15 thoughts on “Juicy Morning

  1. well, the title “juicy morning” uncategorized, depressed, daily, school, blood, Morning!
    that tell’s u why blood is disgusting!

  2. Blood is absolutely fantastic, from my POV at least, its a petty am not British nor a Karaki ”
    at least don’t you think Blood is some kind a work of art ?? don’t you

    for the keywords, “depressed” is what am feeling these days, “daily” cause its a daily news for me, that other day in the morning i bled that blood and i wanted to share it,m some people write about their daily tasks such as i went to school, or i took a picture with cheerleaders .etc, me my daily news that i woke up and before i wash my face i bled some, and i took a picture for it, and for those who think that this is a early signs for a serial killer, naa not me , am too lazy to do such a job, other that think am mad, touche’e you got that right, but since you stuck most of you 3 years with me , didnt you know that arlready !! !!

    “School” that explain that , isn’t that the same blood that Tamimi, malik used to give after we bound any of their asses for a while !! or you need me to remind you with that !!

    My logic is simple it is the envious, jealous, I-never-got-any-in-high-school kind of logic, hello!

    Qwaider i think a good Hardees would make it stop ! dont you ?just look at the pics in full size , and cant you tell me then honestly they are not a some kind of art !

  3. Man, If this is your blood then you have a severe anemia or something. The color is certainly not right. I thought blood was a little bit darker than that.

  4. heheh ok dude…i forgive u just because i still think ur pic with yan – guys with bags – is freaking awsome! and a guy who participated in it should be forgived once in a while….

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