a true lycan leader would never have warned the vamps first. More likely you are a slayer…so tell me who was the vamp in your life? Who hurt you so much that you feel the need to destroy a species of human?
      Ah well enjoy your vamp killing spree, im sure that we will all be informed when a vamp family destroys you.

    96. bahaha “the black and mighty” that name is a bit theatrical dont you think? how embarrassing, show some reservation please before everyone starts laughing at you.

      but then again there are only 3 people commenting in this blog aren’t there… so everyone is already laughing at you.

      ok enough of being a douche, cant help myself sometimes =P

      hrrm Bloodbaby the female vampire i suppose the name is more fitting now isn’t it?
      This makes things quite interesting actually =D As i had a dream about a female vamp the night after you offered to visit my dreams, was that you? or just my subconscious having some fun?

    97. haha sure thing, basically i got bored, found this blog, and then started taking the piss because everyone seems so melodramatic and theatrical but without and sort of fundamental style or class, something im sure any supernatural beastie (if they actually exist) must at least possess in minute amounts =P

      then bloodbaby and i got chatting about a few diff things until finally she offered to say gday to me in my dreams, which would be quite interesting, now im seeing if she really did (which would be a fairly groundbreaking experience for a non believer like me) because i had a vamp dream that very night (how spooky!)

      welcome back to the convo =P

    98. Interesting comments on here. *smirks* Any Vampires want to talk email me at
      I want to keep this formal. No RP, no fakes. Honor the Black Veil, and we can talk formally I do not like to be crowded with short minds. Email me quickly.. time must not be spared.
      Deepest Regards: Dezsiree.C

    99. ok one vamps are betre the lycans 2 power is nothing with out the will to use it three vamps are famous for there ability in controling those of a lesser intlect 3 the only real intlect a lycan has in there wolf state is there primal sense so a vamp trumps lycan every time

    100. Very funny PT, i have not left yet. i am trying to make it truly memorable for you so i intend to wait for a blood moon.

    101. I’ve always wondered what a blood moon was, either way it sounds wikid(and pleasantly theatrical =D). I truly cant wait cos life is a bit dull atm… exams are starting again uhhg. I feel like traveling.

    102. a blood moon is simply when the moon looks like it is “bleeding” i believe that most today call it a harvest moon

    103. ahh the penny drops now, sounds like fun =)

      so tell me, what do you do to occupy your time? i mean you have a couple hundred years at least to burn, what do you fill it with?

    104. the moon has a moon rise and a moon set just like the sun, so technically you can see the moon setting and it will be orange/reddish, so here it goes ur blood moon.

      u might not be able to see it every night, depending if the moon set occurs during the light hours or not, but if you see the moon, every 30 minutes check it out, it will keep going down till it bleeds.

    105. Well this has been a very intresting and hularious read. I mean really i haven’t been this entertained in months. Anyway I stubled across this by trying to find ways of become a vampire(yes i know it probably gets annoying of person after person asking). I can’t really find the rules to your acceptance thing but yeah anyone could tell me yeah that would be awesome. Acually i don’t really care if its a vampire werewolf or anything i just want to get out of this boring existance of a life. Don’t give me that crap about that the vampire will just come and suck my body dry because well it would sort of be a relief know whats real and not in this life. Don’t really care about dieing and if i do just lifts a lot of worry off my shoulders. I don’t know if any of you are want a bes or anything like that i just want the straight truth and to hopefully if its the truth that i want(become a vampire) then ya i would accept it easily. So if there is anyone vampire werewolf whatever that would be great. Just respond to this comment if your willing. If not that just means i just look somewhere else.

    106. why u r bored from ur existence? what do u do and how old are you? tell us more about ur so called borning exitence

    107. lol well i just can’t find anything that can occupy my time anymore used to be video games but now i have lost intrest, been looking but theres not much to do in a small ass town that i live in oh and yeah my age is 17

    108. u should screw some girls or guys, or animals, ur choice

      but com’n 17, live your life. do nothing, that what i love to do the most. i am 22, don’t go to parties AT ALL, don’t drink AT ALL and don’t even can have a girlfriend AT ALL (forbidden) and i live in Charlottesville, VA. what do u think i do in my free time? and i would like to mention that i moved last month so i don’t have any friends to hang out with yet. but i don’t want to kill myself … yet.

      video games is a big part of my life, but having a boring life is much much much much much better than having a bad life. i don’t want to have drama in my life, boring one is better.

      why don’t you go to parties / hang out. get trashed every now and then. aah, u r a minor, but still, go dancing, bowling. you know, now, call your friend and go bowling. and plan a weekend to go to play paintball.
      what did ya use to play on video games?

    109. hehe i never said i wanted to kill myself just saying if i was dieing it would be like sure why not. I wouldn’t lie down and die just if i was then yeah. I acually do go out and do shit with my friends but the thing is it doesn’t really have any fun to it, maybe there is but it dies down really fast. Yeah drinking would be fun and all my brothers friends say i am funning when i had a few. Don’t do it too often. As for the chick thing yeah that would be great if i got a girlfriend but i am not to great on getting with them, dont have a shit load of experience in that field. As for life well as i said in a small town like mine theres not a shit load to do for people to do around here beside drink, smoke, and get high. As for me i am only into the drinking part. Even if we had shit like bowling and stuff like that its not what i want. I want to be able to run hella fast, to feel things fly behind me and acually see that and say shit. Ya people play paintball here its just the fact that the only way to get paint is in reno which is an hour and a half drive. With gas up as it is we rarely go. Its just the fact that i have always wanted to be more that human and from what i want everything just seems not as good. Reading takes things off my mind and takes my boredom away but well i start to run out of shit to read. It would bring me the greatest joy to be able to run and jump great distances in seconds. Strenght would just be a perk. Yeah i’m 17 and i got a life to live just the thing is i can’t find anything to really live for. it sounds sucicdal and probably is but it doesn’t mean i am going to off myself. I just feel like theres more out there and i just need to find it. If theres pain to getting what i want then thats my problem no one else, i just need to know how to get to that point. When the pain starts then thats my problem. If you tell me theres no way, it just means that my mind will search for the answer in other places. Trust me i have thought about this stuff for a long time because i have had the time to.

    110. hows this buddy, instead of reading/playing computer etc, do weights and play sport, even if you’re shit at the whole physical thing the benefits out weigh any embarrassment.

      think of it this way, you go out and see a bunch of girls, and they’re fat and you dont understand why the fuck they dont just eat less and exercise more… muscles are the male equivalent, girls go for the muscley douchebag types, not the weedy nerd, plus, with increased body image you gain self confidence and as a result your life seems more fun, things get easy =)

      one more thing, alcohol is good =) even if you dont drink much, it acts as a social catalyst. Oh and partys are better, even if you cant be FUCKED going out and you know you’d have a much better time chilling at home, choose to go out, network, get yourself recognized in your social circle.

      Basically just remember life is one huuuuge game, the greatest game available… and you have to play it if you want to get anywhere. its great fun =D

    111. see, apparently i got envied, just yesterday my boring boring life got some drama in it, and i HATE it. i draw a grim picture on a black board now the Dean is asking me to talk about it, he even took a picture of that drawing. hopefully it will go alright.

      As super powers, i always wanted telekinesis ( moving things with your mind) i think i will be really good at that. i understand your urn for super power but u don’t have to be that gloomy about it. and there is a very good chance you won’t be able to achieve such power.

      and for girlfriend thing, u said u don’t have much experience, so i got this is the time to get some. walk to a girl (even if you are nervous) and try talking to her. don’t think that i need to get that girl or else, just consider this as practice, so go to any girl, whether you like or not. EVEN if it feels uncomfortable think of it as a character builder, no pain no gain.

      soon u will be 18 and go to college, you have a very good chance to go outside that town u r in and you should be able to have access to many many kinds of activities. aim at a nice located university from now. if you don;t like ur life now, then aim for a better one in a year or two

    112. For Pt i don’t just sit at the computer all day, i do go out and work out, i have a kickboxing class i go to and i lift weights every once and while. I am not trying to sound rude. For slvador yeah i have been trying to force my mind to accept there is no possible way to get what i want. I saw a few people asking and shit, and thought might as well give it a shot. I am not really sure if my mind can let go and even if i get close the thing is almost everyday i will see things that will make me think if only. As i said it just means i am going to search somewhere else. Don’t take it as a bad thing quite a few people who have acually talked to me about this stuff tell me theres no way. I also see why not to many vampires if they are out there talk about it because i see many sites about this stuff and its filled with comments like ‘Want to become a vampire love them so much contact at’ if a vampire acually did comment back their in box would be through the roof. Thanks for the talk didn’t solve much but its still nice to know that there are people out there that give a shit. I’ll probably check in once and a while (still hoping for something more to respone).
      Ps. I have also noticed that the time it says that someone responds is way different than it is where i live, Do you live in Eroupe somewhere?

    113. well i guess good luck searching, if it worked out come back and tell us about it :D. but what you are expereincing is what i call the bad side of day dreaming.

      day dreaming which is awesome ( at least to me). it can really cheer you up and it can really make you happy, but too much of it and you will start to despite life and reality. try to convince urself with reality or search really hard for a vampire or undead person.

      it was pleasure talking to you.

      about the time difference, i actually did comment at 6 am, so i am not sure if you were talking about me, but in general, the admins of this site are from Jordan, so they are 7 hours ahead of eastern US (which is me)

    114. sorry about that i hit the wrong button and it sent what I was typing.

      as for what i do to occupy my time, i tend to break alot of rules. Just in the hopes that one day i will meet my maker, such as that is. This immortal life is not what i chose for myself, would it were in my power, I would not exist. But since it is not, I try to break as many rules a day as I possibly can.

      Also just so you know, I am hoping to visit you on wednesday september 3rd. Good night and good luck

    115. Then why apologize for pressing the wrong button? You aught to break those social conventions! =P

      Hrrrm sorry but i cant really respect the whole breaking rules for the sake of breaking rules thing though, i mean whats the point? just because you’re seen as “evil” doesn’t mean that you have to act that way. if you wanted to meet your maker as you put it (btw im confused as the whether this means the one who turned you or god) how would disrupting other peoples lives help? I just see no benefit in it and it sounds fundamentally childish to me. ( i suppose i have no right to say that since im only 18 though haha )

      As to September the 3rd.
      The fact that you set a definitive date is a massive surprise to me, as i don’t/didn’t actually believe that you are a vampire, the fact that you have however set a date is very interesting =) Its a make or break thing isn’t it?

      very, very interesting.

    116. ok ok look, vampires dont have to drink human blood.They can be ‘vegitarian’ vamps and only drink from animals. vampires are also not afraid of the doesnt burn them it actually makes them sparkle with so much radiance that most mortals wouldnt be able to look away at the extream beauty.Their fangs are poisonous.uhmmm oh they dont sleep at all.the eyes of a vamp change black when they are thirsty or angry/irritated.more copper or honey or marroon when they are content.vampires do not age.they have superior strength, stealth, and could crush your skull by accident if he wasnt carefull. if you have any questions or know a vampire in florida that can turn me.. message me at

      thanx xoxo <333

    117. you are usually not born a vampire unless your parents were but that is highly unlikely.if a vampire finds an either a lost and lonely soul wandering or a body almost dead then he will bite and turn you.the venom in his teeth will cause extreme pain for about three days then you will die breifly only to rise again.mostly not remembering your human past as your now immortal brain takes over

    118. Ahh Bloodybaby, it seems you fail to live up to your word, you fail at what you claim to be. What possessed you to even pretend?

      How boring

    119. when humans do not need vampires, but vampires require humans to survive. (PT)

      Look at it this way if one was to think that humans do not need us is a something to laugh at.

      Of course they need us, humans are animals and therefor breed like animals. they need us to keep the populations down. Because without us they would over load the planet and kill their species.

    120. perhaps… perhaps not, i think disease does that more efficiently than “you” ever could. Also, if what you claim is correct then you’re doing a pretty shitty job at it arnt you? i mean the world is overflowing.

      also i think its funny how you imply that vampires aren’t animals, you obviously have a massive ego.

    121. besides, when too many humans exist, a war in inevtible, therefore we have our own system of human reduction, we don’t need you, and never will. unless some aliens attacked, then u might be a good decoy.

    122. i guess do to the fact most teenagers hate their lives so much that they r willing to believe in this substitute life. i really think this is a facot why vampires are the most searched term online (this fact i am not sure of, i heard it somewhere)

      but really, people hate their lives so much they want another one. people used to day dream about super powers, but that too far fetched, vampires are easier to believe in

    123. hmm im on the borderline of believing if vampires are real or not.. its just that there is to much prof leading towards they don’t excite then they actually do.. but then again alot of things that seemed impossible well.. wasn’t (Aka the world being round when every1 thought it was flat) So i am willing to leave it open as reality.. but for now it goes under myth.. Anywho if you want to contact me to prove my wrong its…. or just do it on this thread =P

    124. I suggest everyone of you to live as a normal human being. Believe me, living as a vampire is not as good as it is in those films, many vampires want their mortality back and live as a normal being. They’re actually suffering from their vampirism disease, and you should know that vampires need to feed from other people’s blood to survive. Do remember that it wouldn’t be comfortable to live as a parasite that must feed on others to stay alive….

    125. Some one please email me as soon as
      i dont know whats happaning to me
      i cant see during day and i get head aches.

      lately ive cried cause i want blood.
      and im scared idk whats going on. (NO JOKE PLEASE REPLY)

    126. lol no chance of any proof, it seems like all supernatural creatures (if they actually exist) have no balls, theyll rage and flame at you to hell and back over the net but are too pussy to ever do anything

    127. well completely off topic of vampires i was wondering if anyone knows what this means ‘Se che pliano nutanni ana.’
      Some random person texted me it and its a random number have no idea whos. Just very courious to what it means and all the translators i have tried are useless.

    128. Hello my fellow humans.
      I was once like you guys.
      But now i’m no longer.
      I am a Vampire.
      If you wish to be bitten contact me
      My Wish is you’re command-
      I’m glad to hear so many people want to become like me.
      message me at :
      Thank You. Farewell. Talk soon

      — X-Bitten-X

    129. lol akasha there is no way you could actually believe that

      A) x-bitten-x is a vampire.
      B) that if vampires did exist, they would accept your competition.
      C) that he isnt actually a 14/yo overweight pimply geek, using this forum to boost his dwindling ego.

      yet again i say, ur a wanker x-bitten-x, stop giving other people false hope to boost your ego. yes you may have been bitten, but that was by a mosquito, not a vampire.

    130. i think what he says, IF they exist, they won’t be blogging. He is undecided whether they exist or not

    131. Vampires can not exist, at least not in the cool, suave and sexy sense. perhaps one person in a trillion trillion is unable obtain some certain enzyme or whatever and so they’ll need someone elses blood to support them, perhaps… As to psy-vampirism… all humans need social contact… some just need it more than others.

      And so, why would anyone with that affliction POSSIBLY offer to pass it on, its like saying, “HI, i have HIV, want some?”

    132. what if vamipirism is a cult? or some mental disease. After watching some movie, u get so obsessed that you start drinking blood and start believing that sun can hurt you … etc. maybe then u would like people to join you because u will actually believe that u are a vamipire.

      The mind is a very freakin powerful thing, my proof of that is the placebo effect (it is when u actually believe in something, then it will manifest physically to you. Like if you really believe that if you ate a tomatoe u will be sick, then u will actually get sick from a tomatoe)

      if vampirism is a cult, then it can be obvious why they would like to recruit new people, just like other cults do.

    133. Yeah… but thinking you’ll gain superpowers and catch on fire in the sun if you drink blood wont make it any more possible. No matter HOW strong the power of the mind, you are NOT going to spontaneously combust because of it.

      Also if you become a vampire just by joining a cult then it becomes a title, not a physical condition. It would just be like becoming a christian, buddhist or muslim, you’re still human but you have the privilege to believe in something.

