how to

how to know when you’re on fire:-

simple, just check the following indications and if most of them apply then you know

1)you feel a slight burning sensation when you pee.

2)you can’t focus on a specific matter for too long because you have a huge migrane.
3)your vision is impaired.

4)you experience difficulty when you try to swallow food and you can’t taste very well.

5)you always smell of something burning.

6)your arms and legs hurt especially when you pour gas on them.

7)no amount of gel can fix your hair.

8)dogs like you very much.

9)anyone who sees you pours whatever liquid he has including spit and piss.

10)you can’t get it up even if you think of malik. 🙂

p.s : no offense malik but you just look delicious.

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