Quotes 2

From the anime “Bleach” episode 109:

Talking about fate:

“Revolving… If fate is a wheel, we are the cogs that drive it. We have no choice but to believe that this wheel is flawless and forge on ahead”       Rukia

“Revolving… If fate is a wheel then we are the sand that is crushed between the cogs.. We are helpless”    Ichigo


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2 thoughts on “Quotes 2

  1. it is kinda annoying and stupid to quote from an Anime…especially you are quote is pretty much meaningless…do not get in deep ideas crap…it is freaking anime..it means nothing..

  2. I rolled on the floor when I read your comment.
    I could quote these lines and end it with “Mahatma Ghandi” or “Genesis 233” or whatever other thingy and that would make it more important?
    Of course it’s a freaking anime. I’m just saying I felt the sentence is nice.

    I don’t know if it’s only me but I feel you (Malik) are sensitized to such stuff lately. I swear to God I wasn’t carrying a dagger and trying to cut my wrist when I created this thread (Oo)

    Again and again, It IS a freaking anime..all should agree on that. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear all of you. I’m willing to compensate you for any damages or consequencs of the misunderstanding. I added the thread to the “just a freaking anime” category btw to make it easy to minimize future retaliation projects.

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