    134. Yo…
      My eyes r red,like a vamps from reading this freakishly long talk over vamps n stuff.ive neva seen a vamp or lycan but i have seen demons and a faerie.soooo….nw if demons and faeries exist,does that mean vamps n wearwolfs exist aswel?
      greetings from South Africa

    135. Oh,n i must add.some1 mentioned ppls minds can play tricks on them.i had a friend 12 yrs ago,who was vampire mad,she started physically displaying “vamp traits”her eyes went suddenly very light sensitive.she went2 optometrist n the eye doctor couldnt explain the sensitivity bt did flash a light on her eyes n agreed she was extremely light sensitive.she prescribed pitch blk sunglasses for her.this friend of mine was allowed2 attend school wearing the dark glasses.and that was funny cause SA schools wear uniforms n sunglasses r not allowed.she even wore them indoors.she had a doctors letter,lol.few weeks later her eyes went back2 normal.placebo effect i reckon. D

    136. Thing i have been thinking about. Most people who wants to be vampires are people who don’t like their current lives, but as evidence suggests, i don’t think vampire life is better, or at least not that better. You can’t walk at days, u can’t see urself in the mirror, and even u r not gaurnteed more physical power. so really, what u can do as a vampire that is more fun than being a human? drinking blood?? doubt it. and please don’t say, it is cooler because that is not a useful information.

    137. not if vampires/werewolves are not as cool as people think. maybe they are wanna be cool as most teenagers, then they will brag about it like the teenagers do.

      many shared ur point IdiotHater in previous comments

    138. Hey guys, if you’ve read this blog previously then you’ll probably remember me, and know i was skeptic about the whole vampirism thing, after all its pretty absurd.

      But now i have a story.

      About a week and a half ago i woke up and thought someone was robbing my place (we have hell creaky floorboards and they’re a good indicator) so i grabbed a trolleypole and went out to scare off the intruder… and shat myself (metaphorically) when i saw, not a hunched over cracky like i expected, but rather a fairly attractive mid 20 y/o woman standing in my living room. i didnt know WHAT to do, hah the expression on my face must have been priceless. Never the less i confronted her, by turning on the lights, she didnt flinch, jump or move in any way, or show any surprise or worry that she’d been caught gallivanting around my house at 4:30 am. That was what first piqued my interest.

      So, i said.. “hi”, kinda lame in hindsight yes, but i was at a loss for words at the time. That’s when i realized she actually did NOT have a shadow, which may not sound that big a deal but it was FUCKING creepy, imagine a body without the shadows next to your nose or in the pits of your arms for example, its really quite weird.

      She half smiled and replied, hi, in imitation of me, which seemed hysterically funny for some reason, i realized how ridiculous this situation was, and came to the conclusion that i was dreaming,

      However after a second of looking around, everything was obviously too solid and clear so i decided to postpone reality fro a moment.

      I finally grew some balls and decided to ask, “who are you?” but instead asked “what are you?” a subtle change to a common question which i believe has changed my life. Now she really smiled, as if surprised by my directness, it was an amazing but off smile, something about it seemed too, perfect, like tom cruise’s after he got a fake smile, too white, too clear. But anyway, she replied to me cryptically, “Take a shot in the dark, im sure you’ll think of something” smiling the whole time with those fake looking teeth.

      So i thought to myself, what goes bump in the dark that looks human and apparently has no shadow?

      Oh fuck

      i remembered a person i chatted to on this forum, “Blood Baby” an apparently female vampire who promised to give me a visit after i started taking the piss about her posts… but i decided after a moment that that was a ridiculous idea, blood baby after all wrote with the eloquence of a 14 yo emokid, this woman had a strong cultured voice (from what i had heard at least) and pronounced her words perfectly, the idea of vampire however stayed.

      I finally replied, (a little self consciously i admit, i mean who the hell accuses another person of being a vampire?) “You, are a vampire… or some other interestingly fictional creature” (i fall back upon wit when im scared =p) again, she smiled that too clean smile and replied,


      and then dissipated or vanished or i had no idea what, but this time without creaks or bumps such as those which woke me up.

      Now, i had a situation, i thought i’d actually been visited by a vampire, and i had no inclination to forget it and i wanted to make sure this was reality. So, i went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, turned on the stove, heated the blade and working upon the assumption that if this is a dream it wont matter, ill just wake up, and if this is reality, well it’ll be worth it, i cut two lines, one on the back of each of my forearms.

      Or i planned on doing two, but FUCKING HELL you can not imagine how much it HURT! i mean i’ve had my fair share of injuries, but this was intentional and far more painful for that fact. i wrapped up my arm, took 6 paracetamol tabs and went to sleep.

      The next day i woke up. and yes. there the bloody towel was, right around my left forearm.

      This was very interesting, it indicates that though i might have hallucinated (entirely possible but had never happened before) in all likely hood, last night was reality.

      The day crawled along at a fucking snails pace, but i spent it setting up 3 videocams one in each my bedroom, lounge and study. I also hid an old mobile phone underneath my lounge coffee table ready to hit voice recorder that night.

      Night came, and i spent it on the sofa in the lounge, waiting, waiting and hoping that the impossible would yet again occur.

      i was not disappointed

      at 11:35 she came, im not sure how, but one moment, empty boring room, the next there she was there, draped arrogantly over a lounge chair, holding my three videocams and with one eyebrow cocked.

      Yet again i thought, “oh fuck”, and then, “what if she wants to kill me for trying to get a vid”… then decided, fuckit shes a vamp she could kill me as cattle anyway, and i nudged the activate button on the voice recorder with my toe. she didnt notice.

      i apologized for the video cams and then said, “well you couldn’t expect me NOT to at least try to catch you on film, i want proof, after all this is pretty nuts”

      To this, she replied cryptically again, “no, im flattered, usually people go hysteric, or refuse to believe in things they cant explain, but it is you after all isnt it? i expect it”

      What the hell was i supposed to say to that, was that a complement?

      We sat, staring each other down for a few minutes, me trying to puzzle out what the hell was going on, and she, well who knows.

      i then thought to myself, “well fuckit, if i die i die, i want to know what the hells going on, if she doesnt like it, screw her, shes a vampire she has thousands of years ahead of her, she’ll get over it.” and then, suddenly she laughed, staring right in my eyes, she laughed, and i remembered about the whole mind reading thing, and subconsciously made sure i didn’t think anything about the phone recording this entire convo, but decided instead to confront her.

      “so Mrs Vampiress, super-speed, mind reading, what else? laser vision perhaps?

      she replied by saying, “miss”

      i was shocked, was she trying to flirt with me? What the FUCK was going on.

      so, with my temper getting the best of me, i said “well, explain, im not in the mood for flirting, are you here to kill me? turn me? or are you just taking the piss?”

      to which, she replied, “well, i did have my hopes, and you just passed every test, not that i doubted with what i’ve seen in your mind… such a strange mind.” she went silent and i decided to let her break the silence, fortunately i didn’t have to wait long as she spoke, saying “now you have a choice” and went silent, this time i couldn’t help myself, “oh and what are those?” She replied “you’ve already stated them”

      “kill me? turn me? or are you just take the piss?”

      “well” i said “death is no option for me, i have too many things to do, and i’ve always wanted to see how the human race turns out, so fuckit, turn me”

      she smiled, wider than before, and i noticed that her canines were no larger nor more sharp than anyone i had ever met, and then, she was on me, and i got a far more intimate view of her canines, as they, cracked? split? im not sure what really happened, but the one i could see split down the center (long ways not through the side, and an incredibly thin tooth, almost razor like in appearance projected downwards, i remember very little after that except i remember she was very warm, and i was very cold and i could hear my heart in my ears, and i realized i was dying, and nothing, nothing can prepare you for that.

      I fought, i heaved i hit i tore at her arms as they got tighter and tighter and her mouth sucked harder at my neck, and though i felt no pain i knew she was stealing my blood. but i realized, wait a tic, she’s turning me, roll with it, and if you die, well you’ll to busy being dead to worry about ti wont you!

      so i stopped struggling, calmed down, and tried to fall unconscious as the pain began. it felt as though every minute blood vessel in my body was being torn out of place, towards my neck, it felt as though someone had put red hot dust in my arteries and veins instead of blood, and i would melt from the inside out. it was terrifying.

      i must have blacked out, because suddenly the pain was gone, and i was in the sky, supported by the ever mysterious vampire woman, and i felt strong, so insanely strong, and though my vision was normal, i could “see” everything, or more precisely, i knew what was where and i knew its size and relationship with its surroundings. It was beyond amazing.

      And now i must stop telling you guys all of this, because she tells me that telling you this is not allowed, but i suppose i feel too invincible to even imagine dying now, although Chanique tells me that is entirely possible, for Chanique was her name.

      Benign as this story has been in detail, (for i cant actually remember any real details about the “test” or the “turning”) after my laughs at the hopeful idiots ive seen on this page, i feel telling you was the right thing to do. if not to educate, but to inspire, and to tell you what i think the “test” truly was, i think it was a test of humanity, i think only the most intelligently compassionate, and clearest of vision can get noticed, but also, you must be willing to live as a human, have a career, have a life and LIVE it, dont hold back, don’t bitch and hope for more, and be yourself.

      Believe or disbelieve i’ll leave it up to you, but know that i really can not tell you details, not because i dont know more, and i do, but because it would be wrong. some of you will understand, some wont, but thats the first real test isnt it?

    139. Hey PT,

      grats on your turning, and if not, grats on a lovely story, both ways is nice.

      you live by urself? and how old are you? and where do you live?

      and does this mean you will stop coming here? and what happened to the voice recording? can’t you cut some part of it and share it? just share a part you already mentioned, like the kill me, turn me or take a piss.

      So what will happen to you now? can u still work and do things like a “human” or that is not an option any more?

      Waiting your reply

    140. If vampires actually are real then how come they mention it all in public, arent they supposed to keep it a secret from humans?

    141. Hey, i should still contribute occasionally to this blog, im trying to learn Latin atm, Chanique recons it’ll help me learn most European languages so im on the computer a lot (hooray for e-lessons =/)

      As to the recording, sorry but no, it was a stupid and childish thing for me to do and i regret it immensely.

      holy shit i sound like a wuss hey

      i need to get out more haha

      Oh one thing i’ve noticed about the vampiric community is that they looove rules, seriously i always imagined the whole anne rice, lone vampire thing… its more like the godfather ha

    142. Okay so I spent like a half an hour reading these posts…I was looking because well vampirism has been a dream of mine since childhood and though I do not prance around wearing fake fangs and pretend to be a prisoner of the night…I do have an extraordinary desire to be a part of that life. Also I have felt it pulling me in for years now…*problem* I’m just a stripper…lol I don’t know any vamps…not real ones…I see the *wannabes* floatin around from time to time…but really…without actually knowing one how?
      I even offered myself as a donor..but then realistically..I don’t wanna cut myself…im not that girl…a true vampires donor does not have to use a razor blade to give them blood…
      So they thought me naive….

    143. I choose not to give out my personal information….as I have seen on just about EVERY vampire website ive searched and am truly not looking for a bunch of bs getting slung my way….in fact….I WILL give my work name and number…but only to the one that thinks I am worth the time it would invest in helping me achieve my goal…selfish? Possibly…or careful…im not one for attracting a lot of attention…only when im at work *coy*

    144. PT u didn’t answer any of my questions besides the tape, give us more info from the “inside” like what facts and fictions known about vampires, what about lycans? any news?

    145. lol i congradulate you Pt it was a very thrilling tale that i really enjoyed. I truly believe your story and i do believe i understand how the turning went on from the point from which she bit you, but sense she asked you not to say i won’t either. But who knows the source i got my information on how it takes place could be false and you have a true account how it went. If you remember me from before i went off searching for vampires and i believe i learned a great deal. No i haven’t been turned into a vampire. I have found out that if, well i shouldn’t say if your story is real because i already said i believe in it, but as i was saying if you did get turned frome what i have learned that is a rare thing, and very rarely done. Sure shows eveidence of your abcense from the chat that it is very possible. around a month if i estimate right. I am glad i desided to check in on this chat again some very intresting things have taken place.

    146. ?? Why is it that people leave names and phone numbers and whatnot on these sites? Don’t u realize that any wierdo could just show up at your door and kill u? Young people of the world, please use your heads!! *the one that thinks logically*
      Most of us have dreamed and even been seduced by the mere thought of being one of the kindred, though I must say that In all honesty….why would they choose you…or even me for that matter?

    147. Well begging seems a bit brash…though finding one to speak with and truly knowing what you are getting involved in….another story. I would, more than anything, love to become a vampire. But im not a child in wishful thinking either. Im in my late 20’s and have a very good head on my shoulders. rough lifestyle i suppose. As intimate as the thought may be…and as sure as I am that I would be worth it, im no too sure ill ever have quie the story that PT does…and believe me, I wish I did. Grats PT. You have succeeded in obtaining the one single lifestyle that most of us can only dream of having…
      I do have my hopes and desires of some day being turned…but again why would anyone choose me?

    148. sometimes i feel sad that this post is the most popular post in this blog because it gives me the sense that most teenagers around the world are depressed and prefer the “vampire” life over their own.

    149. Look demonqueer the very fact the you are so desperate to become a vampire is the major factor that will stop you from ever becoming one. Life really is nothing to be taken for granted and you lose so much by losing life. Vampirism they higher ups have decided is a gift only for a select few who have learnt that, or something else, im still not sure =/ apparently im too “young” to understand.

      Oh hey heres a quick interesting fact, Vampires DO age, but weirdly. Ever seen the graph of a sine wave? Up and down up and down, well vampires are stuck on that wave and depending on loads of factors, key amongst this is passion and inner vivaciousness, basically how “lively” we feel we can vary in appearance about 5 years below to 20 years above what we were when we changed. Kinda cool, one of the highest higher ups ive personally met looked like a 15y/o kid, hell creepy haha.

      But i have to say, im having something of a crisis atm, why the fuck should i study latin? why should i learn all the languages, why should i study microbiology, psychology and pharmaceutics? Or at least why right now?! i have forever to learn it, why do they constantly pressure me to learn it now. Intellectually i can understand it, i mean it gives me something to do, and allows me to actually contribute… but the problem is still there, i want, i NEED to go on a holiday! its strange, ive never felt like this living except now as a dead freak i feel more than ever.

    150. PT, so besides studying, what do u do? do u still hang out at the same old places u did or u look different so u can’t? did ya quit ur old job(if ya had any)? can people see you or that is a taboo? if not, are you reported dead or u can still talk to ur family? tell us about ur “new life” more. describe some “new abilities” and i liked the analogy with cosine wave

    151. leisandra i am not begging to become one. even tho u did make some interesting truths. i am on my way to become one. and i’ve been talking to someone that just might be one to change me. and yeah pt i agree with Slvador Limonis, give us some details. so that i will know what to expect.

    152. Well i did live with my family, in my family home and studied at uni, now everyone thinks im dead, (drowned after drinking and swimming) so it was pretty easy to get out of prior commitments. But it was pretty hard on my parents and sister, but that was one of the prices i had to pay and i don’t want to talk about it.

      But now you have to understand, i cant tell you our secrets. Vampires, although FAR stronger, faster (and in my opinion intelligent) than humans (though the intelligence may be only because we are selected not born) would and could be obliterated by humanity. Or at the very least our lifestyle could be restricted and made very uncomfortable. It is because of this that most secrets are strictly kept secretive =), and the cost of revealing any of these major secrets is punishable by death.

      So instead, I think ill simply tell you some of the more interesting things that happen in my life =) Like this for example;

      I was out clubbing with Chanique and Sam, (yes i can still have fun out socializing with regular people) but i didn’t realize that a good mate of mine was on a euro trip through England Scotland Ireland then to Berlin and Prague…So i didn’t use any sort of visual glamor. Now, as i strolled into a club (which was pretty small, maybe 200 patrons) i look to the middle of the dance floor, and looking straight back at me is one of my best girlfriends from back home. To say the least, she freaked out HARD! You know the whole screaming, drop the glass deal you see in horror movies? Yeah, it happens haha, so i had to bail reeaal quick. Real eyeopener that moment, as it reminded me to perhaps show a little bit of subtlety and always show vigilance. Now you’re probably thinking, whats the big deal right? So ill tell you. If we get caught for certain, we get executed, no second chances. Fortunately with the bad lighting and even worse video cams there’s no way she can prove i was there and so i get to live another day =) Poor girl though i hope she isn’t killed.

