What drives us through?

I was seriously trying to find an answer to this question? I’m just taking the question to a simpler level. What is the thing that makes people go through the burdens of life? what’s that motivation that makes them accept shit on a daily basis? I think I got the question clear enough. Do you remember that time when we were all joking about the Froyd instincts thingy? Froyd suggested that every desire and wanting was eventually caused by sexual needs. How the baby sucks milk from his mother’s breast because he’s “somehow” sexually attracted to her. But that hypothesis fails to clarify lots of examples like when someone is barely making enough money to feed him/herself. I’m 100% sure that there are a punch of things that he/she gets to think of more than intercourse. What is it then? Is it food? Seriously, food can be a good answer. I want to eat, to live and to survive this day so I can look for more food tomorrow. It’s so logical and comfortable answer. but still, when you think of people in the past days when they used to invade cities and offer their lives for nothing but trying to capture some random settlement. What did these people want? Was it food? Maybe but I don’t think so. What I was aiming at here is to actually find an answer not to get an idiotic topic going. I heard something once that made me have a weird answer to this question and even change the ultimate goal in my life. I heard that human beings all have been touched/contain/(w.e u think is appropriate) by God’s spirit. And thus all people have the tendency to develop and nurture that “godly” part inside of them and want to be gods. To have the power over others. I actually believe in that.. I belive that what motivate us is lust for power. Deep down inside each and everyone of us we want to have our own gang of people who are a signal away from doing whatever we desire. I can think of many stuff that this model doesn’t explain but maybe there’s no perfect answer but this is the answer I believe in for the time being.

What do you all think?

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