Happy new year!!

Old years suck anyways.. I hope you like 2007 the same way you liked 2006 and 2005 and the couple of years that we had to live through before 2005.

You all decided on your wishes and resolutions for the new year? My wish was that my friend (Caster)’s wish would come true (true story)¬†but then I realized that it was too unrealistic to happen so my new wish that I won’t live to see bad stuff happen to the people I care about. That’s kind of tricky, I’ll either die or bad stuff will just not happen. Dunno what’s better. Tell me what you wished

Farm your lives, this will be a year that is so much like last year and so little different from next year. Don’t expect much and don’t underestimate¬†it. Blabbering bullshit seems to be the fashion so..

New year IS overrated..

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One thought on “HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. sry man but i had to delete one of ur identical last two posts! i don’t know if u did than on purpose (whatever it was) but anyway don’t be so greed! one is enough!

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