      Oh here’s another fun fact i found out recently. Vampires are one of the last of the creatures you guys would call “mythical” that are still around. And also one of the rare rare few who actually seem to have some sort of impossible/supernatural ability. This is not because we were the most powerful, there were things FAR more powerful than any vampire no matter what their age, in fact the vast majority of other creatures were easily stronger. The reason we survive is because we are one of the most adaptable, we can slip in and out of your history without a ripple (besides a few notable exceptions ;P) and also with the loss of land and game (humans are only good food for vampires and a few other beasties) most others have just kinda, disappeared. Haha ok think of it this way, Vampires are kinda like the rodents of the supernatural community =P We can live almost anywhere and breed at a rate unlike anything else.

      But dont take this to mean there are millions of supernatural beasties out there, most are just one off, genetic abnormalities that spring up every now and then.

      And as for “Lycans” sorry guys there is something sorta similar still around, but nothing near the whole “full moon man to wolf” transformation. The creature im talking about is very rare as they are stupidly territorial and kill each other with the slightest provocation. They are neither smart nor capable of (human) speech, and are just kinda like extra hairy, extra large (but very lean) humans with these creepy big eyes and one hell of a set of teeth. I say human, because they’re humanoid in shape though, not because they are anything even nearly like a human. Personally i dont think they have anything to do with the myth of a werewolf, thats just some good old human fiction =)

    153. Oh and by the way, im curious, a lot of you are saying you’ve studied vampires. How are you achieving this? i warn you right now, vampires are NOT Lestat, Dracula or Edward Cullen. These are human made fictional characters. (although a lot of the community sees a few suspect little things in Rice’s work)

    154. Oh dear, well that part about the other mythical creatures out there, well gave me bit of a start because of what i believe is going to happen in 2012, but before i get ahead of myself, how many of those other mythical creatures lke that one you described or just evil, or actually smarth and logical?

    155. what i mean to say is, before they disapeared, how many were complete killing machines and how many were sort of like vampires, smart, and logical.

    156. Few actually survived to replicate, most were kinda one off freaks, but of the ones that have managed to keep going there were maybe 10-15 different types around until about 150 years ago. Now we’re down to maybe 6 different creatures (including vamps) and of those two are just plain stupidly evil, ie kill for pleasure (luckily few exist) three more are intelligent and have no reason to kill humans, vampires will live off humans but with moderation and one other is pretty benign.

    157. That is pretty interesting, i would love to know what those other creatures are but i am not sure if its against the rules to tell me, or if you already stated you couldn’t then i am sorry for asking. Also i am curious if dragons were ever one of the mythical creatures, and if they were, how strong and smart were they?

    158. ah, but besides that i am still terrible curious about the other creatures, but assuming that you didn’t answer it before, it might be off limits to quesiton.

    159. You pitiful creatures. Come and get me if you are. You call yourselfs Antients? You are more of a batman than a vampire in my eyes. Do you, the old one’s remember what Darak said in his deathbed? You fools. There is no war that can’t be avoided. Remember your oaths…
      Children of Night, lycans. I am not your brethen. But also remember your oaths. You were little less than slaves when Darak c’ Bon decided to release you. You sall not attack the Cloacked Council.
      How pathetic can you be… There is no virgent rule. Only if you want to become a Cloacked One and thats olny a matter of princciples. I dare anyone to go against me. I live in No man’s land in africa. I am Known there as Acta Jin. Call me Artum if you see me. You all know who i am. The real one’s anyway. But to find me you have to search for me. It won’t be that difficult, I will make it easy for you. The ones to find me shal recive the Crown de vital. That means that you will be able to live in the sun. How does that looks like?

    160. Listen to me Chaos. What you expierience, IS something to be afraid. You are becoming a rejected…. Do not drink any blood during day. At night you can drink for five months a drop(no more) If you want to become a sacred one. This is half a man and half a Ranartaor. Ranartaors are dragons. They are extinct in the line of animals. I don’t know how you got it. But the treetment is to be kissed by a virgin in fulmoon. It is the only turning that can be reversed. but the most dangerous one too. You have only a 10% of surviving the transformation. It implies a strong will. I have studied personally the last one. It seems to me that he didn’t know what he was.

    161. You know Artrum, your posts would have been far more convincing if there hadn’t been typos in them, but other than that i give you a 10 out of 10 for imagination, and a fairly nice 7/10 for narrative tone (sound like a sanctimonious pawn desperate for attention). I almost wish you weren’t just slinging shit, most of the immortal community lacks the spark of creativity you have. Boring wankers. Oh and by the by, as a point of interest, virginity, or the lack thereof means absolutely crap all and sounds dumb when you try to pass it off as wisdom.

      Oh and as to other funky animals Revolution? we went hunting for the COOLEST one last Friday. (Not hunt/kill i mean track it down and observe it) There were rumors that what we call a Widow was slinking around off the coast of Perth, Western Australia. So a group of five of us travailed over to check it out. A Widow is sort of like a cross between a Jellyfish and some sort of insect, (look SO cool) Basically imagine a two and a half foot long Mantis like creature (but no legs) with a “shroud” or sorta like an enveloping cloak of black fibrous/jelly stuff. It uses the shroud to propel itself underwater and has these awesome big pincers/arms (think mantis) that can slip out of the cloak and grab its dinner.

      But no, we couldn’t find it =(

    162. A widow huh? sounds very cool, i would love to see one of those. I am not sure if i am being to straight forward or to pushy with this but i still would love to learn every supernatural creature that is still out there, or was and isn’t anymore.

    163. i am the child of sage adrie, gp vermaak, a humble vampire of agility and living vampire that needs no blood. I do not like what i see in this chat people saying about werevolves and vamp. we all are the same no one is better than the other we must join in force not suck or crush each other.

    164. Can I ask a question? What game are you talking about? I was searching for some games with vampires/werewolfs and this poped up. Is it a MMORPG?

    165. quite interesting i must say since the last time i’ve been on this website! so how is everyone? you know what everyone is fighting and its incredibley stupid. i agree with sage. everyone needs to join together in hopes of survival and not fight against each other. if we fight against each other then we will most likely just die out and then who will be there to help regular human beings bring good to the world? why kill everyone when we can join together and raise over all? just think of all of the interesting stuff we could do if we all just joined together. if your up for the idea my email is … so how is everyone getting along?

    166. Hahahaha your comments make me chuckle. An attempted informative post descends into forum flaming within 2 posts. Between “Vampires” and “Lycans” hahahaha. A word of advice to you “Vampires” learn to spell and write correctly, you are seriously letting the side down using text speak. What next wearing hoodies and biting old people for their “intriguing taste”. Oh and for you puppies, seriously??? As if you actually exist? Hahahaha

    167. Huh? I just read the whole thing! You are not talking about a game?! You actually think you are vampies??? Go get a life.

      Vampies don’t exist(never had)

    168. Lol guys, vampirism isn’t even a proper local folk legend. It is a medical term about a skin sickness with terible effects because of less melanine than usual, and adiction to blood(mainly little animals’).
      Werewolfs date back to the native americans(Refered to as Indians) and comes from the totems and dances mimicing animals

      Sry to spoil this for you! Maybe forget my comment and continiue playing along

    169. hehe well tell me this, how can you prove something doesn’t exisit if you can’t find proof, as in turn how can i prove something that i can’t find proof for, just because you haven’t ever seen it doesn’t mean it wasn’t ever real or still is, open you eyes and mind a little bit, always question, and always don’t just quite believing in something just because you can’t find an answer to it.

    170. Im wondering how many of you are actully born vampires, like me. I was made as i was made, I crave blood. It’s amazing, Strength,speed, i cant show any of it in public. I guess my faimly knew that i was one of them when i wouldn’t drink milk when i was born. It’s not all that awful being one. There are a whole bunch of vampires in the world, im glad that im not alone. Vampires do age, they do die just not as fast. My grandmother lived to be 100, she looked pretty young. Right now im 16 i look like a 14 year old. My mom is 34 she looks like she is in her twenties. My dad is not one either are my sisters. What a shame. I thought you might want to know a bit about a vampire that was born into the world, one that never got a choice.

    171. srs. Open your mind a little bit. Yes you think that vampires arn’t real. How do you explane me not aging. Incredable strength and speed of a hungry lion. Exacly you cant, my faimly can live up to large amounts of time. We drink blood, we CRAVE blood. If you dont believe. Then you dont believe. Im not just another one of the liars. This is my life, nobody but my faimly knows about it. I just posted my life, I can hear great, being a vampire is amazing.
      Migwitch for reading this(i am a native)

    172. Hi everyone my name is Ronalds and im from Latvia.. I dont care if vampires exist or not like dont care if this world is real or not.. I hate people except that one who i love, but i dont have one.. I hate sun, i better stay in shadows.. I am all by myself.. i rarely fell my emotions.. i living for adrenaline only.. i dont use any kind of narcotics.. i dont judge anyone by there look but by there charasteristics.. i just want know is there any possibility to be something more than human, i just want to be something.. please reply me if not, chat would be nice too.. even if everyone here is normal human beings i felt very good to write down all this thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english..

    173. all of u fakes will die i speak for the true powers of darkness u no nothing with you childish quarrels in ancient time the two son of satan ruled equally half of the kingdom one lycan one blood drinker , the real power is in allinance to rule the kingdom one more to become a pure i have been ordained b zreath the 13th fallen and you would be wise to heed my warning when the time come the imposters will be killed and the true shall reing im am ellriath descendant of morithan of the royal line you will see when the time comes what it means to be one of the chosen

    174. Yes “Hells Angel” you have been chosen to be embarrassingly lame. God, Satan, Ganesh or whatever tickles your pickle has nothing at all to do with, well anything so quit your sanctimonious preaching and write something that develops the conversation on this page.

      Anyway guys, sorry i haven’t been on for a while, duty calls everyone once in a while =)

      Oh and srs, vampirism is a fully legitimate folk legend you berk.

    175. There was a strong link between the werewolf and the vampire. Unlike the vampire, the werewolf was not generally believed to be immortal. It was commonly held that when a werewolf died he was most likely to return as A VAMPIRE. Also, those who were killed by a werewolf were thought to be prime candidates for resurrection as a vampire.

      So im one of the vamps :), 2 bad that i dont have my fangs and im not a real vamp :-<

    176. @hells angel
      ure lame, vamps were “born” in Romania from Vlad the impaler, he impaled ppl , a sharp wooden stik up theyr ass :), the ppl made him “blood sucking”,also he rised taxes ALOT, for the war going on in Romania whit the ottomans :), I’m from Romania, so i know,

    177. oh! That is easy guys! I can open my mind, I actually used to be a believer! But then I just serched for it! I can prove that the story has no original origin and therefor, no chance of standing. As for someguy who told me he is quick and strong, I have a very simple answer! People aren’t as fragile and weak as we tend to believe!

      Living proof, the Olympic Champions.

    178. lol the internet is one of the most unreliable sources to find the truth, i doubt you will find anything that you can base fact and myth on in the internet, so many put up lies and so called truths. I doubt you will ever even find how the world orginated, how everything started, even some elders of vampires and such can’t even go that far back in the past, even if you find a book that is thousands of years old, i really doubt you will find the orgin. Also think of this, humans can’t even find their own orgin, they may have stories, and such, guesses, and lengends from the past, but they, use can’t even really tell our own orgin. So pretty much you are saying sense we can’t find an orgin, we are fake? Though i have to agree with you, humans are not as fragile as some believe, humans i believe are the perfect mix of temptation, good, evil, will, love, life, all the good and bad, mixed into a single being, they may have flaws, but they can’t do so much more than some actually believe.

    179. That is not what I said. I said that i found the origin of the Legend. That even humans are not able to tell their origin is true. But think of this. How come that sush a powerful race exist and being so wise didn’t try to sise control of the human race, to protect the nature, If not for other, darker and more selfish reasons?
      But I agree with you. Internet is not reliable. I found the sickness in medical books!
      Ok Goodnight everyone!
      Ps. I am sorry for my spelling but I am not English, nor American, and I am dislexic too!!!

    180. I just didn’t want to describe it as a legend. I understand that I can’t make you believe what I believe, and you can’t make me believe what you believe! It is one of the greatest flows of humanity afterall…

    181. i am tired of people not beliving in us or disrespecting us vampires where the first rulers and soon we shall be again. as for any werewolves i have nothing against you let us join forces and conquer this planet. many people think we are diffrent but we are not we are almost the same except that you kill to eat and protect yourselves. we, we will only kill to protect ourselves or for vengance. other than that we only suck blood , but let the human live. we are not so diffrent you see so i say again let us join forces to take over this world!!!

    182. Ok firstly Vampire king, you are without a doubt one of the biggest douches and obvious frauds ever to grace this blog.

      Second, the origin of the vampire “legend” does NOT start with Vlad the Impaler in Romania, only Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” a fictional character which gets almost every possible fact wrong.

      Third, of course humans cant find their origin, their origin coincides with the development of rational thought, and that was by no means an instant process, as a result there is no recorded history to trace.

      Fourth, from what i’ve been told by a few of my mates and also by asking one of the higher ups, the oldest vampire that we think we know of originated about fifty five thousand years ago, any before that probably died of starvation before reproduction we assume.

      And fifth, here is a tiny insight about how one characteristic of Vampirism works. Because of recent advances in technology by humans, we vampires have been testing ourselves and we think we’ve figured out how our strength, with no extra muscle mass is so SO much greater.

      Inside each of every living creatures muscle is sort of a limiter to ensure that the muscle will not contract to such a degree that we would harm ourselves, ie pop a joint or break a bone. In humans this “limiter” is set fairly low, ensuring that they
      a) dont injure their fragile bodies
      and b) to reduce the amount of nutrients required to function, allowing sufficient nutrients for the highly developed brain.

      Other animals, Chimpanzees for example have a limiter set at a far higher level, as a consequence they are far FAR stronger than a human with equal muscle mass. The limiter in them is set higher because they do not need as much nutrients for their brains and their lifestile requires great strength, not efficiency like humans. As a result, a chimpanzee’s body will wear out far more quickly.

      Vampires, have had this “limiter” raised to a degree far higher than even a chimpanzee and because of our increased regenerative abilities and high density flesh we do not wear out our bodies or run the risk of breaking bones. Cool eh? I cant wait to find out how the regen thing works!

    183. The muscle thing doesn’t work that way but I can see what you mean. But remember that the muscle will stil tear it self of if you puss it too hard. If you indead exist, then It is fairly possible that you draw your supernatural strength of your mind. People only use 14% of their body’s physical capabilities. And so we use drugs to make further use of our bodies. But a far greater mind would evolve the body into producing the required drug, or withdrow the limitation… But that would shorten the life of the being, since its body wouldn’t be able to reproduce quickly enough the atoms to keep up with the rethm of the body’s changes. But what you say PT is impossible. It would tear the muscle to pick up your wallet. And then again, even If it didn’t do that, you would lose control over your power, propably smassing your own fingers when holding your other arm.

      Also, you refer to human bodies as fragile… Did you know that the human body is the only living organism with the ability to evolve without limit? That means that you can Strenthen yourself as much as you like. Our dna, ensures that our body, given time to evolve, can protect the muscle. Thats why we need huge muscles to have great strength. Because only this way would succed in living the body unharmed.

      Well, whatever. I know that I can’t pursuade you, and you know that you can’t pursuade me! So what the point?

      But with this vampire king guy… He is surely nuts. Say that you are going to take over anytime soon. From what I have read, the most possible to be vampire, Is PT, and decaggreed with you. So say you ARE a vampire… Are you going to quonquer the Nations alone? you don’t seem to have much support…

    184. And regenerative ability wont do any good because EVERY organism in order to heal it self will nead rest. Even for vampires, it would reqire a second! So it will render you unable to pick up your wallet, and will wear you up in an instant, and plus, yo won’t have the time to recover because you would die for not resting enough. The body, will use all the strength that thinks is reqired for doing something. WITH NO POINTER AT ALL OR A VERY HIGH ONE, YOU JUST DIE! So if you do exist, then the solution is in the mind. Try searching there…

    185. Hello I am Thanos and I am a human. I read that you live for ever. How can you stand it? Life is beautyful because it is sort. I realy am sorry that people such as you have to bear the shadows of their past for an eternity.
      Sometimes I wish that the time could accelerate. I am a very sad being full of sorrow. Plz, do not follow my steps imortals… Do not let your love go away. I lost her and I am all alone in this world. Be careful. It will be even worst for you because of the ages you are going to torrment yourself by wondering if you could help if you were there. It is 3:24 right now and I am not feeling well.
      I sometimes think at night of ending everything. But I know it would be selfish. One must endure what must be endured and move on. But I guess I am not so strong of character.

