Azeroth: A players overview of the races.

This is a brief describtion of how World of Warcraft community looks upon the different races:

1. Humans: Ass-suckers especially that they have a racial that increases their reputation with other factions (diplomacy). Sexiest caster females in the game so far.
2. Dwarves: They can’t go sick.. Immune to bleading/poison/disease and all that shit. They can strike fear into the heart of the enemy just by their looks (especially female dwarves).
3. Gnomes: Quite short and lovely class. Most horde guilds are named after them (the second best guild in my realm is named ). Conisdered nerdy. All of them are twinked.
4. Nightelves: All of the players between the age 3 and 13.5 choose this race and mostly are hunters (archers). Thinking of Legolaz wanna-bes. Their females are abslutely barby-like in terms of their bodies (so sexy) with blue/pink skin though. Nicest buttocks in the game so far.
5. Orcs: Dumbest class ever. Cannot be stunned (I wonder why). Not much to be said about these vulgurs.
6. Taurens: The cows of the game. I play a tauren myself and wherever I go there are people mooing at me or asking me for milk >< Still they are bulcky race with huge endurance and can stomp others (especially the beautiful gnomes). 7. Undead: The coolest class in the game. Most of the hardcore players play this class. Gothy, cool, aloof, and most of all can cannibilize stuff. Number 1 class in the game. 8: Trolls: This is where the fun all begins. All the game jokes are about Trolls with their outragous accent and funny dance style. "Don't worry.. be happy", "Beware the Voodoo", "Wanna see something really scary?". Trolls are just...trolls. Two races to be added this month: 1. Draenai: Bulcky and subtle in the same time. Can't really feel anything about them so far except that they have a deep voice... Like seriously very deep voice :S 2. Bloodelves: The normal human skin color mixed with the sexy body style of the nightelves. This race will invade the whole game in no time. I want my own Bloodelf maiden (/drool). The feed on magic rather than food (thus the slim body)

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4 thoughts on “Azeroth: A players overview of the races.

  1. Supreme Ki said:
    “not a spell! it is an order!!!”

    What did you think spells are? Ofc it’s an order. That’s what all spells are. Did you think mages murmur petition tickets to mystical spirits to cast their magics?! Nope they don’t.. they order these w.e to grant them the power to cast.

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