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Dear All

New Improvements are coming to the Mafia website, we start this Year of what is expected to be finished in the following weeks

1-The Mafia date site [ ] Is over, i finished the engine and the database , and am customizing the graphics, you can try it and register your self, and tell friends and others

2- The Mafia Gambling site is also over [ ] , waiting to finish the content, and what am ganna write in it, the games will be online poker, chess, blackjack, tower defense, so start to enjoy

3- The main mafia website [ ] , but i still need some graphics, but coding the whack list and the contact us ” hire us” forms are over, bs i need HELP on the graphics,

4- for the Blog, new themes are added each day and am testing them all, am going to add a theme chooser where you can view all the themes and we can select he best one for the Blog

5- I dont know what to do with the picture Gallery [ ] , no body is adding pics, or commenting on the old pics ?? what is your suggestions ?

6- The blog writers, So far the writers are Me, Slvador Limonis, XZeeR Al Shawarmeh, malik, Yanal, Yuri, odin , and Elune , where is Subani and the gang?? we need more ACTIVE writers here?

7- when we write a post we keep forget to add some “Categories” to the blog, can we please do that , its for better archiving, let us not make all the post in one category “UNCATEGORIZED” PLEASE?

8- Please write in the comments what do you think, and what should we do more , and what do you think should we have ?

PS : Vote on the Poll  “Whats your idea of a perfect apocalypse : ” , its on the side  !

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8 thoughts on “Jordan Mafia

  1. hey man..this site is awsome the way it is..but u may want to add sth to kick elune’s ass everytime he leaves a wiseass comment, like a foot-in-ass plugin or sth, another thing is that u said sth about uploading pics and all that..the truth is i dont know how to do that or where to u may want to make it easier to access all parts of the site…thats all i have for now..take care 🙂

  2. What we need is an index page where there are links to all the parts of the website. A nice intro can be added in time. We need whoever logs (intentionally or by mistake) to have a good overall idea about the site and to be able to get to whichever part he wants as easy as possible.

  3. if it z up to me! i’ll pick this site as the best one for the next coming 10 years (am just kidding) but it z awsome! am looking for other words but am not in the mood for such a thing right now! anyway i think we have to start commenting on the pix and write somthing in the about section! just edit it while u are logged in and don’t delet what was written be4! just add what u have! and the save! the games part is not working i think and the poker thing is not too! anyway i think i have many things to suggest but i won’t say them now! rome wasn’t built in one day! add them later! but najeed i think u have to post a thread eery month for people to suggest and we have to look into it! anyway good job (indeed it is superior 😉 ) so keep it up!

  4. the word “tham” means “tards” in orcish tongue.. I was wondering if the word “haytham” originally meant “high-tards”!
    A high-tard will surely not listen to people when they tell him to “GET LOST”

  5. hey, for the gallery, how about some random pics shown on the blog from the gallery, this to remind people of the pics there, and uploading the pics is not that easy since we need to sign in with differnt screen name or something, and besides, if there is small thumbnail HERE for the new pics uploaded THERE, then people will get excited to upload pics

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