      And now another minuite passes slowly. And then there will be another, and another, and another, until I can finally sleep.

      But sleep won’t always come. And when it does my dreams are so troubled.


      Goodnight everyone.

      I shall wait like this till the night pass, and then I ‘ll put up a fake smile, and walk the road that feels so empty now to go to work. And then everyone will pretend not to notice that I look like a tormented soul. And they will also put up fake smiles and greet me as if nothing is abnormal…

      Goodnight everyone…

      I shall now wait…

    186. Well Thanos, i think you should probably seek psychiatric help because you are obviously dealing with some serious psychological issues.

      Or else, change your life!

      If your life is dull and monotonous, fuck it, change it, choose a new career, go scuba or sky diving, change your look, get a new piercing, write a book, tell a joke and above all HAVE FUN, because that my friend is the true meaning of life!

    187. I think that his problem is that he can’t either despose of the saddness by the death of hs loved one, or that he feels guilty to do so…

    188. Other way, he needs psychiatric help defenatly. But he is right about one thing. Love is the most important thing in the world

    189. Hey, all of ya! If u think u`re a vampire, u shoulda try to sleep more and play less X`box games. Look: if anyone thinks he is some kinda immortal creature, good luck. Go in front of a moving train and find out. I live in Transilvania. I was born here. There`s no such things as vampires, warewolfes or even Dracula. Dracula was just a nickname for one of the most cruel king we had, and his pleasure to kill. He died, and now he`s just dust in a grave (4 centuries past). Nevermind. The point is: no such thing as vampire. Trust me, they don`t exist. Don`t ruine your life waiting to meet one. Just live your life, and when you die, die with honor remembering that u left something good behind. The alternative way is: visit a shrink if u think u are a vampire. When you`ll become, I`ll wait for you to hunt me down and show me the immortal ways of existence:)) what a joke:)) Vampires:)) Maybe you took too much extasy to belive that non`sens:)) i don`t speak english very well, but, all you vampires :)) i would like to hear you speakin` Romanian.:)) Just hunt me, bite me:)) make me immortal:)) what a mess in your mind:)) F*** YOU ALL IMAGINARY FAIRYTALE CREATURES:))

    190. Ts ts ts. I don’t believe in vampires, so if you want ignore my posts.
      But if they truly exist, would they just vampirize every random guy who saw about vamps on the TV and dicided to become one??? o_0
      Maybe you should stop waisting your time and start on with a hobby. Like, I don’t know, collect postcards or something

    191. And why in the world would anyone become a vampy? Living for ever, constantly thirsty for blood…
      First of all, if I were to live for ever I would end up killing myself. I would me bound to get tired at some point!
      And about the blood sucker thingy…
      Dude, why would anyone want to be that… I just wonder. If you think your life sucks, go see a psyciatrist(dunno if spelled it right) or something! Much easier and in my mind, much more succesful!

    192. Haha i like you Theofil! Take it from one who knows, out of anyone here he would be the most likely to actually become a vampire =)

      And btw, PLEASE stop associating vampires with Dracula aka Vlad the impaler… Though the Man “Vlad” was a tyrant from the 1500s, Dracula is a FICTIONAL character invented by a fantasy writer named Bram Stoker. Yes, i repeat it again, Dracula is completely and utterly fictional, as are the Cullens, the guys from the lost boys and that thing from Salems lot…

    193. So then were does this leave us, one can’t pursuade the other about believing if vampires exsist or not, so what now? Are we going to wait for more fake vampires to come in here and threaten us about taking over the world and banding together or more people leaving thier email asking to be turned? what to do what to do. Well i would love to hear all the mechanics of vampires if you would be so kind to find out for me PT i am still very curious.

    194. I sorry if i sounded rude earlier srs, i didn’t really intend to sound that way if i did, all in all your a smart person i would say.

    195. No, not at all(rude). It lives us with no choice but to present our points and live nutural people decide who is right.
      But all in all, I ‘d say that it is a good forum to argue with people who can think (talking about PT, REVOLUTION and THEOFIL)
      It always exites me to have to think to give an answer!

    196. And sorry too for my first time to have posted here. I was kind of mad because someone had ritten that human’s are weak and stupid and swallow(hope i didn’t damage the word beyond understanding(!))

    197. if anyone thinks he is some kinda immortal creature, good luck. Go in front of a moving train and find out.

      My favorite quote! I laught my ass of reading it!

    198. Hey, PT, wanna know something reaaaaal creepy?
      When I was 13 (2 years ago), I used to flirt a girl in my neibourhood who just moved in town. (I am Greek so I do flirt a lot and from a young age, I guess.)
      Then one day she said that she is gonna leave, and I was soooooo sad, because I had i think a crush on her.
      Then I told her that I would come with her(sooooo childish) and she smilled saddly to me and said i am not ready yet.

    199. I never saw her again. I thought she said that I am not ready for a relationship, but I guess i am hopeless. I want so much to believe that vampires DO exist (because I fear what we humans will do if left alone. Not because I want to be one) that I remembered this one time. So, was it a relationship she meant or something more?Well, I guess I hope you will answer yes but i am such a coward! I am afraid of living forever and that’s what i think she meant. I guess I am hopeless after all

    200. Nyxy Said,September 4th, 2008 @10:57 pm
      when humans do not need vampires, but vampires require humans to survive. (PT)
      Look at it this way if one was to think that humans do not need us is a something to laugh at.
      Of course they need us, humans are animals and therefor breed like animals. they need us to keep the populations down. Because without us they would over load the planet and kill their species.

      Then I guess there are no vampires in China, right?

    201. That must be the stupitest comment here! I was running through those posts, when I saw this and remembered the Chinese population.
      Sorry to lighten the mood, but I couldn’t help it…

    202. Ahaha but Srs, like i said ages ago, an influenza or pox can wipe out the population far more effectively than any predator could! The vampire populous would burst like bloated leeches before we made even made a dent. Humans are by nature destructive, when there isn’t enough food or resources (or there’s an economic crisis ;P) humans fall back on the best population control there is. A good new world war. We are our own best friends and worst enemies.

      Vampires are a throwback creature so to speak, something that evolved along side humanity but are inferior to humans due to our one fatal flaw yet superior to humans in almost every other aspect, resulting in something too well adapted to die but too weak to survive alone. That flaw? It is that we are by definition parasites and so need another animal to survive (to an exponentially higher degree than any other animal) and so until we (by riding on the wave of human technology) can produce something synthetic or we burst out with another funky evolutionary perk we will never survive as an autonomous race.

    203. Finally someone who actually knows what would happen if you tried to kill humans. All these want to be vampires say come lets bring down the humans don’t even realize what would happen if vampires came out in the open and started to take over the planet. Humans would panic, it would be chaos and humans would think that some disease broke loose and they would nuke the area. I don’t hate vampires or anything in general but i doubt very much that any living organism can survive a direct hit from a nuke. Its completely and utterly sucidal. The only possible way is by systimaticly getting into the systam, getting into the politics, working your way to the top, taping into their secret agents and what not and controling from with in, but even then its probably gonna be REALLY hard to do, and if you do, you might not even be able to do it. Humans are distructive, they destroy what they don’t understand, but that doesn’t mean they are evil, they have love they have hate, they struggle, they laugh, they talk, they weep, like I said before i believe humanity is the perfect mix of good and evil, they have the temptation to do evil things but they have the capasity to be good people, its just all in the choices.
      I have made a similar speach like this on another site but no one heeded my words. Do not go out into the open, do not revial yourselves to humans, do not go on a killing spree, it will mean the end of your exsistance if you do, its not something like being black or gay, vampires were shown as evil killing machines, so even if your intentions were good when revialing yourself, people will fear you and humans kill what they fear. Though some of, well most of the people saying that vampires and werewolves or lycans if you perfer should team up and take the world from the humans, but the ones who are true vampires or lycans please listen, don’t do it, you will lose, humans are very distructive.

    204. If you people really are who you say you are than can you help me please. A friend of mine is acting strange. He told me that he is a vampire. The last time i seen him he told me i cant be around him any more. I dont understand him, but i want to. He is my best friend. And now he wont even come around me. He just runs away every time i see him. I want to know what is wrong with him.

    205. Vampires nuked? Not a single chance my friend, let me tell you, we the vampires lived on earth ever since it emerged, we were their before any kind of life existed, we were their when the atmosphere was full of CO2 and we were their when the ice ages turned the seas into one huge piece of ice, and we were their when the dinosaurs were alive and kicking, but the very thing that finished the dinosaurs is what has effected us.

      A war against us we the vampires ruptured the empire of Diemus, we were not called vampires then, we were called the old ones, for we were the first kind to rise. We are immortals but a legion of demons descended on earth from the heavens and obsessed many of us; we never thought any kind of life existed out side earth, we were ambushed and most of the other creatures living on earth perished while we were trying to protect it, which explains how dinosaurs extinct, there were other magnificent creatures that perished as well on the battleground that day! But it was only the crocodile and some of the old ones that betrayed us and fought against us!

      Our emperor Diemus, which was the strongest worrier of all, was obsessed by these demons that day and he is now known as the demon of water, because he keeps looking at himself in the water, I think that he is still there somewhere within looking at what had happened to him, but the obsession is so strong that he can’t oppose it.

      In their cursed campaign against us they destroyed the old book we had which I can not talk of what it contained because it goes against our code. We, the survivors of that battle, rehashed the book again, which back then was called vamping (the act of rehashing the book) , and this term is seldom used in English now, and so we were called the vampires. The demons did not know that some of us were still free; they thought we all were obsessed just like the old ones that joined them. Nothing was endangering them so they started to lose their strengths and decay into mortal beings, which are most of the animals that live on today.

      The demons and those old ones that joined them started marrying, and one of the forms that emerged was humans. We vampires do not drink or eat, but these demons used to drink the blood of the perished creature that they killed, and it is still in your mind human, you can not remember well, but you know it with in, so you came up with this idea that there must be a creature that sucks the blood, and your subconscious is feeling guilty so it tries to project it on other creatures.

      At that time we were regrouping and strengthening our armies to finish you once and for all, but as we were going to attack you and as we started showing up around we saw how coward you human were so as honorable worriers, and as the very same book that you destroyed and we vamped prevent us from killing any descendent of our race, we did not, and we forged and alliance with you human that the undergrounds and underseas are ours and the upper surface is yours, and the other animals are free to choose if they want to join any of us.

      But your guilt and fear kept pushing you mad that you started to think we will resurface again and finish you off. But it is you who love to suck blood. Am not kidding, but the very idea of slaughtering other animals to eat was never ours. You took it from you demon ancestors. They even used to suck blood, but your fear pushed you to pan this old habit, and you came with different things later, such as the ketchup, it is not the taste that makes you love it, but because you love blood, although you try to deny it.

      We the vampires will never kill or eat any creature. The crocodile is the only creature that did not change beyond us, so we keep an eye on him, but it seems he regrets what he has done too, so he cries. And the obsessed old ones are ironically enough being called demons now adays, but they are the same ones that lived amonged us before the attack, they are immortals, they and we will never die just like us!

    206. awesome story leader, i LOVED the ketchup part, made me laugh a lot. Interesting info about the crocodile as well, i always thought the crying because he ate too much and he need to get rid of the extra salts and minerals, but what those scientist know, he is crying for regret and for some reason he didn’t forget that, and it is transferred to each new generation. hehhehe but really, loved the story.

    207. على فكرة انا سيلاوي

      بكتب عربي عشان ما يفهمو علينا بس زهقت من كتر ما بتخواتو فاقولت بتخوت انا كمان

      hehehehehehehe x)

    208. Slvador like or not, I do not care, and I do not care if any one else believe this story or not, you humans are just pathatic creatures who believe in things that u have no proof for!

      And this goes for all of you here, like it or not, I just told u the truth, it is now up to u to believe or not!

    209. lol your story would be oh so much more believable if you didnt have that anime pic for an avatar =D

      personally i think my storys are much more credible =P

    210. I told you, u humans are so stupid!

      This is not my avatar, we the Vampires do not use internet, but I am controlling a guy telepathically to make him write it!

    211. Oooh great response, i like you =)

      It’s almost a pity that you haven’t done your homework, if you had read some of the posts on this page before you unwittingly joined it, you would have discovered that i too am a vampire. Except that I’ve decided to tell them a more credible explanation of our creation.

    212. Well I think i will go with PT on this one, a lot more credible, but who knows you might be telling the truth but hell i don’t know if you are or not, like you said humans believe in things we have no proof of, but wait, there isn’t really any proof for the story you have and i don’t believe it, but who knows thats me, but that also proves that not all humans are as stupid as you said, not saying i completely believe PTs stories too, but they are the most credible, and it truly is enjoyable learning things, expecially creatures from him, i have to hand to PT, if he is faking, then he can come up with creatures rather quick, and stories, also it shows that he is smart because unlike some idiotic people who claim to be vampires and threaten to kill the whole entire race, don’t think about that they are killing their food source and be incredibly suicidle. Now PT on the other hand does, he knows that they would kill their own food source, but also it would probably kill their entire race because humans are not as stupid as you say and they have invented some very very deadly weapons. It shows that PT knows all this because his clan or coven knows that too, that they have come to realize what a threat humans are to their race, if you come across a so called self proclaimed “vampire” and say they want all humans to die and want to ban together and kill them, then you can pretty much label them fake, or if they are an acutal vampire, then they are the stupidest vampire alive. Vampires are smart and a true vampire would be like PT at most, but still, i have to be smart myself and not get sucked up into what people tell me because what someone tells me can just be a very smart person having a very bright imagination just fucking with people. I have no proof to disprove him and i have no proof to tell if he is lying, same as with you leader guy, i have no proof to prove you are telling the truth, or disprove you. For now, i will just learn what i can from PT about vampires, even if it is all false, but if there comes a time when it proves true, i can use that knowledge to help me live, it also is very entertaining, so go ahead leader, tell me all about the past, what lived, what happened, were there any great wars, really if you tell is true leader then i am very interested in the past, please tell, don’t acuss just tell me about the past and i will judge what I think i fact or myth, i won’t know if it is or not, but still, it will be very entertaining.

    213. ops made a mistake when i was saying disprove and tell if someone was lying yeah, I made a typo, i ment disprove or prove, oh well, i guess humans can be stupid in some things at times lol

    214. Will as I told you, am not interested in making you believe my story, as it really does not matter because I know its the true one. This is not the only story that you don’t know and have another faked one for.

      Talking about proofs, could pt theory tell you how dinos died and how human race emerged, or why the crocodile cries? and again am not asking you to beleive me. It is up to u.

      PT guy is a demon that thinks him self a vampier, btw, look for the word vamp in a dictionary and see for your self that it have more than a single meaning and that it means reviving an old book. So, PT can u please tell me how did the “vampier” name come?

      revolution, about the past, I can keep telling u about creatures that lived before! but they are like nothing you know today, not even the dino, its very different from the one u see in movies. So, I can not really tell you about how these creatures looked, but non the less, the plant was a very nice place to live in.

      To know how animals used to look back then at least see the ocean bottom fishes and creatures! And also look for Diemus, there has been many sighting of him and describtion too, this can help u to know. And for the creatures that live inside the caves I can not really tell you about how they really look like! because underground u do not use ur vision but but u sense them in different ways that u human can not understand.

      Finally, revolution, we do not eat human nor any kind of animals, nor we suck blood as I told u, when we were preparing to attack them, we thoguht they were all demons, but as it was hard to tell who was demon and who was vampier, and because we could not kill the vampiers who where possesed by demons we did not kill them. And as I told u, not all human are stupid, but the majority, because they live in their demonic side and not vampieric one. The smart live in thier vampieric one!

