America is sweet….!

[photopress:n19002692_30269177_67.jpg,full,centered]I had the opportunity this weekend to have dinner with the Redskins cheerleaders…and yes they are hott!….the performed a dance also which is amazing..i am gonna try to upload the movie asap… IN YOUR FACE…hahaha

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5 thoughts on “America is sweet….!

  1. Rumors say that you will never get it even if you pay 98,79,874,895 dollars…so enjoy the picture…it is the nearest thing you will get to

  2. I can get you a flying monkey for 15,000 dollars! It can speak, be silly and make extremely vague poses for photographs. On the other hand, I can get you 91649 girls to take a photo with for 2$ each.

    ..Choose the monkey…

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