      Look around you and you shall see things becoming more logical, humans hate any new ideas, because they have to reprogram their lives according to it, but they find it easier to fight back ans stick to their old ideas! And as you look deep inside yourself, u will see glimps of ur vampieric side, and glimps of the past! But as I told u before, I shall tell u again, liked or not, believed it or not, I do not care, because a human and a true vampier are not going to see each other ever! And if you claim that you did, then that would be a demon and not a vampier.

      Revolution it is totally up to u to believe me or believe PT. Freedom of choice and acts are the most significent things u still have from ur vampieric ansectory!

    215. hmm very interesting, that has given me a lot to think about, thank you. Also i would like to add, but I don’t intend to be rude, but you are saying you don’t care if we believe or not, then what are you trying to gain in telling us this, again I don’t intend to be rude, just curious of your motives of telling us this.

    216. Good that u asked Revolution, I am not trying to convince you, but am trying to show you that many of the things you take to be facts are not facts at all.

      When I say I do not care, I mean that it is up to you, and I will not enforce it. But don’t you think that such a story deserves to be told?

      And nevermind, you are not rude, you just need things to be clarified! Which is one of your natural rights!

    217. Thank you for telling this, It is very interesting. The only way i guess when i will figure out which story is real is when I am thrown into the wild chaotic realm of supernatural. But i will most likely live a normal human life with out any interference from the supernatural and die not knowing if the people from the past have told me truth or just liked fucking with me. Oh well.

    218. But revolution, why does it matter whether it is all real or make believe? Its ideas that have power. God may not exist but peoples lives have been changed both for the better and worse by a million different religions over the course of humanity! Now sit back and look at it for a second, our life is just a matter of perspective, the supernatural is only “super” because it is not yet understood!

      I personally think that every animal, every plant and every atom which makes these up is natural and nothing, even vampirism is unexplainable. Every action has a reaction.

      Ok now to address what you have said LotVC. The reason why neither humans nor vampires, nor any other “thing” can tell us with ABSOLUTE certainty how previous organisms such as dinosaurs died out (dinosaurs btw are an immense category, many of which have living decedents) is because those decedents and nothing that any of us have contact with was there to eithe record it or remember it to tell us now. The evidence is all there though =D and i don’t doubt that humans will figure out the answer to an immensely small measure of doubt. As to crocodiles crying… even wikipedia will answer that conundrum =P

      Now LotVC there is one thing you said that has really bothered me, moreover i think its, well, pretty stupid. “humans hate new ideas” How can you possibly validate this claim when you are currently preaching “new ideas” in the form of this blog to revolution? Who i might add, is obviously loving it (onya Revo!). What of the scientists, what of the archeologists, paleontologists, chemists or even the movie directors, novelists, shit even clothes designers! Humans love the new thing, the next big thing and more than anything LOVE to have it before everyone else has it… because then it isn’t new is it?

      Here’s a little gem, in my opinion, the thing which will end humanity will be the day that they figure out the last answer to the last question… because we after that, what is the point? All sentient creatures build up the blocks so they can bash them down again, so they can build them up, to bash down all over again. Its human nature =)

      By the way, you can call me whatever you want LotVC, PT, Human, Vampire, Demon, christ call me Pocahontas for all i care… It wont change a single thing, lol, i am what i am and im loving the shit out of it =)

    219. You seem to miss understand me PT! Humans resist the new theories so viloently that it makes no sense! For instance, eintsiens theories were a source of mockery for him, not untill 20 years later that they started to buy into it.

      What about the revolution theory? in the 1925 a teacher named John Scopes was fined 100 dollers for teaching the evolution thoery!

      Now adays, evolution is the only theory out there about how we emerged.

      Not to go so far, about the global warming! Although there are cutting evidances about it, some think it is just a lie! may be in 20 years when it is 6 degrees above the average temperature we will be sure of that, but it will be too late!

      What I want to tell u from the whole story people tend to believe what they have no proof for and what appeals the most to them!

      About suprenatural life, I think we have something supernatural living within our body, it is a soul of course, liked it or not, it is there! And death is just a transitional phase from this life to another one that we know nothing about!

    220. I think you both are correct, both have a piece of the pie. Humans do embrace new ideas, ideas that are for their benifit, but hate new ideas the destroy their foundation of life that they have built themselves on. Take for example that someone figured out how to extend the average life span from 60 to 70 years to 150 by some new extrodinary formula that is made from a never discovered plant. They wouldn’t care if the plant looked like it was covered in disease, if it was to their benfit they would drink it. Now if you thrown a new idea that destroys thier fabrication of life, then they might not like it too much. Say they come out with undeniable proof that vampires exsist. People would panic, they would be scared out of their minds thinking that a vampire is going to swoop through their window and kill them, all the scary stories they have heard and horrer movies would scare the living shit out of them. Christains would think the apocolipse is here and the devil has sent demons after them. Its something new, something completely different than the lifes they have built for themselves.
      Basicly humans enjoy the new things that don’t destroy what they believe, if you just make their life simpilier, the happier they will be, the more you change their so called ‘reality’ and shove the truth in their face, then everyone just looses their minds. Thats why evolution was hated so much when it was first purposed, it was different, it was pretty much to the christans and every other religion an axe coming in and cutting down everything their life is based on. Its like saying, oh santa claus isn’t real to a kid who is 5.

      Now Pt when you were saying why does it matter if its real or make believe. Well it matters, knowing that there is something different out there, something else than this damned fabrication, its maddening. I can’t help but want it, it probably will never come to me, but i hate the idea of just going to work, going to school, having a family, hanging out with friends, its just. I probably sound like a child more than anything right now, but its just i don’t really know the real reason why i want it, maybe because i don’t want to be stuck working in an office, I want to be part of something more, I want to suffer, not just spend my life just helping our economy move a little close to its stupid logical future, where machines do every damn thing for us. Live life to its fullest, yeah its fun to spend time with friends, have a family, but what future are we pushing ourselves to, it pisses me off because I feel like there is something more out there and I won’t ever be able to see it, even if you die and your soul moves on to another body, I won’t remember a damn thing about this life, or if we die and we are six feet under, the idea just doesn’t fit, when i think about it, it seems impossible that everything in us dies, something just tells me it won’t be like that, but if i go up to heaven or hell, then what the fuck will i do with the rest of eternity? I do and don’t want to die, with death i might get all the answers and know if there is another side or not and i will just be stuck in heaven or hell or six feet under, but if i am just a soul and move on to another body then it is completely and utterly pointless because i will remember nothing. I want to learn all i can but what the fuck is the point if i won’t be ever to share it or not. I lose no matter what. Sure i can do as much as i can in this life, have a wife and kids maybe, but its just this life is all I know, I don’t want to lose it, but i don’t want to sit up in heaven or hell watching the world crubble to its doom, I want to help, i want to fight for out future. I probably just sound like a dumbass teenager who doesn’t know what he is talking about and needs to get his emotions better under control and its just a phase.

    221. in fact revolution, i admire what you said. and it is definitely not a teenager kid would say, they would include the word “cool” and other teenager expression.

      My thinking about this idea through my life is the following

      when i was young, i always wanted to be special, somehow, like everyone else. i wanted to be a huge successful person with everything and being guineas and the strongest man … etc. then at one point i realized that every kid thinks that including my parents, and guess what, my parents and everyone else i personally know ended up to be just an average joe, who live day by day without really affecting anything major. that idea devastated me because i thought, damn it, i will end up normal. i guess revolution you are at this point now, or maybe this doesn’t apply to you.

      now i got over this idea by the following observation, most people around me at my age (22) has lost their kids dreams. many of my friends end up planning a future where kids and getting married is the end of it, very few of my friends who still think they can be something. This made me think that people who stick to their “dreams” or ambitions that probably end up doing something big. why i think that? because when u r older, u don’t just wish your dreams will come true, you start thinking more logically, like if you want to be a millionaire, you start thinking of schemes that can make you a millionaire, so you can do the steps to actually do that. i think i am at that point right now, i think i can be something in this world, and MARK MY WORDS, i will invent something new in the computer world, not soon, but i will eventually.

      Since my thoughts about this changed two times before, i am not denying the possibility that after several years i discover that this is not possible. hopefully not but who knows.

      BUT definitely that is not what a teenager will think, and i agree with your explanation of the “new ideas” theory PT and the lord mentioned.

      last thing, if you went to heaven and lived for eternity, you WON’T GET BORED. people think that if you live forever you are bound to get bored, that’s not true. my proofs, on small scale, you never really get bored of food. someone can counter this with the idea of eating pizzas everyday, then you will get bored of it. but that’s not true because you simply switch to another food, and probably when u r sick of the second food, there is a good chance u miss the first food as well.

      Humans have more of a cycle of boredom, if you kept doing something, the boredom of that thing increase, but if you stopped, the boredom decreases with time till one point you miss it again. and i thought about this, even if we didn’t go to heaven and we were stuck in this world forever, i don’t think i will get bored, of course this assuming that i have enough money to not work, and enough health to do what i want. think about it. if you have unlimited money and unlimited health, you can do many “cool” stuff around the world, and once u finish them all, it would take you sooo much time that you miss the first things u did. playing sports has similar thing, and there is many things that is somehow renew itself. basically any multi-person activity has the tendency to differ every time you do it. that’s why sports can be fun for a really long time.

      now imagine heaven, where if we took the religious description of it. it says that there is now downside for anything, example, u don’t shit or pee, you don’t sweat or get tired, there is no cold or hot, there is no dark. imagine eating the same fruit and every time it tastes different, imagine whenever you want to do something in a group activity, everyone around you feel like doing it as well.

      to me, i won’t get bored from this life, so i am definelty won’t be bored in heaven if it is as it is described. i think this is true to all human, some my argue but evidence of people actions “in my point of view” prove that point

      sorry for the long comment

    222. No, that was a very insiteful comment, I wouldn’t say it changed my point of view, but i see your point, It was a very good rant I must admit. Also i thank you, sometimes when i tell people this i just feel like a stupid little kid with a dream. My soul will most likely keep on searching, not being an average working man, I will most likely work and everything, but I know i will spend a lot of my time in my future staring out and thinking, and hoping, until someone breaks my soul and my dreams for me. The day that happens, may as well be the day I die.

    223. hehe maybe but I doubt it, of is probably off doing some stuff with his fellow camps and lots may have stpped mind controling that kid

    224. Heya guys sorry for the wicked wait i’ve been earning my keep =D nowww so much to catch up on!

      First of all to LotVC, well in my opinion a healthy skepticism is essential for the survival of, well, anything smart enough to have ideas. Take Scientology for example. There we have a “new idea” (lol) which is obviously just a pyramid scheme that allows the high ranking members to make money off the gullible bottom feeders in exchange for… well I’m not even sure if Scientology gives you anything haha. In this situation and with a million other schemes out there people need to empley their skepticism. As to global warming, im personally a believer, however with so much conflict even amongst the scientific community as to its existence im not going to start a riot or form a covert underground environmentalist posse to FORCE the world to take notice because its entirely possible that we’re just having another warm spell.

      As to Scopes in 1925 im assuming you mean the Monkey Trial? That was a clash of modern science and fundamental Christianity and look what has happened now. most of the world believes that humans have evolved over millions of years, not that Eve was born from Adams rib…

      Now revolution, “I want to be part of something more, I want to suffer, not just spend my life just helping our economy move a little close to its stupid logical future” What you said is the epitome of what it is to be human. Its the thing that made man invent the wheel, the reason people join clubs, start revolutions and build empires. I know you want to hear that you’re special, all humans do, shit even vampires do, but the only one that can make you special is yourself. You want to be great? Then grab life by the balls and stand on top of it. BE great!

      Once you have achieved this… life is complete and so death is the best thing. it wipes the slate clean, it lets you begin your life anew (if reincarnation is real) and lets you enjoy all the blood, sweat, tears, laughter, love and joy all over again!
      If nothing happens after your death, whats the point you ask? the point is that the lives of billions of people, no, the entire world! Has been changed by your existence! You HAVE changed the world, its up to YOU to decide how MUCH you will change it and to what effect.

    225. well all I can say is I’m being selfish I know all these morals you are stating its just plan and simple, I’m being really selfish right now and that’s what happens when I tap into my emotions like that so (takes emotions and punts them) there we go.

    226. I will honestly speak to one of you one on one to explain my want to be a vampire…i do want this life whether you or anyone thinks so or not, i have for a long time and nobody will ever change my mind about that. i hope this will help me to find the life im dying for before it is to late!!

      any ideas…

    227. well kurt here seems to know bout good bands of metal and i would like to listen to some of the bands u have in mind i am a metal rock alternative ,black, death metal
      i saw u liked judas priest big fan of them too plz could u message me the name of the bands!?
      in the end it did turn into a metal chat roomm haha! XP

    228. yeah, now the whole entire page seems to have just died, wow…..well lets see what we have that we can do to liven this place up a little bit more……ummmm, so……damn not to much to really talk about anymore unless someone can pull a subject out of their ass that is worth debating.

    229. why a hot girl? probably they wanna do other stuff rather than “changing her”. they may do biting though.

    230. So, I’ve been reading the comments. PT, how did she find you? I’ve been interested in the paranormal for a very long time. I’m far away from normal nowadays in the eyes of my family. This is because of all these “theories” and “ideas” of how the world works and things. I’ve completely lost my sense of reality by now. To name a few theories, quite possibly inaccurate, things like this. So humans have a “chakra system”.
      the main chakras being that of the rainbow. black,red,orange,yellow,green,blue,purple, and white.I had a theory that the earth, too, had a chakra system. this would be the “layers” of the earth including the atmosphere, and depending on which chakra your consciousness was attached to, would decide which layer you go to after death. I am almost certan- this theory is inaccurate :/
      there are SO many theories like this one i came up with on my own, so many conflicting with each other, theories like “this is a dream” or “we are all one person” blah blah blah! Anyways, although i may not have any idea how the world works for certan, i have done a few paranormal things. This includes seeing the future in my dreams, but that doesn’t seem to happen anymore. I’ve also moved a “psi-wheel” and i believe i broke a token in half and reset the data in a video game i was playing with. however, these things dont seem to happen anymore, either. I have also astral projected, a few times or at least once. Nowadays i barely have any will at all. I feel depressed since (I do wish i was a girl >_>)
      ANYWAYS my will is a bit low since my mind isn’t exactly a peaceful place to be at times either. I have no friends, well not really. And my family knows very well that i may be depressed and a little abnormal. I don’t think i’m depressed…Just i don’t really feel like doing anything. Not even play video games which i used to do. I’m a nocturnal person and i love nightime, but unfortunately
      I have been told i can’t sleep durring the day because it will cause me to be awake at night (which i still am). I’ve stopped drinking water. Plain water at least. It started to make me feel ill for no apparent reason. When i try drinking water again, it makes me feel sick, so i gave up on it completely. I’ve gone months at a time without plain water, but I have had substitutes such as vitamin water. It’s still water anyways. I’ve also stopped eating most foods, especially meat. Most foods either make me feel ill or cause me to cough it up. Certainly a mental problem, anyways.Well i can eat fish and some other foods i guess. Well anyways, I don’t feel much will to do anything. No way i’d grow up and have a family. I feel no desire to get a job or go to school, but i go to school anyways. It’s not even a normal school either, i got moved for sleeping too much durring class. Though i was perfectly fine at night time :/
      It seems I would be much, much happier as a vampire. I would love to learn all kinds of things, i just seem to have no will to do so and i feel tired almost all the time now. Being forced to stay awake durring the day…cant fall asleep at night. a few people that called me “vampire” for various reasons. probably because I very seldom speak at all to most people. I would love being immortal. I wish I could be a vampire. Please, please let me be a vampire…

    231. Darn my multiple personalities. I bet half of them aren’t even aware of having multiple personalities. It was rather foolish to reveal that much information in the first place, due to the fact that anyone who knows me well can identify me and the person who posted these comments as one and the same. Rather inconvinient if there actually was a vampire that would turn me. I seem to be going a bit nuts, but if i was normal i’d probably be dead. For all i know, i could already be a freaking vampire! I doubt it, though. One personality forgets some things another personality knows, and another personality does things another personality would never do. It’s funny, sometimes one of my personalities will delete all my favorites because it decides it doesn’t like that stuff, then i have to go and find all that stuff again! This is probably a result of the mental damage from my sadist father. My life HAS become quite dull, that I agree with. I barely eat because it makes me sick, and some of my personalities don’t eat at all. Thank goodness I don’t forget everything when I switch personalities. I would like to be a vampire, as that would relieve me of more serious problems. Or at least what people percieve as being serious. I guess one good reason I even came to this site is because i’ve lost my exitement over video games. That seemed to be the only thing that really kept me going, so I guess I had nothing to do at all. I tried playing video games again, but it would seem I just don’t care for it anymore. In the first place it was something to pass time I guess, while i await something new to happen in my life. I have so many mental problems I can’t seem to keep track. So what is it that made a vampire? Extreme emotions? Mind over matter? Evolution? A dormant human trait? Apparently there is a vampires venom, from what I have read. How did it start I wonder. For all I know, PT and bloodybabe could be the same person behind the computer screen, I guess I just have some hope left after reading his(her?) convincing story. (I say her not because I think of the he in the story as a she, but that the actual person behind the computer could be a she). I would love to be a vampire, because immortality would actually mean a purpose in learning everything. I know alot of things that I really shouldn’t, but it really depends on which personality that I have at the moment. I hope PT or someone would comment again, but I’m not certain anyone would after the page “seemingly died”. Ah well, i’ll just have to hope someone comes back to this page, I’d love to see if I could even have a chance of being a vampire.

    232. Hey Crazy Person, I’d ask how you’re doing but its pretty apparent that things aren’t so great in your world at the moment.

      You see yourself as being different or defective, that much is obvious. But i have a question to you, and i’d like you to answer it truthfully. Would you, given the chance, be “normal”? Think about this seriously for a second, do you really actually want to be the same as everyone else?

    233. Now that you mention it, maby I do just want to be normal. Or if not normal, at least have a normally functioning mind. If I had the chance to be normal, I would probably take that chance. However, I don’t seem to have the will to do most things anymore. I’ve lost interest in pretty much everything that I did that I liked to do in my spare time. I’m not even sure what I would do if I was normal. I think being able to eat and drink without feeling sick or my body rejecting it would be good though. I’m not even sure how I would go about being “normal” since I feel no interest in love, jobs, wealth, or anything like that. I feel like i am just sort of…there. No real reason to be here but I just am. I have no desire to really do anything, trying to find some purpose or point to my existance. Now that I think about it, I sound quite depressed. I wouldn’t say i’m depressed though, and I felt really happy when I saw that you responded to my comment. Anyways, sorry for making all my comments a huge block of text :S

    234. I don’t think I would like to be normal, afterall…
      I think that just being “some crazy person” is even worse.

    235. I’m going insane. I know It’s because of my father. He has done so many unspeakable things. So now that I have been observing myself, I think that the reason I can’t think clearly anymore is because my mind seems to have split into pieces. Multiple personalitites with multiple opinions on things. I clearly should have put some effort into thinking about your question. For this I am sorry. I think there is only one real thing “wrong” with my mind and that is the memory of my father. Other than that i’m fine. I continue living for my will to live and the knowledge that things WILL get better. That someday the bad memories will go away, even if I couldn’t fight them with logic. I know there will be more to my life someday. As to your question, “Do you really actually want to be the same as everyone else?”. To be completely honest, (completely) If I could be a girl? No doubt. Other than that, I think that I kind of enjoy having multiple personalities. It adds story, character, and challenge to my life. I think it’s interesting myself and I enjoy it. It’s “different”. The reason i’m not doing so well might be completely unrelated to mental disorders. I think the real problem is the cause of those problems to begin with, my father. It could also be that by not being a girl, I feel like I’m living a life that I really shouldn’t be. I seem to have forgotten who I really am as well, even now I know I am nothing like I once was. Though I find it strange that I would look into how I could become a vampire as a solution to my life. It might start with my past, as I have been facinated by vampires. I do see my life as pointless, But that doesn’t mean I can’t find something to fill it with. I just haven’t found what that “something” is just yet, but i’m sure it will come in time. As for my last few comments I apologize.

    236. One thing i have noticed about people these days is that people are falling in love with their imperfections. Its a problem regardless of age and is something everyone suffers from to some degree. It is that we look around us and then noticed that what we were doing is exactly the same as everyone else. We’re just part of the pack. We become desperate to stand out or be different. Then, in the absence of holding some outstanding trait or if we are crushed before we flourish, we tend to embrace our problems – as small or as large as they may be, and forge our identities based on them instead. Im not saying that people love having the problem, but they love the idea of having the problem. (A hard concept to put into words and i know i haven’t done it justice)

      In your case “Crazy Person”, it really is great to see that at least one person has been able to see through the haze of self loathing that plagues so many people now, and to tell you quite honestly indicates that you’re not as crazy as you might think. It actually show a remarkable strength of perspective, something most people both in your position and people in general lack. Now from what you are telling me, you’re a homosexual and your father does NOT accept this. There isn’t really too much advice i can give you in your relationship with him, i have no right to give you advice after all, i’m not a psychiatrist, philosopher or even human for that matter! However i will say this. If you want respect, you have to show respect, and you need to SHOW something to respect. You cant fall back on your weaknesses or perceived inadequacies, if you TRULY want something you have to earn it and whinging or whining about problems making you do things will never give you what you need.

    237. i agree with PT on multiple points. People like the idea of being “special” and by having those problems they feel a little bit special. I bet even many people, especially around teenage years, have this thought cross their minds “If somebody else will feel my pain, he will be crushed”. The idea that your problem and your pain is much higher than people around you is a common thought. People like to think that they are really courageous that they withstand that much pain. and by thinking that this pain is bigger than others, they feel stronger than other, thus special. that’s how having problems lead to think you are special.

      Another good point PT pointed, if you want to better yourself, do things yourself, don’t count on others/time to change your situation. Always think what “I” can do, forget about others. You can’t control others (not always) but you can control yourself.

      Being vampire won’t solve your problems, it will just change in details, but they will still exist. Do NOT expect sudden changes, plan gradual ones.

    238. Thanks, this really helped me alot. Your words are very wise. I need to look at what I can do to improve myself and my life, rather than just relying on someone or something to come fix all my problems for me. Whining about my problems will never solve anything, instead I should be looking at all the positive things about my life and improve it. Thanks so much!

    239. listening to these blogs, it makes me sick. mortals can
      not become vampires. you either die, or a horrible
      virus is spread throughout your pathetic bodys. You
      are born with it, or not. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO
      CREAT OTHER VAMPIRES. mortals have known about
      us for centuries due to media and accedents preformed
      by clumsy, foolish, young vampire. Yes, we do feed upon
      the blood of the living, but their are some like me, who
      feed on animal blood. we haved spared many human lives
      by this practice. We are an ageless incarnation of
      beauty and should we be temtped, we will attack. Often we
      feed on animals still, that includes wolves. and to the fact
      of werewolves, they were a genetic accedent, a foolish
      vampire was creating a super breed of vampire when
      a mistake added wolf genes to the mix and thus
      creating half vamp, half mutt breeds. though i have
      not a problem with wolves, it was a major mistake.
      they turned on their masters. Though we have no slave
      nor are we any, our extremely delicate intricate
      web of emotins is much more difficult that mortals
      due to this, we stay alone as nomads. As for wolves,
      not only due we spread plauge to mortals, we spread
      poision to wolves(so watch your backs). That is all
      you must know if you have any questions feel free
      to go reaserch some phony like, but if you are serius
      come to me and ask. farewell
      P.S: vampires came before werewolves

    240. Hey. Did ya miss me??? Anyways. Now I am back. And I am a little too bored to read through the whole thing. Anyways. How are my “immortal” homies doing? xD
      Didn’t you got bored yet? Being immoral i guess isn’t any fun. No thrill of danger around. And to those of you who say that vampires are weak because they are afraid of the smell of onion, I now challenge you to answer truthfully. Can YOU stand it? I as a human can assure you that I can’t. It’s really awful. It is reaaaaaaaly easy to die from it. xdxdxdxd

    241. To mister Unknown.
      hahaha. Do you smoke marihouanna or something? Hey “vampiric” trash. Wonna come to the Greek island of paros in Alyki and have your ass fucked by a human???


    242. To PT.
      You are very clever. I haven’t thought of it in any extent. But don’t you think that your thinking that you are a superhuman(or if you prefer a partly-human) being is also an act of despair to drown your own weakness too?

    243. well i have to say that i am noticing a lot of similarities between what ‘crazy person’ is going through and what i went through a couple months past ago. though except for the split personalities and mean dad and wanting to be a girl. Its just a feeling of complete and utter bordom and that there is nothing really to do and even if there is, whats the point in doing it because you have no idea if there is heaven or hell, reincarnation, or just six feet under. I am not sure if its something almost every human goes through at a stage when they are getting older or if its something new in the world. I have gotten over it mostly, but i have something else that is mostly keeping me going. Hopefully you will get through this soon ‘crazy person’ just saying it seemed very similar and I will store this in my memory and think more on it and what it might me, maybe people are now going through a stage because maybe new power is arising, maybe its just a human phase, or whatever it is. also it is very pleasent to read your posts again PT, they are very insightful and intellegent, which gives me hope that there is something out there, the way you say things and how intellegently just seems remarkable, if someone was senseable they would be able to see you are a very smart man, or something more that can think of things a lot fast than normal beings. For me my problems are on the down low, i am still trying to find out if this supposed future that is awaiting for me is real or not and if the people who feel like i am not ready to realize it yet are even real and just of a twisted game.

    244. Thanks for the compliments guys, it honestly does mean a lot to me to hear that im actually helping out =)

      Srs, i can tell you’ve picked up something of my personality. My greatest downfall and also greatest attribute is hubris, and it will eventually catch up with me, i know that =P But because of this part of me, I cant imagine anything i cant achieve if i actually desire it, its my impetus, my confidence and drive, so i dont see it as a negative thing its part of what makes me, me. So, of course it covers my weakness, i wouldn’t be complete without it! I gain my power and confidence from other people, i’ve realized that and so i have things to work on for myself! Im not perfect and i don’t want to be!

      I guess that proves that im as susceptible to the human failing as anyone else =D I think im special, in fact i KNOW im special, just the same as everyone KNOWS that they too are special. But shit who cares?! Im going to live balls to the wall, live my life at the top for as long and as hard as i can and take all i can from my time in the spotlight, no regrets and when i fall ill accept it and build my way back up to do it all over again.

      Now, Revolution, I’ve always found it interesting reading your replies, you seem to soak up what we’re saying, adapting and changing it for your own context, but you don’t just take it on board and say “problem solved” good on ya! These problems are not that easily solved. Knowing something isn’t the same as being something. I have a feeling that you’ll go far, do you know why? Because (from what i can see) you’re willing to bite the bullet and uncover a part of yourself that you might not like seeing.

      Now, I have another question for you Revolution. You say you’re waiting to see if your future is for real and you’re waiting to see if people think you’re ready.
      Why are you waiting for them?

    245. hy 2 all vamps out there i dont know if i am a vamp or a werewolf 😐 i cant sleet at a fool moon i like the night sometimes the day light my eyes hurts i have sometimes the need for blood or flesh and i have dreams at night and see what is going to happen in the next day:| the dream thing is not every night just sometimes if somebody know the answers please let me know u can reach me a thanq a lot

    246. and i konw that vampires don’t exist be cos i did not see nobody but i am had posted that comment i thik that a vampire’s soul and a werewolf’s soul have reincarneat in me so if u all of u have any question’s about me reach me at

    247. hey I,m not here to talk crap i consider being a vamp a gift something i would love to be most ppl i meat tend to tell me that in my past life i was a goblin most off them are honored to now me eny way my reason would be that im 20 years old and life is shit i rather be a vamp than a human a human has no idea what it means to live with honor respect and morale and most of all no fear i don’t care about life its useless eny vampire can turn me eny day the question is can u do it ??? or are vampires not real when i get my wishes if i do ill let u all now or maybe notttttt

    248. why “human has no idea what it means to live with honor respect and morale ”

      and why do u think when u become a vampire, ur values will change? if you wanna live with honor, live as a human with honor, u don’t have to be a vampire to do that. only weak people who don’t live the life they want think they will get their wanted life by becoming a vampire.

    249. Hello to you to PT. I take that your statment was a compliment:P
      To all those supposed vampires out there I’ll once again say
      Το slvador Limonis
      I am male age 16(at last on the age for a small moto(don’t know how it’s called) license!!!)
      To PT again now.
      You know PT. I tent to agree a lot with you about how we should live our lifes. In fact, I believe that an empty life is a half life and not worth living. But I still don’t get why someone would want to become a vampy…


      Have you ever considered why do you want to become vampires? It is a rather stupid thing to want actually. why do what when you can live a full life without being forced to harm others to live?

      Well, i got a theory ’bout that.

      I believe that all of us are sadists to some extend. I believe that the avarage human finds it exiting to inflict emotional pain to sb other (especially between the ages of 13-26) under the name of fear.

      I also believe that we are as mazocistic as we are sadistic, for the term fear awes us more than we are reluctant to admit because of its mystery.

      And therefore, in order to gain the same awe and in the same time satisfy our stupid and enormously huge need for respect and our love for mystery.

    250. nice theory srs, about why people wanna become vampires. my theory though is people are unsatisfied (sad or depressed) from their current life and they think if they became vampires they would have “cool”, exciting and fulfilling life.

      i don’t think that vampires hurt others got to do with that. i think any cool creature, ghosts or anything “cool” even if it doesn’t hurt others, would be desired by unsatisfied people. it is like watching TV, if you watch enough, you would start wishing you are with them because by definition, watching TV means not doing something useful or satisfying , and the TV show try to show interesting people with “satisfying” lives.

    251. As for my statment before PT i didn’t mean to have the answer or what it was hanging or problem solved or edit things. What happened is i wrote something and it was a bit different from my first and i went to post it and i forgot to put in my username and email address 🙁 so i lost all that i wrote and it didn’t get posted, so i had to start from scratch, remember the few details i wrote down but not as well thought out and addressed as i had it before, so yeah bad on my part, i hastened it because it pissed me off at my mistake and wanted to just put it down. and as i said before that i am waiting for people, is because they are telling me things and i can’t be truly sure if they are telling me the truth, there are just as many things that seem fake and real that is hard to diviate to believe them or not, so the only way to figure out is to wait for them, and if it proves false, then i can continue down my path i have chosen if it proves false which i think is pretty solid. If it proves true, then i will be extremely happy.

      Now i think why most people want to become vampires is because well yes people want to be feared, they want to feel strong, powerful, beautiful, and vampires now and days are depicted as such, also some don’t want to die, and they want friends, a clan, coven, people or vampires, compony to be with because some don’t have a lot, or good friends at all. They want to be freed from their boring exsistance for a new one with strength, power, beauty, friends, immortality, and freedom. Also there is the fact that its different, its a change in the flow of a river into a rush, like falling down a waterfall, but without the crash, just the feeling of falling, and i like that feeling, the feeling you get in your stomach, the adrenaline, its new, its a change. But to have a life like that, take PTs advice, take life by its balls, go sky diving, bungy jumping (hopefully i spelled that right) just randomly calling your friends and saying you should all go camping and have a surf and turf barbique, which is what me and my friends are planing to do after graduation. be random, be funny, and don’t worry if oh, i might get hurt, or it might be cold, it shouldn’t matter if you are having fun.

    252. and Ghost to live with honer, you have to live your life by respecting everything, respect your enemys, respect your kill, like if you hunt, respect your family, respect every person you see, rever someone with dignity, show them kindness, talk about their problems instead of thiers, and you will be treated the same, to have moral is to have a code, a set of rules that you set for yourself, like me, if i have to kill something, i want it to be as painless and fast as possible if i can allow it. You need to find your honer, you need to gain respect, and create your own moral code, you need to take action and think through your life. And everyone lives with fear, its just a matter of pushing past that fear to do whats to be done ghost, we may fear dieing, or fighting a huge guy, but you must push past it, and if you do that and fight with all your might, then you should have no regrets, that you fought without giving up, but you must honer your enemy also, they are your equal in every way, but they are so much more different than you will ever be, and that is a good thing, and that is the best thing you can hang onto. I am human, and i know how to live by these rules, and you have to learn them yourself, being a vampire doesn’t atomatically give you honer, moral code, or respect, and i bet PT can vouch for that.

    253. awwww fuck i read your post wrong Ghost, lol, i thought you said you had no idea what it was to live with honer, moral, and respect, my bad, i went on a rant on stuff you already knew, fuck, tired today, whatever.

    254. if ANY of u know any mentors or f any of you r one, PLEASE E-MAIL ME. my email address is::::::

      i know the e-mail addrss is stupid and this is probably the WRONG website, but again, if u r a mentor or u know any, PLEASE e-mail me ASOON AS POSSISBLE!!

    255. Well you know what, i wasn’t going to tell you all my age as it brings in so many shitty little factors such as the ego into play, but bugger it! You guys can take my words into serious consideration or disregard them out of arrogant pride. i do not care. I am who i am and i personally think mental and physical ages are two VERY different things.

      I am a 19 year old Male with all the flaws and quirks that someone of that age has and i hope that i’ll be able to look back at what i wrote here when i’m 91 and still have the humility to take it seriously and the vivacity to act on it.

    256. What you say is true, age shouldn’t matter, the only time it does matter it you make a huge deal about it, people complicate things, its in our nature to do it, we worry about the little things as much as the big things. Hell i know plenty of older people who are great company, and can have great laughs with, the only time age because a problem is when you start making it a problem. Also when a teenager is having a hard time, they blame the age, they go through hormones, but older people also are like that at times too, some are like it all the time. I’m 18 (just recently too) and i have felt no change in the transition the only time you do, is when you start to worry, don’t, just live. Yes, you think that becoming something different would make you life much better. You should be happy about what you have, and that you don’t have to struggle for food each day, seeing your rib cage stick out five inches out with you stomach 2 inches thick. You think your life is shit, then take what you have and change it, it could be so much worse, and you may think that it sounds like everyone else when you tell them it, but you need to listen. Relax. Though sometimes, people are stuck in situations they can’t get out of, because they have to do it because they don’t have a lot of money, or their emotions and family are more important and you feel like you need to help them. It saddens me when I see this world, and what i truly think about it, there can never be a utopia, not even if we worked towards it, as hard as we can, and in truth this world could actually go into a depression it will never come out of, or if it does, it will be a very long time, unlike a utopia we all dream of. The reason why is in our nature, but i guess in a sense it is a good thing. You know yin and yang, there will always be times of prosper, where everything is good, but there is still those some little bad things running around but not too bad, or it will be a depression, where things are going to shit and you have to hold on to what things you can to keep you going. Give and take, and if we try to change it, things will go drastically wrong, and quick. You can make things better in life, but you can’t change human nature, and sense you can’t change that, you can’t change how the world is. I doubt a lot of the people coming here to ask to be changed will ever read this, its the way people, are always in a hurry, hell i am that way too at sometimes, i try, but you know, human nature. To those who do, please listen, life isn’t always in darkness, even if it seems that way, there will always be a moment of happyness in your life, maybe a just a short fuse of it, but still, it will be there. What makes me sad is that i can’t fully express it all. I wish i could, but i can only do so much. I seemed to have went on a rant, and i guess i have been keeping this stuff it too long and thinking about it too long, to much time on my hands.

    257. Greetings. I have been reading some of the…comments on this site and fine myself quite ammused. My name is Vincent Alegheri. I am what you would call a “Vampire” but do not restrict myself to such narrow a label. There are comments that contain truths and some that do not. I am not interested in turning another as I have doe so in the past and yeilded horrible results. However, I will answer questions so long as they are serious and do not pretain to the turning of a human.

    258. —-
      Edited by Admin (No Phone Numbers Please, Vamps or Humans), you want to answer questions, please d so here !!!!
      else !!!

      Also, I realize that I left no way to contact me besides this “Website.” I am borrowing a “Cell phone” from a friend. Only “text” because he said it is free. The number is ************. I will answer all questions but I won’t even consider changing another. If I had a choice, I would remain as you are now. Also, to the others that claim the tittle, please refrain from spelling like a six-year-old. We are a bit more intelligent than that. Thank you.

    259. Hello,

      apparently i pissed some people when i asked for the age. i didn’t mean it to belittle the opinions. but it will help me to see IF THERE is a correlation between the way of thinking and the age.

      I guess most people who complained got the following sentence “when you grow up you will understand” or some other similar version of it.

      While i believe after 10 years old, all people should be heard, i still believe that our thoughts and ideas get more concrete with time. i can easily see some of the people here who wanted to become vampires laughing at themselves 5-7 years later. maybe not, it is not a must thing. but it is normal to change thought with time. it is not a sudden change like people advertise. i have heard sentences like, “when you are 25, things will look different to you”. same thing about teenagers, nothing changes suddenly, but it definitely changes over time. my thoughts changed over time, and i did express that in one of the comments. that’s why i wanted to know the age of the commenter so i can compare them to my thinking and see if the age are similar.

    260. If i did seem angry in my reply, then i am sorry i did, i didn’t mean it to be taken that way. I don’t remmeber too well when i first commented on this forum, but it was sometime around the beginning or middle of summer, not even a year has passed, and i guess in a way i have changed a little, but i know that i will always yearn for that other side, and maybe being a vampire, or something more, I now know that it is useless to sheed tears or complain about it, there are many people on this planet, same as everyone else, they all have hopes and dreams, so why should i be picked out of all of them to be it, I still and always will wish it, but it doesn’t mean i will act on it as much as i did. I do know that i will change even more in the months and years to come, and that little part of me when i have sons, or daughters and listen to them wanting to be the new superman or something, and wanting to join them, and throughout my life i will find my self staring at the ceiling, thinking of vampires, and stories, life is hard, but hell, its life, you live it. For now i am still searching for who I am and what i am supposed to do or be, maybe it will be crused and i will take on a normal job, or maybe i will never figure out, and maybe i will. Even though PT already stated this, everyone thinks their problem is so much harder than others, because well they want to feel special in that way, that they were able to tackle down the hardships of life, and thinking it is harder than others. I do it too, and it is hard to repress, i try to suffer in silence, even though i know suffering in silence draws people to comfert me that much more and I like it, it is a hard and complicated thing to do to walk day to day without looking like you have any problems

    261. Hey all of you,

    262. If there is some vampire in Slovakia please contact me on my email i would be very greatfull i wanna ask what it feels like and maybe bite i am not teeneger and i believe it is my purpose to be vampire please contact me

    263. you guys need some psychological help like seriously if you guys are really vamps and wolfs then why the heck would you be sitting down in front of a computer screen bragging that your a vampire and making it public yeah to me you guys need to get lives like seriously no lifers!!

    264. actually so far from what i have observed, its mainly a talk about life now, and about vampires really, I’m here to talk and learn more, there are a few who come in and get all bitchy like you ‘your mom’ and say shit, but mostly this forum has more have turned into a phylosiphical debate, except for hte few people poping and givving out email to be turned, also, for your information ‘your mom’ if you read any of this, i am not even close to a vampire. And another thing, why make your name, your mom, i mean seriously, that joke has gotten so old, its completely over used now, your mom this, your mom that, its really starting to get annoying, and if you also noticed, most of hte posts are made like once a day, its not like we post something and sit at the computer all day waiting for a reply. If anything, you need to get a life ‘your mom’ because you can’t find anything really to do but make annoying comments and be a complete and utter dumbass.

    265. o watch out im so scared “vampires” are dissing on me oooohh….. you guys have no excuse for being no lifers hahahhahahhahahahaha…..
      this is wayy to funny. pretend to be a vampire i hope you guys really dont go out in the day because that will be really a big dsigrace to humanity. try getting a job or actually getting your fat butts off your chair instead of pretending to be vampires.

    266. wow, that just shows how smart you are, you didn’t even read a word i said, so i guess i will state it again moron, i told you i’m not a vampire, i don’t spend all my time at the computer, but why should i give a shit, and why are you even here anyway, its pointless.

    267. revolution i think you must be gay ha ha ha ha
      you have to be really stupid to not know
      that this place is a fake a hoax and you actually think its true
      but w.e keep on dreaming and “observing” vampires and i come here because it gives me the laugh of the day hahahaha
      and have you read those instructions on how to become a vampire lmao if you really did that damn i feel quite bad for you

    268. well good for you, you can have your laugh of the day, while i do other stuff, like not care, and if anyone who actually is sane and believes those instructions stated on the top, is a moron i have to agree, because those instructions will get you no where. And yes i do believe in vampires, but i don’t even follow those instructions. And if you actually manage to get a laugh about what we are saying, then i know, you are afraid of it being true, and you’re really closed minded, and your just doing this to get away from your problems in life, or who knows, i am just speculating, your reason could be something entirely different, i wouldn’t know, I can’t tell the future or read minds. Oh and having an opinion, doesn’t make someone stupid. And if you think calling me gay is an insult, you need to come up with something better, again i will say this is really pointless, but hell it gives me something else to think about.

    269. yawn
      seriously i think anyone can come
      in here and claim to be a vampire
      its really easy and yes if you want to say
      that im close minded go ahead i know i am
      closed minded when it comes to these things because no
      one has been able to prove that they are vampires… until then. im going to keep thinking this is a lie..
      and p.s i have no problems with my normal life..My only problem is ignorant people who believe in this crap.

    270. well i wouldn’t really call in ignorant, i am not just closing all doors, and yes it would be really easy to come in here and claim to be a vampire, but it is sometimes easy to dismiss if someone is or isn’t a vampire. Now PT on this site is the only one i believe to credible at best, just the way he writes and the way he describes things, he could very well be a poser but I don’t know that. I am sorry for being insulting, even though this will sound really weird after what i said before. I just hate it when people come in here and just say stuff like that, its slightly insulting. I try to be the nice guy, but as you can see, i don’t always succeed. I also like to think when someone says that they won’t believe in something until someone gives them proof, well wheres the proof do disprove all of it in the first place? I hate things going to an argument, your entitatled to your opininon, but please, try not to tell people they need pyschological care for believing in something, its just an opinion.

    271. hey rev
      I did not mean to disrespect anyone………
      but i just really find it hard to believe because it
      has never been proved to the human eye.
      That any of it is true. I personally think that what
      happened was that the movie twilight came out and then everyone wanted to be a vampire and pretend that they had super powers and all that gay crap.
      i respect in what people believe in but seriously in my opinion i just dont believe in that.

    272. Well it is true, twilight started a huge spark in a lot of people wanting to become vampire and everything else. There are a lot of people who roll play being vampires because of twilight and some have been doing it just to find an escape from their lives. I have to admit i did want to become a vampire after i read the twilight book, i became a little crazied after it, but i got better, i eventually got over it, but i hated those times, it wasn’t fun at all and a book like twilight does that to people, i am a perfect example of it, but now i am not obsessed with it as much. I now believe in a type of vampire out there, in my searchs to become a vampire because of the wretched book twilight. I don’t hate the book, but it has bad effects on people in their hopes and dreams. Yes i have to agree believing in vampires is something hard to do, expesially with the way our world is now, where vampires belong in knightmares and folk lore. I respect your opinion in not believing in vampires, I actually advise against trying to find any vampires and being turned, its frustrating, and you will never truly get a straight answer all the time. Now i am only learning more of what i can of vampires and other myths and legends, trying to decifer lies and truth. If you want to know what i have come to believe is a true vampire, you can ask away, I hated our little arguement but now i am happy that we are over that now.

    273. yeah no problem my man i seriously dont believe in vampires and my friend told me to come in this website so he can prove me wrong but no way sorry as much as i want to its really hard but n.p dude if you have a myspace add me if you want i dont mind

    274. Sure sounds cool I don’t get on myspace to much but i do use it so i’ll find you on there, also that reminds me, i should probably change my myspace up a bit, i think my personality has changed much sense i last updated it.

    275. i think vampires us are the best as not only do we have incredible speed but werewolfs have no control whatsoever over change and therefore we are humanely stronger and more resistent

    276. if someone really can turn me… email me 😉 but not stupid jokes… i’m serious… so are you i think 🙂

    277. actually , Revolution, i read your opinion very carefully and i think you’re right… but… it is hard to believe that the vapires didn’t exist. It’s just because the world don’t want to be shocked or the people be scared… but that’s just my opinion… ;];]

    278. there has seem to be a recent lack of PT around lately, dang now i’m bored, hes probably doing stuff with is vamp comunity or something

    279. Well that was one of many of hte posts i have put ou here smirnoff, i do believe in vampires, i was just being in agreement that for someone who lives a normal life would find it hard to believe in vampires, i live a pretty normal life and believe in vampires so i know its bit of odd when you look around your house and see all the normal things, go to school, normal, and then look at vampires and just see how it goes completly against the grain of the life that you or myself is accustumed to. But i will say again, i do believe in vampires, just the fact of finding one who will actually turn you….well lets say you’ll have a better chance of being struck by lightening three times in a row on a sunny day.

    280. oh and if anyone will reply to me please let be someone with knowledge about the vamp thing cause i want to ask many thing’s…

    281. well i wrote this comments just because i want to know your opinion… by the way, Revolution, may I get your skype? if you don’t mind write to me on my email 🙂

    282. Hey girls and guys, its been a while since i checked in and i feel like i’m way behind on news. The good news is that i’m back in Australia for another three months and so, ill have access to a computer and the net.

      How’re all you guys doing? How are you dealing with your probs Revo? Oh and “pinilates ancient tribe,” ask away mate =)

    283. lol, i know this will sound extremely stupid, but i have no idea what a skype is, lol so it would be helpful if you could explain it to me please.

    284. My probs are behind me now PT, pretty much i said fuck them and went with what my gut told me on what the person was telling me, and my gut told me she was lying her ass off, and that i needed to really accept somethings, so thats what i did, i still have hope but thats not going to pull me back anymore, taking even less grains of sand now. So how about you PT whats been going on?

    285. hey vampire’s i’m 20 years old and a virgin in i live in illinois so if there is a vamp here let me know e-mail me at okay i have read about vampire’s from the age of 8 years old so please help me become u vamp.

    286. hey if any one knows a vampire that is willing to turn me please contact me at i have always wanted to be a vampire since i was 5 i have read everything about vampires and i know that i want to be one and there is no going back after its done so please contact me if you can help

    287. Hello. I am from Saudi Arabia. Any vampire from here, I would really appreciate meeting him and talk about turning. Thanks.

    288. Hello revolution Said, I was quite interested reading your enterys and I have been looking for my own answers of vampires myself, I have done lots and lots of research and I am going through the same thing as you are. Im very sorry if I sound a little to weird, I was woundering if we could possibly disscus some of our findeings and share information together. How does that sound to you? Please respond back as soon as you can please, sorry if Im sounding rude or pushy.

    289. Dude, PT your gone again, lol I thought I was going to be able to talk to you when you said you would be back In Australia for three months, maybe they moved you again, I don’t know, but it seems like your busy, I hope you get back to us soon.

    290. I just relized that i was useing the wrong e-mail.
      hey PT, that was amaizing the way you told how you were turnd……..Revolution, i was most intregued reading what all you had wrote, because as i read i understood the feelings that you were going through, and i really understood your thoughts, on the subject. I also do lots of research on vampires, (i dont clame to be one) maybe we could exchange some websites and information. How does that sound to you revolution?

    291. I wonder if someone can tur me. I don’t want to be turnd becouse of the ficunal vampire, I have tryed to learn abot vampies for about 3 years now. I have a past that make me unabel to live as a human anymore. But I don’t want to tell wy here on the internett, if someone can turn me I’ll tell more. Or if you have infomratition on vampires that I might dont knowe tell me.

    292. Wow revolution.. you have myspace… but you don’t have skype?! 😀 is it true? if you have some ideas to keep in touch each others… write to me 😉

    293. lol, if the skype is like a phone number, from my experience, they don’t let you spread that around on this site. Maybe if you contact me on myspace it would be easier to share. I’m not really concerned about spreading that around, I don’t believe you to be a stalker at all, but others might but I don’t really care, I don’t believe they can really possible do harm to me, and if they come into my house and try to do anything to me, well I’ll be damned if I sit aside and watch. And besides if real vampire wants to find me, I don’t think they would need the information anyways, I believe they would be able to find me quite easily lol. But it seem ash-ash hasn’t commented back yet, I wonder why? Or even contacted me on myspace, oh well patience is a verture.

    294. Alright i just looked up a skype, NOW i know what that is, just need to find a way to get it for fre 😀

    295. Mitch, what you need to learn is you don’t find the vampires, even if you somehow manage to find one, they will most likely kill you, as a saying I have heard. “You don’t come looking for us, we come looking for you” You can’t say, oh I want to be a vampire and you will become one, they decide, not you, they find you, its their decision.

    296. hey revolution sorry i havnt been on i didnt think any one was going to even respond…….um i cant reach you at myspace because i dont have an acount and i cant create one……….ummm but im haveing troubles with my e-mail acount but once i get it all set up then i could give you my e-mail…. would that be alright with you so we could e- mail back and forth?

    297. Hey Revolution i just checkd out ur myspace that lookd pretty freaken awsom! 4 now on ill chech this site out and respond everyday now so i dnt miss anything sorry again and thank u so much all my friends think im wierd for being interested in vampires………… thing u might want to know about me first is im 13 but ill be 14 on july 26 but the thing is, is that i usualy dont act my age i am a more mature type of person compared to a lot of people my age so i tend to connect at higher levls and i connect better with people that r a bit older than me because most of my friends are about 16 to mid 20 im sorry i know this isnt verry interesting, i do tend to talk quite a bit. well i better end this respons at this sentace before this turns into a book maybe i should erase some of this idk…. ill be on tomorrow sometime. well thanks again…………

    298. Sure e-mail will work, and don’t worry, I’m not a type of person to try and prey on people younger than me, in fact if i saw someone doing it then I would actully beat them senseless, and continue even after that.

    299. hey Revolution lol im glad i dont have to worry about that (not that i even thought of you like that lol) well if you get on today ill be back on about……well sometime verry late in a.m so when i get on ill just type something in to let you know im on oh and thanks, im going to see if my e-mail will go through to you.

    300. No, and only moronic fools argue on which species is greater, its utterly retarted and pointless, its like a fucking dick measureing contest and its across the internet, and people make pointless threats that they can’t even back up, so to answer your question no darklyconia, unless you feel the need to start it back up again then go right ahead, the arguement will die eventually, things only stay up here if they only have a real meaning behind it.

    301. hey Revolution well sence what i was trying to post didnt work here it is again lol…….here are a few of the websites that i found on vampires;

      and here is kind of a dumb one, just go to you tube and type in “real life vampires” and there should be some videos but lke i said its kind of dumb people who clame to be a vampire but arnt really, there just a wierd bunch of gay frauds. or you cold just type vampires, on you tube eighther way……… hey if you can check in at 6:30 a.m. hopefully if i can get my self up then ill be on at that time or also check in at 7:00 ill probaly have more sites by then……….

    302. Actually I believe that there is a site that we could probably talk on it is
      Its a place that people come and talk about things in the world, from vampires, to dead languages, and space and time, its a place of knowledge and truth mostly, I think you would enjoy it, just be curtious to Mich’ael the site owner, I believe he is to be really intellegent. I would suggest joining, there is a lot on what he believes to be a true vampire, and what I believe to be a true vampire as well. But always take the information on there with a grain of sand. My user name on that site is Couriousmind.

    303. Well Mich’ael on the site calls himself “Black Wolf” now, I can’t be fully sure if he is just a person with an overactive imagination, but besides that, the group all around is awesome anyway, many ideas are shared on different subjects, I think you would enjoy it, even if Mich’ael is telling us all lies about some things (don’t tell him I said that though 🙂 ) I hope you do join, I think you would truly enjoy it and it is a great experience in my opinion.

    304. wow all of u r stupid, the’re NO such things as vampires, i think that they are awesome, but the’re NO such things as ’em and if u say that the’re r, PROVE IT

    305. How can you disprove it though, and if you don’t believe in vampires why is your user name “i wish i were a vampire”?

    306. hey sorry ive been busy and computer isnt working rite i might not be on 4 a while again thaks 4 the site ummmm…..well ill get on as soon as i can and sorry

    307. Revolution, have you got an email? write it here or write it to me .. i think you know my email adress 😉 if you don’t know it… i’ll write it to you here i really want keep in touch with you… ’cause i think you’re a serious man 🙂

    308. hey revolution i checkd out that site you gave me but im not aloud 2 have an account 4 it because i already have a chat that ive signed in on and my nom wont let me get any more………….im still looking up sites but not verry good luck though…..did u check out the sites i gave u?
      have u found any other vampire sites?

    309. A few but most are unreliable, too many role players and yes I tried to check out those other sites but wouldn’t let me view them besides the rolepages site, which is all about roleplayer *sigh* I so hate the internet.

    310. Heya guys i thought its time to check in and see how everyone’s doing! I’ve been out and about through Australia for the last month or two and I’m flying out to London on the 14th but i should be chatty until then =)

      Yes Ash ash the story i told was what really happened, and believe me it was much more unbelievable than it sounded, in fact it was the most unbelievable thing Ive found in all my life and unlife =P Strangely enought it still gives me a chill down my spine when i think about it, i was literally on the line of life and death.

      lucky i fell on the life side eh?

      Btw have any of you seen the show “True Blood?” i came across a few of my peers talking about it the other day and checked it out, the fang thing portrayed in it is kinda creepily accurate (except on the wrong tooth ;p)

      From what i’ve seen, there are no really accurate sites on the net about vampirism. a lot of the vamp stuff is more about what people call psi vamps, which arn’t really vampires in the literal sense but more humans which rely on the life energy of others, their spontaneity their impetus, their… “life.”

      Im going to say it again for all the ppl who keep asking for a turning. You’re hurting your chances more than helping them by asking. Being a vampire is much harder than being human, how can you hope to survive if you can stand being human? Make the best of your mortality and take what you want!

      To, “i wish i was a vampire” almost no one here is claiming to be a vampire, and i’m not likely to pop up and say g’day just because you decided you’d like me to now am I? Plus… its much MUCH harder to find a single person in the entire world than you might think >=(

      Apparently ill get better as i get more practice =D


    311. I’m glad to see your chatting again Pt, I thought you abaddon us for a time there lol, oh well.
      People just come and leave their email and don’t even check if anyone responded on the page instead of their email, so your words and mine are lost to the general public once again PT. And yes I have seen Trueblood, I kind of like the series, but I don’t have HBO so i can’t watch it all the time unless I scrounge it from the internet for free hehe, it was actually a book before it became a tv series, its pretty good but not amazing, its enough to keep me entertained, I think you should check it out if your into that stuff PT.

    312. hey its great to finely here from you PT. I agree it is hard to come across an actual reall vampire site……… one thing im confused on this site someone kept saying that you have to be a vergine to become a vampire. but on another website it said that its the blood from a vergine that vampires find beter to drink thn drinking from a non-vergine…….

    313. Hey PT it is great to here from you. and i agree that it is difficult finding actuall information on vampires… of the things im not to sure about is, someone on here kept saying that you have to be a vergin to become a vampire but somewhere else i read that vampires find a vergin’s blood more pure or better tasteing or something like that then comepared to a non-vergin’s blood is……

    314. Hello, my fellow… “specials.”
      I am an empath/telepath.
      Currently searching to become a leach.
      If anyone is willing to turn me into a vampire, I’d be greatful and could look into revealing some of the other currently existing beings out there. I know vampires already, but they mustn’t be the ones to turn me. I can’t explain why.
      Yes, I can turn. (My brother turned and I haven’t heard much from him since..)
      No, I’m not undead yet.
      Email me at:
      I’ll be glad to lend my services to you out there.

      As for PT. I’ve been lurking this page for a long while now… when did you become part of the undead?

    315. By the way.
      Just to make myself clear:
      I know you all mentioned that I should not ‘beg’ for a turning, and that you are likely annoyed by this, but I find that I can be of use.
      Please don’t take me for granted.
      I am NOT the people from the anterior comments.
      Thank you.
      Sincerely, The Empath.

    316. ok this is getting freaken annoying, NO ONE IS GOING TO JUST WALTS RITE INTO YOUR HOUSE OR CONTACT YOU AND TURN YOU INTO A VAMPIRE!!!! it does matter how you ask or how you ask it its not going to happen Empath. especially if you read the conversation at the beggining of this site….. if it was that easy then me and every one else would be a vampire by now if they wanted……and you expect people to truelly believe that stuff about your brother? there are loads of people who make up this stuff unless you could somehow provide proof. its just so anoying that people keep claiming to be a vampire or a wherewolf jus because they think people will be more interested in talking to you or hearing about your experiences that you dont even truelly know….. io believe that there are some people out there that truely are a vampire or werewolf or something………

    317. hey Revolution hows it going? same to you PT? so Revolution find anyhing new? oh and sorry about mylittle blow up in my entry above this one. i was just getting verry anoid and ive been going through a lot lately…….idk whats happening

    318. Information, Ash.
      I can provide useful information to my allies.

      About my brother.
      There is no reason for me to lie about that.
      Besides, who is to tell that anyone here is speaking the truth? Do the Lycans have proof? The Vampires?
      No. I am possibly putting myself an my acquaintances in a tight spot just by posting this.
      As for thinking turning would be easy to have someone “just waltz into my house or contact me and turn me into a vampire”… Well, I have to say that I never thought it would be easy. All I did was to make my intentions and goals in this thread obvious.
      I plan to prove myself worthy.
      Ash. I understand how you must feel.
      To try and catch their attention, without evident results and to just have someone come in here, looking for very much the same. I also understand that the massive number of beggars has pissed many “people” off in here. But please, listen to what I have to say. Please understand that I did ask from you to not look at me as one of the people above, but as someone who plans to work for the gift of turning.
      Whether you think that the people seeking to turn are all the same or not, that is left for you for judgment.
      I know that the chances of me turning are extremely low, but I do deserve to take a chance.

      Please, take the time to look and read up on Empaths.

    319. Its alright ash, besides I can’t say the same as much for me, I’ve blown up a few times as well and I know what you mean by shit, it could be because you are coming to relizations about the world, some people call it ‘awakenings’ where some teens go through a period or later on in life where they come to relizations about the world and their baised boundries of the world are broken apart, I believe I went through it a little bit so I can understand if your angry at the world, if you are awakening it will last a bit perhaps 8 months or so.
      And yes empath I do know about empaths, it must be hard for you being one, expsecially in a mall or at school. I am willing to listen to anyone, expcisially you empath because you actually came back and added to the discussion instead of leaving your email and running to the next site. Many people plan on seeking themselves worthy, I’m atempting it as well, I hope your endevors, and yours too ash, go well, I can’t say any one of us is more deserveing than the next. I understand why some people come to be changed, to get away from a bad situation, or something, but eventually you have to break boundries and think about it, go through your emotions, solve things, fix things in your life and see if you still want it, I’m not saying either of you haven’t done that, I’m just saying I understand people who post their email and run, they are desperet and just move to the next site rinse and repeat, not taking the time to really read it all and learn just see something about vampires and hope. Sure I could choose to judge people, but does my judgement make it true about them and the way they are, no, and they have a right to disprove me in every way possible, even if I get it dead center, they can always change.

    320. Thank you revolution. You are greater than I’ll ever be, for you chose to listen and understand, while I’m basically forced to.

      Putting this whole ordeal apart, I want to get to something that caught my attention. You and PT mentioned True Blood, the HBO television series based on “The Southern Vampire Mysteries”. I’m personally a fan of the book, and the series are fine too, yet in all my life (Nothing compared to others’) I’ve never heard of a Vampire who would even CONSIDER drinking synthetic blood… yet again, I’d rather have real food instead of airplane food and such.

      Another topic that tickled my curiosity, is… why cant specials co-exist? Most species I know have grudges against other species, such would be the vampires, lycans, empaths, telepaths, whisperers, man-boars,etc. My parents (my Mother is a telepath, my father an empath,) have completely disowned my brother and now call him an abortion, just cause he’s a vampire. I don’t have anything against any other species. But is my brain somehow hard-wired so that one day I do?

    321. Thank you for the compliment Empath, but what sparked my curiousity is why did you say you are a forced to?
      I couldn’t really explain why the nature why telepaths, vampires and such might hate each other, I don’t really know any history about them, but I would think its because others find their race greater than anothers, like the black and white thing, just because their different others may find them lesser beings, which I find completly stupid. Or that maybe your parents think vampires are evil and wrong, like how some christains disown a son or daughter for being gay or lesbian. I don’t believe that its hardwired into your brain, sure parents can raise you to hate another family or species be telling you all the bad things, but only you can make the choice or not to hate this or that empath, it always is your choice, no matter what, you don’t have to hate you brother, but you can if you want to, you make the choice yourself, not your parents.
      Also I have to agree about synthetic blood thing, it doesn’t really seem like actually vampires take to it, its just something people right in books to I think put them in a better light, not that their evil, just a lot of people now in days frown upon it, even though its their life, not the others to dictate on how they should live.

    322. Unlike some other species, we don’t control our “gift,” and to be honest… it brings up a lot of unwanted pain to feel other people’s pain, specially in high school. The telepathy I’m ok with, that I can ignore, it’s just the empathy that kills me.

      Now I’m not sure about my parents hating my brother for being a vampire, it’s just a theory, since they might also hate him for leaving home.
      It would be great to know that species actually can co-exist, that would be great in the case that one day all these beings might not be as frowned upon.

      Going back to the synthetic blood subject, I totally agree with you, but I have to admit that most of humanity would be scared shitless at knowing that they could easily be fed upon by a vampire.

    323. Ah I see what you mean.
      I believe the only reason why races say they can’t co-exist, is because they can’t drop their damn pride, peace can be achieved between anyone and anything if they both meet each other half way, even if one is a satanist and one is christain, if they are both understanding and willing to just accept them for who they are, they can be friends, but of course if man or anything else were angels, we wouldn’t need rules, anger, so on and so forth.

    324. I hope you’re right.
      Sorry if I don’t reply for a while.
      I’m currently undergoing a creativity burst, in which I spend ninety-nine percent of my time doing artwork/creating something. Its the only time I get to truly focus on my work, so it’s very important to me that I work on some projects right now.

    325. *shrugs* everyone disappears now and then, and its cool that you can actually have something like that, my creativity is only inspired by emotions and for only a short time, but I do writing, little things. I was never really to great at artwork, its cool that you are though, and as long as its something you enjoy, then you should enjoy it without obligations from others.

    326. Empath id like to apologise for how i had talkd to you and yelling……..
      sorry Revolution that i hvnt been on, ive been a little ill and havnt been myself lately, my brother will probaly be on here to check in 4 me under my username idk if he will say anything so…….
      Empath i wish you luck on your projects……
      ill be back asap or ill check in tonight

    327. hi i wish i was a real vampire i want powers i want to control and read minds i want to feel unbelivable pleasure! but i need to be a daywalker so i can “live” a normal life cuz i need to go to school and i dont want my mom to know i want with all my heart to be a vampire i love them everytime iam out at night i try to look for them i try and will one to find me i know they exist somewhere but one problem i dont want my soul to go to hell if i ever do die as a vamp. i want to go to heaven i dont know how thats going to work maybe i can make a deal wit god and the devil some how plzzz if any one knows a vampire or is one i want to be one! i want to fly, ran at the speed of light, hear for miles, control minds,make anyone do all my wishes, have wat ever i want i wont kill the humans but i will put them close to it! plz help me!!!

    328. Hehe, it seems we are all just waiting for someone to say something first so we can all get on some subject again.

    329. pls any vamps out there pls turn me im fucking bored of my life and i know theres something better out there for me so pls email me at “”.

      “There must be something more to continue living for”

    330. hey revolution go under google and look up potions to become a vampire and look through there because i found a few things on there but some of it was rediculus though…..i wont be on very much because i started school and im busy studying threw the week because i took on some extra classes and im only free on the weekends.

    331. I will, it will probably keep me interested. Studying is good, I hope they are going well too. I can’t help but wonder what they have got PT up to these days as well, ah well he will get back to us in due time.